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Just the life of a wife

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My husband and I have always enjoyed a happy sex life. He is well hung and not jealous and has always given me the freedom of playing. My first sexual experience was in the 9th grade. I was over at his house and went inside to go to the bathroom. Everyone was outside in the backyard, except for his parents. As I passed by their bedroom, I saw them completely naked. His dad was fucking his mom aggressively doggy style and was looking right at me. When I came out of the bathroom, he was blocking the door, naked with a hard on. He didn’t say anything. He took hold of my arm, walked me into the bedroom and pulled off my dress, yanked my bra off over my head, shoved my face in her upturned bottom, and said LICK!

He pulled my panties off and shoved his big cock in my vagina. Bam! I was suddenly no longer a virgin.
Moms asshole was pressed wetly against my nose, her big pussy lips against my mouth. He slapped my ass and demanded LICK! So I did. Now moms asshole smelled delightful, her vagina smelled heavenly, and tasted so fucking delicious. I had never smelled or tasted a woman before. I had a very hard time breathing, so I took my hands to spread her round ass cheeks apart. The tip of my nose slipped inside.
It was wonderful.

His big cock just fucking hurt. I was dry, I just had my hymen ripped apart. I hated him. But I adored her. She turned me on so much, I began to get wet. So, he fucked me harder, then came inside of me. I dropped down on my knees and continued to lick her. Now able to reach her clit, she orgasmed.

Then he grabbed me by the hair and dragged me to the bathroom and ordered me to clean up. I truly hated him. I peed, cleaned up and put my dress back on. I never saw my panties or bra again. Outside, I pretended everything was normal. Nobody mentioned that I was gone for 40 minutes.

The next day, my BF apologized saying his dad always rapes every girl he brings around. Suddenly, I hated my BF! He KNEW that this was going to happen. I refused to talk to him again until the 12th grade.

My then BF loved sloppy seconds. Couldn’t keep it hard unless he was getting sloppy seconds. And I had a GF who loved her BF eating another boys cum out of her. She and I were really good friends. Both of us are bi and we looked forward to being adults and going on vacations together to swinging locations.

Her name is Laura. 5′ 4”, 34 F breasts, monster areola, huge nipples. Dark brown hair, thick to the middle of her back. Huge bush, clit and pussy lips. Cute, playfully shy, super horny and very bi. Seriously the biggest clit that I have ever seen. My clit is BIG, hers is HUGE. She lost her virginity to her twin brother in the sixth grade. Not really sex, just experimentation. But it never stopped. Probably never will. Now graduating High School, they still fuck every morning and every night. She shares, every time I spend the night. Which is often.

After High School, my BF went into the Army. Laura’s BF followed him in. My old BF was pestering me for a date. And his dad had ben arrested for rape. A year later he died in jail.

My old BF came back into my life, fucked me silly with his best friend and told me he was going to marry me. I fucked both of them a lot over the next six months, and said yes to marrying him during a wonderful DP. My wedding night was fun. They DP’d me and splitroasted me before I excused myself to head over to Laura’s. The next morning Laura and I flew to Cap d’Adge for our two week vacation in heaven. We didn’t even say good-by to anyone. Our vacation was wonderful. We stayed naked almost the entire time, had absolutely delightful sex with some fabulous frenchmen and two Italians.

We landed at Heathrow and said, Fuck It! And decided to not go home. We finally decided to fly to LAX to see what was there. I transferred half of the cash out of my husbands accounts into my private account, and we booked our flight. Los Angles turned out to be just another big city. Hot and crowded. We stayed a week, then headed off to Oregon. Wow! What a beautiful place. I bought a nice used Escalade and we went off exploring. We found a delightful tiny town called Sisters just north of Bend, stayed for a couple of days then went back to Bend. Bend is the perfect small city. Mountains with forests streams, waterfalls and a river. A big Desert to the east pushing hot air to the lush mountains, creates nice weather year around in Bend. We decided to stay. It was perfect.

I bought a house in a small forested community just west of Bend that has its own small airport. (the town name is a secret, but if you know Bend, you know this place) It is a truly magical place. Our first week there, three gorgeous men found us. Wow, tall and very healthy looking, well hung and very sexually playful men. They took us bike riding along a long and very pretty trail along a delightful river with waterfalls. Fucked us under those cold waterfalls, played in the river (large stream?) and had a wildly sexual and fun filled first day together filled with laughter. In the forest, the nights are very very dark. Can’t see your own hands kind of dark. So we headed home in time to get there safely.

