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A trip to Big Bend Natioanal Parl

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A family trip to the most remote park in the United States.

My family went to Big Bend National Park in Texas last weekend and I had fun of course. I’m 11 years old and I’m a self described white to put it simply. When I was raped much younger than I am now, sure I was in fear at the start of it but by the end you could no longer call it rape. I was doing everything to enjoy this fat bastard’s cock that broke my innocence. He worked at our local grocery store and pulled me into the employee bathroom in the back that night. For weeks, I’d go back to that faithful door and get his attention. Once I had it, I would motion for him to follow me and let him fuck and cum in my pussy. The feel of cum dripping from me felt amazing and that’s when I started to call myself a whore.

Back to the present time though, as we arrived at the National Park, Daddy found a great RV parking spot close to the Rio Grande River. My mother told me to go play in the river because her and Daddy wanted to be alone. “Oh you want him to fuck you mommy”, I said while slipping out the door.

“Act like a lady not a whore” my mother said disgustingly to me.

“You both enjoy my whorish side when I’m pleasing your bodies”, I said while lifting my sundress passed my butt and wiggling it at the doorway. My Daddy grabs my ass and gives it a tight squeeze and pushes me out of the RV.

Fine I’ll go walk in the river since I didn’t get to put on any shoes and it’s hot here in mid summer. 15 minutes later, I felt myself getting too hot and being that I hadn’t seen a soul, I removed my sundress and skinny dipped in the river.

Suddenly on the US side, I see a border agent appear on horseback. This stallion is pure white and is such a pretty horse. The border agent calls out to me “are you a US citizen” he asks.

“Yes Sir and my parents are around the corner in their RV”, I said back to him. He couldn’t tell I was skinny dipping as he might take issue with public nudity.

“Do you need any help?” he asks like a gentleman.

“I would like to pet your horse if I may” I ask in the cutest way all girls my age ask when they want something.

“Of course you may little girl” as he guides his horse to the water so it may drink.

As I reached more shallow waters he could see that I was naked and I could see him adjust himself at the sight of my body. I ran my hands down the horse’s neck and onto the horse’s body to enjoy the size of the beast. I briefly stopped to grab the border agent’s leg and hug it with my nude body while saying thank you to him. Over the horse’s back torso and down his leg I ran my hands.

“Your horse seems happy to see me” I say while my hands disappear under the horse. I can feel the horse cock in my hands with its heavy girth. The rider couldn’t tell his horse was aroused but I could as I swam up to them. I got on my knees and began to fit the horse cocks head into my mouth.

“What are you doing child” he asks me from on top of his horse.

“Come down and see if you want to know as I tease the horse’s pee hole with my tongue. As he dismounts his horse he sees my hands jacking off his horse while sucking on his cock head.

“This is so hot but illegal” he says to me while trying to hide his boner bulge that is in his pants.

The horse begins to ejaculate first over my face and then onto my body practically making me look like a cinnamon roll in this desert heat. “Well are you going to pull out your man cock and fuck me or do you have a boy cock and hide in shame.

“I can’t fuck you. I am 48 years old and you are but a girl. It would be illegal and I would go to jail” he said sharply.

“You just allowed an 11 year old to blow your horse and be covered in his cum. Or I could say you forced me to perform sex acts on your horse naked. Which sounds worst” I asked him.

“You won’t say anything will you” he asked as I nodded my head. He began to remove all his gear and then his clothes revealing his toned body.

“You look great for a 48 year old and your cock is amazing” I said to him while spreading my legs in the dirt. He got beside me and ran his cock over my cum covered stomach making sure it was covered in horse cum. He then moved between my legs and slid his cum covered cock right into my pussy. “Fuck me mister and make me cum like a whore on your cock” I said to him while rocking my arched hips.

He didn’t kiss me as he tried to stay away from my body mostly. I was covered in horse cum so I figured he wouldn’t but that wasn’t going to stop me from enjoying his cock. “Can I call you Daddy” I asked him as he fucked me.

