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Two Unfaithful Wives – Part Two

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The bosses wife grew up in a poor neighborhood of Los Angeles. Not a bad neighborhood, just a very old and poor neighborhood of black and Mexican families. Her family was the only white family in the neighborhood. Her life was uneventful until a day when she walked by her older brothers room and glanced in. Her brother was naked except for a T-Shirt, and was stroking his cock while watching the two black brothers from next door fucking. The one brother was on his back masturbating as the other brother fucked him. She stopped walking. Fascinated, she could not stop watching his balls bouncing around and the sight of the two boys stroking their cocks made her pussy so fucking wet her fingers couldn’t get in her panties fast enough.

Oh My God! She giggled. Can I watch?

Her brother looking up said, Wanna suck my cock?

What! No. I’m only 10. Ten year olds do not suck cock.

The black brother stroking his cock said,
Of course they do, come over and help me. Play with my balls until I cum.

She looked at his big shiny balls and skipped right over to the bed and climbed right up beside him and kneeling, pulled her shoes off and took his balls into her hands. She slid her fingers down into the lube around his asshole and felt the cock in his asshole sliding in and out. Her clit throbbed, her vagina got noticeably wetter. Her vagina had started getting wet about a year ago when she touched it. But this is the wettest that it has ever been. And the first cock that she had ever touched. And it was inside another person! So very exciting. She started giggling.

Oh baby girl, suck my fucking cock. Make me cum. He begged her and slapped it across her cheek.
Her mouth opened all by itself and she felt his cockhead fill her tiny mouth. She closed her lips. Her tongue swirled over it and she began sucking. Suddenly without any warning her mouth was filled with a huge squirt of delicious warm thick fluid. Instinctively swallowing. The next shot powered up and out her nose. Franticly swallowing as fast as she could, she gulped down another four huge blasts of his cum. Giggling she looked up at him and said, your stuff went out my nose, then sniffed and swallowed again.

Oh my god that was hot, her brother shouted as the other boy grabbed her hair and said,
fuck, fuck, fuck! Then quickly pulled his cock out of his brothers ass and shoved it into her mouth.
His cock hit her gag reflex, her eyes watered, and it slid right on down her throat. Not by much, and the first squirt exploded into her stomach. He kept pushing. Her eyes were running with constant tears as the next blast exploded inside her. Her throat felt painfully stretched, but suddenly alive. He pushed harder, her hair now being pulled by both of his hands and the other brothers hand pushing her head down on his brothers cock. Her lips felt his short pubic hair on her lips as the he pumped his balls empty right into her stomach. She was lightheaded as she came up for air, only to have her own brothers cock shoved down her throat. He orgasmed, She orgasmed. She had her first orgasm and was now craving more cock. And now knew that she absolutely loved the taste of cum, and wanted more.

They all sat on the bed in wonderment, giggling in post orgasmic bliss.
Oh my god! she said. That was, oh my god, it was, fuck. It was fucking great. No. It was fucking wonderful. I want to do it again. They all laughed together and her brother asked,
Did you like touching his cock while he fucked his brother?

Oh shit YES! Oh god, YES! I want to see that again. That was so fucking hot!

Maybe I will fuck your ass next, little girl.

Giggling she picked up her shoes and left the room saying,
Maybe. Maybe. Giggle giggle.


The next few years of her life she became addicted to cum and never turned down a chance to suck cock. Her ass did follow her mouth in cum gobbling two years after her first taste of cum. She discovered her ass orgasms came easily and were exciting. And she dearly loved the feeling of cock in her ass pushing deep. But she always wanted the guy to pull out and cum in her mouth. Sometimes they did.

When she turned 16 her mom took her to Santa Monta Pier for a day of playing in the surf. On the end of the pier she met this amazing 18 year old dude in Cargo Pants and Flip Flops. He was 6’2″ with heavy muscles, a nice tan on his amazing skin. His hair was long and very blonde. Something she never saw in her neighborhood. He had this deep soft voice that made her tingle all over. Bright smiling cheerful face and the largest cock bulge she had ever seen in someone’s pants. And she had seen a lot of cocks. They spent the day together, swapped phone numbers, and touched and flirted until her mom practically had to drag her back into the car.

Oh god mom. I think I am in love. I’m going to marry that boy someday.
Mother and daughter smiled together as they chatted about the boy on the drive home.

Two years later she did marry that boy. She was so much in love, but still craved other guys cum. Finally 18, she could go into the local adult bookstore. In the back, they had rows of black painted booths with glory holes. She eagerly waited outside the door as they opened at 10am. She didn’t have to work as her new husband had a pretty good job and they lived in his parents basement. There was a separate entrance letting her come and go unseen. It was perfect.