Back home we ate, fucked, showered together and fucked some more. Three large men and two women fill a king size bed, but we got a good nights sleep. In the morning, we all woke up horny.
And very hungry. One of the men is a Chef. (Fuck Yeah!) so breakfast was delightful. Then he went off to work. The rest of us fucked until lunchtime. Of course.

My husband called wanting to know if I was coming home. I told him no, that I still haven’t forgiven him for setting me up for his father to rape me. He asked if I wanted to divorce him. Again I said no, to just prove to me that he could make it up to me by being a good husband and provider. And I told him he was always welcome to come visit me, but could never stay. He agreed. And set up a trust account to take care of me. I actually do love my husband, I just still have a lot of anger about that rape. His mom and I are still very good friends, and lovers whenever we see each other.

Three years have gone by now here in this delightful forest wonderland. Our circle of friends has grown and we have many lovers of both sexes coming to our home. Life is very good here. I have learned to fly a plane. many pilots live in our town. My husband comes to visit often and sometimes I let him share my bed. Our marriage is growing stronger all of the time. Laura has moved just down the street with two men and the pre teen son of one of them. They were married in a beautiful Trupple Marriage, which can not be recorded (yet) legally. She is very happy there, but still enjoys being here for a wide variety of sex.

My mother in law (who now lives with me) is in her 50’s. A highly sexed woman with the body of a 20 year old and a face of someone in their mid to late 30’s, is very popular. She can literally suck down any size cock down her throat until it disappears. Totally amazing. I can’t even get my mouth that wide. LOL. I keep telling her that she should make porn with pony and horses. But she says NO!
She does have a very realistic full sized horse cock dildo with a suction base. Exactly the size, shape, and color of a large horse cock. She can EASILY and comfortably fuck herself all the way to the base so it completely disappears inside of her rectum. I am always totally amazed whenever I get to watch that.

My husband now has a tiny French girl living with him to keep his house clean. He keeps her naked 24/7 and will not teach her English or let anyone speak French to her. So she is alone in this world. She has given him two girls. I understand that they secretly translate for their mom. He is very strict with them. And keeps them home naked, except to go to school. They are not allowed any friends or social media. As far as I know, they are still virgins. None of his friends think this is unusual.

As the years go by, my husband keeps becoming a better and better lover. He visits more often. I fly to the Bend airport to pick him up. He never brings the French woman or their children. He does show me pictures. Very pretty. Always nude. I love being married but with my own home. To me, life is perfect.

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  • Reply BRITNEY ID:1df0k80uvhff

    Is your husband Cappy , because your stories remind me of Cappy’s sometime on how they are written . They are so erotically well written that my pussy always leaks into my panties as I read through your stories .

  • Reply Randy ID:1eiw4qo1k8gr


  • Reply MystyGardens ID:2pdvucf0v1

    Hornyvirgin, Thank you for reading my story. Oregon is a magical place to grow up and live.
    I LOVE IT there. A really awesome sex life is available for you. Masturbate often, buy yourself some magical toys like the air suction ones and NEVER settle for a boring or abusive lover. Search for one that makes you tingle down there and makes you wildly wet, just by kissing,,, before you consider having sex with that person. Consider an older experienced person for the first time. Someone who isn’t interested in rushing his penis in and will make love to you with many orgasms first. Good Luck. Never settle. Consider an older woman’s touch as well. Always wear no undies or very pretty ones that make you feel horny. Have fun, use birth control pills BEFORE you begin your sex life. Be safe. Practice looking and feeling sexy naked Every Day in front of a mirror, this is important, do it. Masturbate in front of a mirror. If you always feel sexy and horny, you will attract lovers without hardly trying. Your mirror is your best friend sexually.

    • Dony Karlos ID:1ck6802hdg90

      Igot wet after reading your this story Love Your Self for Sex and Relax is my own personel rivew for this story
      I feel you are a common man’s fulfilling fantasy girl who is ready to give and take happiness and satisfaction regarding passion lust and fuck.

    • Hornyvirgin19 ID:371m6zhrj

      Thank you for the advice!! I completely agree with everything!💜Here’s my email so we can talk more: [email protected]

    • Hornyvirgin19 ID:371m6zhrj

      Thank you so much for the advice!! Here’s my email so we can talk more: [email protected] 💜💜💜

  • Reply Hornyvirgin19 ID:371m6zhrj

    I’ve lived in oregon my whole life & was surprised to see it mentioned! You are so sexy! I hope I have a sex filled life too someday.💜

    • MystyGardens ID:2pdvucf0v1

      Hornyvirgin, Come visit me and I will introduce you to my playmates.
      I am easy to find.