“No little girl. I have a daughter at home about your age and I never would do this to her” he responded.

“Do what to her mister?”, I said practically purring on the ground.

“I would never fuck her”, he came back with a grunge in his voice.

“You would never fuck your daughter but you’re fucking me right now Daddy”, I respond while scratching his sides.

“Oh god I’m about to cum” he says.

I wrapped my legs around his waist and say “cum in your daughters pussy Daddy. I need to be filled with your love”.

His whole body begins to convulse as he is shooting his cum into my pussy. He then collapsed on top of me making it rather hard to breath due to his body weight. “Roll over mister” I say while pushing on his right side. He rolls off of me and I get on top of him and place his cock back in my creampied pussy. I told you that I get to cum as well as I begin to rock on his cock. His whole chest is covered in the horse’s cum as I ride his stiffening cock.

He just laid there exhausted as I found my right spot using his cock. My body begins to tremble as my orgasm approaches and I start to get loud as every whore does. As I began to orgasm on this man’s cock my parents round the corner, both naked. I collapsed on this border agents body as my orgasm took all my energy due to the heat of the summer and the passion.

“Come on sweetie, let the man get back to work” my mother says, bathing herself in the water. The border agent pushes me off of him trying to tell my mother it’s not what it looks like and other lame excuses. “It’s fine, we know we raised a whore and don’t mind who she fucks” she said. “Come in the water and clean yourself off before you get dressed and leave” she says to him, exposing her large D cup breast to him. I scrambled to where my Daddy was bathing himself in the river and we began to wash ourselves. The Border agent enters the water as my mother grabs his hand pulling him in. “Not just who she fucks but what she fucks” she says while playing in the horse cum stuck to his chest.

She helped him remove the cum and dirt from his body and retrieved a towel from our RV. She doesn’t hand him the towel but instead dries him off with it. She enjoyed his tight ass and his muscular chest pressing her nude body against his. His cock reacted on its own and she stroked it in her hand. “Come back tonight and visit our RV. You can fuck a woman while her daughter pleases her Daddy” she says letting go of his cock.

As he gets dressed he looks over at Susie and can see her legs locked around her Daddy’s waist clearly riding his cock. My mother was behind dear Susie washing her back. “The offer is valid Officer, Come back tonight and play with us if you want to” my mother yells over to him.

He mounted his horse and disappeared back into the brush weed of the Texas desert. “I hope he comes over tonight, his cock was thick and felt amazing” I tell my mother.

“Don’t make your own mother jealous, you whore” she says to me as she shoved her middle finger up my ass.

My legs released from around my Daddy as I sprung upward from the surprise. My mother took my spot telling me “fuck off and go swim” as she locked her legs and began to ride his cock.

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    No ofc not. You can go fuck an older man and tell us about it once it gets fixed lol

  • Reply Susie ID:1d43v67pzypj

    No idea but I know what you can do as you think about it…..

    • BRITNEY ID:1df0k80uvhff

      What ? To go fuck myself !!! Britney

  • Reply BRITNEY ID:1df0k80uvhff

    Susie now my stories are not being posted and NO I did not copy someone’s story ! any Ideas how to fix ?

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    I only fucked one horse. Guy paid me $1000.00 to video me taking a studs cock. I took it all in but my pussy was sore for days lol

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    What an adorable, nasty dirty little whore! Lots of them about too!

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    I would be in heaven if I had her. I love lil whores that care only about pleasing and being pleased.

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  • Reply [email protected] ID:yg1h5i68

    Been there a couple of times. My favorite campground. I didn’t meet anyone like her though!

    • Gonzo ID:1dkby9sv7tnj

      Yes I myself had been there but with 4 12 and 13 year old girls and one horny mother. Needless to say it was an amazing weekend and no pregnancies going bare back.