She wandered the store looking at all the adult toys and checking out the customers as they came in. By 10:30 she discovered her first glory hole. Touching it with her fingers, she wondered why the hole was in the wall. She stepped back in surprise as a little, but hard penis shoved through the hole. Laughing in delight, she dropped to her knees and sucked it into her mouth. He didn’t last long with her very talented mouth. She swallowed, wiped the dribble off of her chin and into her mouth and, to her amazement and delight, another hard and much larger cock slid into view, and almost into her mouth. She, of course started sucking it. In a few minutes she heard knocking above her head, followed by another mouthful of cum. Not as much as the first one, but also thicker, and hot. LOL Very quickly another cock appeared. Then another one. Then another one. She swallowed 10 loads of cum before heading home to shower and masturbate until her husband came home.

Every day, for months she was like this and her husband never suspected a thing.
Then one day an expected thing happened. As she was stepping out of her favorite booth, she ran into the man coming out of the booth next to her. Oh shit. He said. Was that you that just had my cock in your throat? Embarrassed, she looked up at her shocked father in laws face.

Nope, she replied. I have never been in here. And I know your wife would not be pleased if she knew that you enjoyed being here. I won’t tell, if you don’t tell. With a smile and a kiss, she walked out.
She went home, showered as usual and discovered her father in law standing in the bathroom doorway as she stepped out of the shower. Never embarrassed of her nakedness, she toweled off, waiting for him to say something.

You have the most talented cock sucking skills that I have ever known, I love your mouth.
I wish my wife could take me down her throat like you do.

Thank you.
Is that why you go to the Glory Holes? To see if someone can take that big cock down their throat?

Yes. Few can. You are amazing.

Well don’t get any ideas of getting your cock sucked at home.

He reached for her.
Do not think that just because you walked in on me naked that you can touch me.

The door was unlocked. I came in. Seeing you undressed was an accident.

You came in uninvited. Then stayed watching your son’s wife in the shower. You know that is wrong, don’t you? And then you had the guts to reach out to fondle your son’s nude wife? How dare you?

You sucked my cock. You swallowed my cum. I just thought,

You thought what? I was a cheap slut that you could have anyway that you want, any time that you want? I had no idea that I was sucking your cock. Isn’t that the whole point of a Glory Hole? I love sucking cock. I crave a mans cum. At a Glory Hole. I am faithful to my husband. My mouth insists that I go over to the Glory Hole every day, and I have no interest in taking on a lover. Even you.
Now please leave so I can masturbate alone. Please close the door on the way out. And next time, knock before entering my private spaces in this home.

Embarrassed that he had over stepped himself, he quietly left.
But he forevermore wanted nothing more in life than to be able to fuck her someday.

She was a good loving wife. She adored her loving strong kind husband. And did her best to please him. But after three years her vagina was craving some strange cock. Before he came home from work each day, she headed over to this Bar and Grill where she had a couple of drinks. And she flirted. And flirted until she was incredibly horny. Perfect for greeting her husband home at the end of his day. And just before he got home, she jumped into her car and got home in time to welcome him home with a big hug and kisses. He loved that.

But today, something different happened. She met this awesome man at the bar. They flirted, had a drink or two and the next thing she knew, she was in a stall in the men’s restroom. He was pulling her dress off over her head. He hung her dress on a hook on the back of the door, spun her around and plunged his cock deep inside of her nude body in one swift stroke. Goddamn, It felt soooooo fucking good to finally have another man pounding deep inside of her again. And he was pounding hard and deep. Slamming against her ass cheeks, forcing her hands against the wall to keep her head from pounding against it,. Her cervix felt like it was being shoved so deep she could feel her womb pounding upwards inside her higher than ever she felt before. He was HUGE. He fucked her like an animal in heat. Never had she felt anything so wonderful before. She knew that she was going to still be able to feel the results of this hard fucking tomorrow. When he came, it was the biggest explosion of cum that she ever felt.

When he finished, he simply smiled, and put his cock away as she grabbed a big fistful of toilet paper.
She was starting to wipe herself as he opened the stall door and without saying a word, walked out of the men’s restroom. She looked up. Right in front of her was a familiar man washing his hands at the sink. He raised his head and he saw her in the mirror, standing there completely naked, wiping cum from her pussy. The stall door swung closed as they recognized each other.

He was her husband.

End of Part Two.

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