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The Babysitter – Part 1

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Me and the boy I babysat had a sexual experience together

Tina walked up the driveway to the big white house. This was her first babysitting job since her family had moved to the area. Babysitting jobs were all word of mouth, so how she did on this one would likely have a big effect on what future jobs she would get. So of course she was nervous.

Shaking her head to herself, she used her key fob to auto-lock the car her parents had given her for her 16th birthday a few weeks ago. It wasn’t a new model, but seeing as she’d already gotten into a few scraps already, Tina was more than glad for that. As she rang the bell, she plastered and over bright smile on her face, and waited for the door to open.

A lady stood in front of her, shorter than she was – though that wasn’t that uncommon. Even at 16 she was taller than most girls. The woman smiled slightly at her and opened the door, turning away and leaving Tina to follow her inside.

“Welcome. You must be Tina, Thanks for coming on such short notice”. She picked up various clutter on the tables as she moved.

“I’m running a little late. Peter is around here somewhere. Peter! Where are you?”

Tina turned her head to look down the hallway and in the kitchen, but didn’t see anyone, and there was no response.


“…yeah?” a small voice came from the living room.

“Where are you? Your sitter is here. Come and say hi.”

A few moments later a 10 year old boy shuffled in, his head bent down over what Tina thought looked like a Game Boy.

“Peter, put your poke mans down and say hello.”

Peter did not put his poke mans down, but he did look up from the device and smiled shyly.

Cute kid.

“Hey Peter, nice you meet you. My name is Tina.” she held her hand out in greeting. He half smiled again, taking one hand away from his game to put it in hers. His palm was a little sweaty. She smiled at him again and half turned to his mom.

“So, is there any schedule I need to keep to? Homework we need to get done?”

“We already had dinner, but you’re welcome to anything in the fridge if you get hungry. Did you do your homework Peter?” The boy hesitated for a moment, then nodded his head in the affirmative.

Yeah, right.

“Well, he’ll stay on that game all night if you let him, so you should have a pretty easy night. Feel free to watch TV, and I’ll probably be back around 10pm.”

Tina gathered a few last minute supplies and left with Peter now sitting on the couch in the living room over his game again. She wanted to develop a rapport with him. She didn’t want to push too hard and come across as fake – kids could sense if you were trying too hard, and if this were to hopefully become a regular gig, she wanted to be friends. Surreptitiously, she began to lay out some of her own things on the table next to the chair he was sitting in – her own homework if she happened to have any down time. She watched Peter out of the corner of her eye for several minutes as she organized some of her papers. He seemed really immersed.

“So – I’ve never played Pokémon. Is it fun?”

He turned towards her, his face suddenly lighting up. He talked to her for the next hour or so all about Pokémon. She had never had a Game Boy and really was interested to hear about it from him. He even showed her the controls and let her play some. Tina tried to pretend she didn’t notice how apprehensive he was when she got into a fight in game. She magnanimously turned over the controls when he asked to take over, and he proceeded to fall back into focus.

Tina leaned against the arm of his chair, looking over his shoulder for several more minutes until relaxing back into her seat and tried to focus on her own work. Peter’s mom was right – he really did bury himself in that game. He didn’t even put up a fuss when it was bedtime as long as he could keep it with him. His mom hadn’t told her to take it away so she didn’t see any reason to.

The next few weeks went similarly. Peter was easy to talk to, once you found something he was interested in (although that could be said about anyone, really). Peter’s mom would leave her with few instructions, and didn’t seem to ask about what they had done or if Peter had finished his homework. It caused her to begin to feel badly for him. Every parent and child had a unique relationship, but Peter’s mom would never hug him goodbye, or greet him with hugs when she got home, much less asking about what they had done that night.

Tina wasn’t an overly touchy person herself, but she felt pushed to try to give him that extra connection, if he was open to it. Some kids didn’t like being touched – and maybe that was him. It felt weird to ask him if he just wanted a hug. He might say no because it was the cool thing to do. She would just try it and see how he responded.

The first time was on a night she was helping him with homework. He got a math problem right he’d been struggling with and she rubbed his back encouragingly. At first he froze, but after a moment seemed to lean into it. From then on he would put himself in closer proximity to her. It was obvious he’d enjoyed her touch and was unspokenly asking for more, and she complied. Hugs, back rubs, and tousled hair became common between them. She was happy that she was able to connect with and comfort him in this way. In a way that maybe no one else did. It would lead to a healthier emotional future for him. The truth was, Tina had no idea what it was about to lead to.

Several months had gone by. And tonight she was going to put a movie on for them. Sometimes Tina would put on the TV for herself as background noise, but sometimes Peter asked to watch something specific. Tonight was one of those nights. Earlier in the day he’d been sitting over his homework at the table, and suddenly blurted out.

“Yesterday was my birthday.”

Tina froze, halfway through making a sandwich for herself.

“Oh! Happy birthday. I’m sorry I didn’t know or I would have… I dunno, brought cake or something.”

He shrugged, “It’s ok… but, could we watch a movie?”

“Sure! Is your homework done?”

“Umm.. not yet.”

