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5 year reunion

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Not again I shout to my parents. They told me next week we are going to a family reunion in Tennessee. Our extended family does these things every 5 years and last time was a bore. As I tried to protest they simply said you are going or you’re moving out. I’m 23 and trying to finish college on the cheap. So getting my own place is out of the budget.

A week later we arrived at this airBnB property that was situated on a secluded lake. We did the typical meet and greets every family does and shortly thereafter I grabbed my jacket and started to open the door for a walk around the lake.

My cousin, Amber 14(f), grabbed my arm “where are you going?”

I’m going for a walk around the lake to get some fresh air.

“Can I come with you? All these old people are boring” she said, smiling at me.

Sure, she grabbed my hand and practically skipped out the door.

As we rounded the first bend outside the view of the house she pulled off her T-shirt while walking in front of me. She had an amazing back, I thought to myself, as I said “huh no bra” to her.

She spins around showing me her obvious C cup breasts. She rubs them and says they’re firm and don’t think I need one.

Yes they are, I say as she slowly approaches me.

“You want to touch them” she asks, grabbing my hand and placing my hands on her breasts.

As I begin to squeeze her breasts, she slides her yoga pants and panties off in one fell swoop. She leaned in and began to kiss me deeply. “Are you a virgin?” she asked me.

No I am not, are you? I ask back. She shakes her head signifying no. Like a dumb ass, I asked her when she lost her virginity.

“12 years old when the father of the child I was babysitting took me in the backseat of his car.”

He raped you, I asked.

“No, he finally got the hint I’ve been sending for the past 6 months”.

She laid back in the dirt and spread her legs “eat my pussy cousin. Enough talking time to have some fun”

Between her legs, I ran my tongue from her clit to her anus while squeezing her tits. Her moans told me she was enjoying this and her moans would get loaded whenever my tongue was on her anus. I rolled her over and dived my tongue in her tight anus. Her back arched in pure pleasure as she began talking dirty.

I get back to my knees and spit in my hand and begin to stroke my cock to get it wet. I laid on top of her sliding my cock in her pussy.

“No, fuck my doggystyle” she says pushing against me.

I let her up and fuck her on all fours. She pulls one hand up putting my fingers in her mouth.

“Put a finger in my ass while you fuck your cousin” she demands after wetting my fingers.

I slide my pointer finger in her bum and it slides in with ease. She starts to have her first orgasm in the dirt.

She pulls off my cock and lays on her back with her legs spread and in the air. “Fuck your dirty whore in the dirt.” She demanded.

On my knees I slam my cock back into her young pussy grabbing her legs to increase my thrust. She looked beautiful with the moon shining down on her skin and the smile on her face was a hallmark card of perfection. Her body started to convulse with another orgasm as her legs shook violently in my arms.

“Stop, stop, omg stop let my pussy rest” she cries out.

I didn’t stop, I just kept pushing her arms away and rammed harder and faster into her pussy. Though I did finally ease up rocking back pulling her on top of me. She was exhausted and could only lay on my chest while her legs shook beside my body.

“Are you two wrestling?” my niece (11), asks from behind us.

Amber looks up at her while I’m in shock and at a loss for words. “No sweetie, we are not wrestling. We are playing house and now it’s your turn to play with Daddy.” She gets up and starts to remove Dawn’s clothes, reassuring her.

Amber I don’t think I can do this I say reluctantly to her. She is so young.

“You’re going to or the family will be told you forced me in the dirt.”

Amber started to touch Dawn’s pussy lips to get her in the mood and once she was wet she would slip a finger teasingly at her young cunny.

“Get on your knees and let me show you how to get a man aroused”

She put my cock back in her mouth and it didn’t take long for it to get hard again.

“Your turn Dawn” she said while hiding my cock straight up.

Omg Dawn your mouth is amazing I moan out. Am I starting to like this? What is wrong with me? I think to myself but I can’t ignore the tight blowjob I was receiving. Amber cups my balls and starts to play with them leaving no doubt that I would not say no.

“Okay sweetie, get on your back and spread your legs wide” Amber told Dawn. “He is now going to put his cock in you.”

Wait, he is going to put his thingy in my umm pussy? She exclaimed.

“Yes baby girl, it will hurt at first but soon it will bring you unmeasurable pleasures.” She looks at me and tells me sternly “take it slow, I could feel her hymen.”

I edged my cock head sliding it from her clit and into her. Just pumping the head around. She was enjoying herself and Amber was kissing and playing with her small nipples. As her pussy moistened more and more I slid my cock in a little further. Amber startled her face and told Dawn here comes the painful part but be strong.

She buried Dawn’s face in her pussy and grabbed me by my neck “rip her in two and slam your cock deep into her.” I needed no more instruction as with one strong thrust my cock ripped through her hymen and bottomed in her vagina. Amber sat harder on Dawn’s face feeling her tongue and screamed into her pussy.

“Don’t stop cousin, fuck her hard and rough until you cum in her”

Dawn was struggling to get free but Amber would only permit her oxygen and then grind back down on her face. Amber pulled Dawn’s legs up to her chest to control her from kicking. “Cum my filthy cousin as you rape your 11 year old niece. You’re a sick pedofile and you love younger girls, don’t you pedo?”

Her demeaning me made my cock take a mind of its own and it started to release torrents of cum in Dawn’s body. I kept fucking her tight twat until my cock went limp and immediately saw Amber plunge her face into Dawn’s pussy. She ate my cum dripping from Dawn and also stimulated her clit.

After she had finished she got up and stood next to me. We both watched Dawn lay in the dirt touching herself.

That was amazing to us two as she smiled up at us. Can we do it again?

Amber says tomorrow sweetie if he is okay and willing to fuck both of us again.

I reached down and picked up Dawn from the ground. Of course I’ll fuck your two again kissing her on the lips.

That was the best family vacation in a long time.

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    Good story as I can relate as I fucked my niece this way.

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    That’s a great story and I hope you write some more about it

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    Great story.