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Chapter 4. Groomed by Dad

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After feeling uncertain, Dad teaches me to be a real man.

After Dad did that and I showered, brushed my teeth (A LOT!) and used mouthwash to get all the taste of cum out of my mouth and sinuses, I went back to my room and started playing Call of Duty. I wasn’t sure how I felt about all this. Dad was pretty forceful making my suck him and it made me question whether I should tell him I don’t want to do this anymore. He didn’t even let me shoot either. But I got into my game and a few hours past when I got tired and went into bed.
About the time I started to drift off, I heard a tapping at my door. I knew it was dadd and he peeked in and whispered, “Son, you awake?” I whispered back,’ yeah.”

He came in and quietly shut the door then came and sat on my bed again. He asked, “how are you?” I said “fine.” He said, “you feel ok after earlier?” I just replied, “ I dunno.”
He sensed I was uneasy so he leaned over and turned on my lamp. Then he put hiss hand on my hip and said, “ look, I know it was a lot. And it was a big step for you and your Dad. But you are just such a good boy that I couldn’t control myself. I also got scared your mom might come in, so I had to leave your room pretty quickly. I don’t think we should tell your mom bcause I don’t think she understands what father-son bonding is really like. Its just something for us men, right son?”
I said, “yeah, I guess.” I mean I was feeling real close to Dad, but I also felt a bit used.
I think he sensed that, so he leaned over on me and gave me a full hug on top of me. He lifted his head and said, “look, I think its your turn and I want to show you something I think you’ll like. Roll over and I’m gonna lay next to you.”

I got curious so I scooted to the edge and he layed next to me. Then he said, “Ok, I’m gonna make you feel good this time. Sit up on top of me and and give me a hug.” So I did that and I was laying face down on my dad. My head righ under his chin. He said, “MM, I smell the shampoo in your hair, tha’s my good boy. Now, lift up a bit. I want to show you how to be a man,” I got excited so I did, and he glided his hands down my side and started to push my pajamas down. I knew what he wanted so I lifted up more and kicked my legs so they were off. I was just laying on him in a tshirt and it felt kind good. The he bucked up and pulled his robe untied and opened it up. I came back down and we were pressed to gether. It felt good and I could feel my dick start to stiffen. At the same time he reached over and fumbled with something in his robe and the bent both knees up so I was in between them. I could feel him using his hand on his bottom rubbing some lube out of a tube down below. After a moment he arched his back and grabeed my pillows and put it underneath him. He said, “How does this feel, son?” I said “good.” He then reached down with his wet hand between is and started massaging my pecker. It DID feel really good! He said, “Now. I want to help you build up your pelvic muscles. Push your hips into mine. I did and I felt my cock slide along his bushy hair and up to his belly. “Now slide it back,: he said. Now go back and forth.

I started doing it and the feel of his hair, stomach, and body really tickled mu cock in a good way. He reached his hand underneath and grabbed his now swollen cock and mine too with the tips of his fingers. He said, “keep going” I did, and I started to feel a rhythm. But I’d shake and lose concentration because it felt good and distracted me.

He said, “just slow down. Be smooth, son. Don’t rush it.”
After a minute or 2 he said, “you got this. You’re a quick learner.”
Then he let go of our dicks and just grabbed mine and said “slide back a bit.”
He then tucked his stomach, lifted his legs and slid my penis further down his crotch. Then he pulled my penis into him and I could feel wetness from the lube and hair tickling my tip with the pressure pressing into him and he said “now push your hips into your dad pretty good. Don’t hold back.”
I pushed in and it felt resistant and then I felt this pleasurable ‘pop’. I looked at dad and he had a pleasant surprised look on his face. He said, “Yeah, that’s it boy, how do you like that?”
I said “it feels good but weird, am I in your butt?” He said, “oh yeah, feels good, I bet?” As I thought about it, it did! “Now get back to rocking like you were.” He was so big and I was just a skinny little kid, but I was worried I might hurt my dad. (Later I found out he had some toys in his secret drawer that I didn’t need to worry. He’d been practicing alone.)

So I got back to work humping back and forth. My dick never felt something so good. So warm. And my dad’s butthole really squeezed and milked my penis better than any hand could.
It wasn’t but 2-3 minutes after all the awkwardness wore off that I could hold anything and shot everything out of my little sac into dad. It was incredible. And I just collapsed on top of him with my head on his chest. His chest hairs were tickling my nose and I loved his musky dad smell. He started to caress my back and after a minute or so while I caught my breath he said, “ I love you son” I managed to mumble “ love you to dad.”

He said,” felt good, huh?” I said “yeah.” And he said “that’s good, I owed you one. It felt good to me too. We got some work to do to get you ready for your ‘ol dad to give it to ya too….”
I wasn’t exactly sure what he meant, but then I felt him pucker down below and squeeze my penis inside him and it made it pop out. It felt real messy and squishy down there but I just held on to Dad. We feel asleep that way but when I woke up a few hours later to pee, he was gone.
My head was in a swirl and I felt different. I felt like a man now!

…to be cont.

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