“Well, lets go ahead and put a movie on. You can finish your homework in a rush right before it’s due. Just this time.” She smiled, winking conspiratorially.

A few minutes later and Tina had popped some popcorn and put together some snacks as they sat on the couch together. She’d gotten more comfortable being closer to Peter, and he seemed to be as well. A few months ago he would have sat in the chair across from her while they watched a movie, but now it felt like they were brother and sister cuddled on the couch together.

“It’s kinda chilly, I’m going to get a blanket.” Peter hopped up to run to his room, and Tina stretched out on the couch. She felt like laying down and there was still enough room for him. She’d pull her legs up or move over when he decided where to sit. When he did come back in he hesitated.

“Sit where you want. I can move.”

Instead of asking her to move, he came and laid down in front of her, stretching out, leaving her surprised for a moment.

“Is this ok? Then we can both use the blanket.”

“Oh… ah, sure! That’s very thoughtful, thank you.”

He laid down with his back to hers, and Tina helped move the blanket over both of them before turning the movie on, the lights already dim. Peter almost seemed like he might fall of the edge so she scoot herself back against the sofa more, pulling him closer at the same time.

“Is that better?”


“Good idea about the blanket. This is nice.”


They watched in silence for about thirty minutes or so, laughing at the right places, Tina making a few offhand remarks he would hopefully find funny.

“Thanks for suggesting this, Peter. I really like it.”

“Yeah, no problem.”

“And Happy 11th birthday, you’re a big boy now.” Tina reached around him to give him a squeeze, and as she drew her hand back accidentally brushed against his pants. And she froze.

Peter had an erection.

She didn’t know how to react at first. That was her fault, she shouldn’t have touched him. It was definitely an accident – he had to know that. Boys his age probably had boners all the time – best not to make him uncomfortable.

Yeah, better just to pretend she didn’t notice.

Tina went back to watching the movie, but her previous lighthearted enjoyment was gone. All she could think about the fact that Peter was laying against her, with a rock hard dick that she had just accidentally touched. Just stop thinking about it. It’s not like he didn’t have it before. You only just noticed. Just pretend you didn’t.

She tried to concentrate on the movie, but it was hard… erm, difficult!

Tina sighed, and looked straight forward, but now hyper aware of every inch of the little boy nestled next to her. A few minutes later, and she heard Peter’s breathing get a little more… ragged. She couldn’t help but look downward. It was very slight, but Tina could see… motion under the blanket where his hips were.

Peter was masturbating, laying on the couch next to her. And the worst thing was… it was turning her on.

Oh shit, shit shit. He is eleven! What the fuck is wrong with her? He was obviously trying to be quiet, and there was no way in Hell that she was about to let on that she knew was he was doing.

Was there?

She liked what he was doing, and that obviously made her some kind of sicko. What would a normal person do in this situation? Tina closed her eyes, trying to think.

It didn’t help – it just made Peter’s uneven breathing and slight arm movements more easy to pick out from the noise of the television.

She had a sudden thought. This was probably among, no – this was definitely the stupidest idea she’d ever had, but maybe it would be alright. They were both minors, right?

Tina slowly reached down and unbuttoned her own pants, slipping her hand inside. And with Peter’s back pressed right against her, he could feel her do it. She didn’t stop, though – she just started moving her hand against her clit, in small motions that matched his own. Like she was trying not to get caught. Her knuckles flexed against his lower back with each movement.

Peter started jerking his hand faster, no longer trying to hide what he was doing.

She sighed in relief. Message sent and received. She started to move a little faster, letting him feel that against his back. She had another idea. Switching hands, she removed the one that she’d been touching herself with, and draped it around Peter, similar to the hug she’d given him earlier. Except this time she let her arm drift a little lower. Low enough that it brushed the top of the hand that he was stroking himself with. She wouldn’t push anything, but if he wanted her to touch him… well, it was as open an invitation as Tina could muster the courage to offer. And he did.

Funny, how even now they were both trying to pretend that this was all somehow accidental. He kept stroking himself, but moved his hand to holding it underneath, so the top of his cock brushed against her fingers, and little by little Tina moved her hand downwards, so that more of her hand touched him each time. After a minute of this Tina couldn’t take the small movements towards more, and wrapped her entire hand around Peter’s cock, drawing a groan out of him.

This was it, then – no more pretending they weren’t doing this.

Tina let herself explore him. She’d never touched a boy this way before, and she was… curious about a lot of things. It gave her a sense of power, too, hearing the noises he made. Knowing she was the reason. She started to push her hips against him a little too, as she rubbed herself with her other hand. A few moments later and Peter stiffened, a longer groan being let out as Tina felt some hot liquid on her hands.

Huh. So that is what boys cum feels like. Peter relaxed against her, causing Tina to relax too. She didn’t really know what to do with the mess on her hand so wiped it on the underside of the blanket. It felt too awkward to draw attention to herself by zipping her own pants up now, so stayed where she was, her arm still around eleven year old Peter.

A few minutes later and he turned towards her, and asked hesitantly.

“Um… can I.. touch you too?”

“Oh, ah… maybe next time?” she gave a weak smile. He smiled back at her.

She was fucked.

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