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Buster fucks me in my bedroom

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Buster enormous knot fucks my stretched pussy

Miley 18,

It had been a busy few weeks for me, not any alone time for me to spend with Buster. I had been wanting to sneak off with my dog Buster for a while now. My father had been home more and more often since the start of the pandemic, making it harder for me to even get a moment alone with Buster. But that day, I just couldn’t control my feelings anymore. I wanted to let Buster knot and fuck me. I wanted to feel the sensation of his hard shaft inside me. I wanted to feel the pleasure of having him mount me and release his doggie cum inside me.

I crept out of my bedroom, where I had been lying on the bed with Buster. I glanced around nervously, fully expecting my dad to show up any second and catch me up to no good. When I was sure the coast was clear, I nervously made my way to the back room, where I knew I would be alone with Buster. My dad was in the other room, so I had to be careful not to make any noise. I could feel my heart racing as I pulled down my pants and underwear and lay on the floor.

Buster seemed to understand what was going on and he approached me slowly. I could feel his hard cock press against my thigh. I was amazed by how large and enormous his cock was. I took it in my hand and guided it inside the pussy. I could feel the sensation of pleasure come over me as Buster pressed deeper into me. I closed my eyes as Buster began thrusting inside me. I could feel his knotting shaft swell as it reached deeper into me, his enormous cock stretching my pussy.

I tightened my grip around his body as he continued to thrust deeper and deeper. His cock was so big, and I could feel the thick, warm sensation of his cum flooding my insides as it spilled from his shaft. With each push, I could feel my pussy stretching to accommodate his size and size again. I was overcome with excitement as I felt his doggie knot swell up even more inside me. I could feel the pressure of his orgasm coming, and I knew what would come soon after. I could feel his cum spilling inside me, his release coming with such intensity as he whimpered with each impact.

The sensation was overwhelming, and but I couldn’t let out a loud moan of pleasure for the fear of my dad hearing me My dad was in the house and I had to keep quiet, but it was hard. I wanted to scream out in pleasure as Buster’s cock pushed its way deep inside me reaching my uterus. His thrusts became more intense and I felt his doggie cum gushing into me with each powerful thrust.

Finally, the moment was over and I felt my pussy being filled up with Buster’s cum. I leaned back and let out a quiet deep sigh, completely satisfied and relaxed. My pussy was throbbing and my heart was pounding as I lay there, feeling the warmth of Buster’s cum slowly oozing from inside me. My body quivering with pleasure. I quickly got my clothes back on and walked out of the bedroom, Buster followed behind me, I could still feel the warmth of his cum inside me. My face and cheeks felt blushed but my dad never noticed. I went on about my day as nothing had happen I was able to keep anyone from figuring out what I had done.

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  • Reply Cindy ID:gnrvcvoid

    Now Leave Your Comment…I want an olderman to help me make a porn movie of me leting my dog fuck me like the dirty litle dog bitch i am

  • Reply Jim aus ID:71ou0taghl

    Nothing more enjoyable than watching a girl gets fucked by a dog

  • Reply Kitty_kat ID:1durubf0nlz5

    I have a pit bull, I’m 15 and weigh 110 and it’s like he CRUSHES me lol😭

    • Jim aus ID:71ou0taghl

      I hope he pound your pussy good

    • Jim aus ID:71ou0taghl

      [email protected] if you want to tell me when you first started and what has been happening up to you

  • Reply Miley ID:1ct7mlq74hk1

    I’m done with the stories “The End”

  • Reply A ID:nh87ts40

    Thats not how dogs work. Go fuck a dog or read a book before you writte junk.

    • LOL ID:7zv1ksdv9i

      @A: Just about everything I see related to zoo is written by people who have no clue. Its overactive minds creating fiction. Then there are the 11 yo (or others in that range) who write stories but use phrasing beyond their education/intellect. Not to mention all the mega male appendages out there. Its an amusing journey into the pervy version of what was once the Penthouse stories.My guess is that there also a lot of LEOs on this site looking for bad boys and girls to lock up. Its fiction …. some perhaps not … have fun commenting and messing with them.

    • Luna.Lou ID:5srducg6ib

      I think before you comment you should learn how to spell properly

  • Reply Family fun ID:1dowio63fowi

    Miley I would love to hear more about you and buster!! Add me on Snapchat if you want to play with an older guy. Daddyisback11