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My fiancé is a virgin cuckold. I am now pregnant with his nephew’s child

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I became pregnant with my virgin fiance’s 16yo nephew when we visited his family for holidays. He knows he is loser simpie but we are happy together.

My fiance proposed to this week. He made so as far as I can tell for two main reasons a) I told him he can’t have sex with me before marriage (I pretty much know he never cheated either) and 2) I got pregnant with his nephew.
To make a little introduction we are both 25 now and have been together for 8 years. The nephew is a son of his older sister (she is 36) and he turned 16 last month. My bf/fiance was pretty much the middle child is some sense… stuck between his much older sister and her son on the other side. The nephew lived with their parents while the sister was in college so the parents did not really pay much attention to him (my fiance)… I guess that’s explains the way he became in part.

So… the story of our relationships begins in highschool. We were both juniors and started dating, he was always the timid one. Eventually we became seniors and still both virgins, the plan… surprise surpise… became “Prom night” as the great day. I can tell I have always definitely been the hornier, most certainly back than. To skip to the action.
His parents allowed him to take a their car for the night and plot I made was pretty much driving somewhere and having our first time in the car. As for the prom, I got drunk with some other friends who smuggled some booze inside. He, being a driver and ehm… kinda boring, did not drink.
We were about to leave the prom and well… “pop our cherries” so to speak. I asked my bf to wait for me in the car so that I could say goodbye to my friends and leave.

Not gonna lie… I really was drunk by that time. 5 minutes wait turned into more like 30 for him and my goodbye turned into dancing with a jock I used to have a crush on. Well dancing turned into kissing and his hand slipping down my dress. We were in sort of a dark corner at the moment and gosh it felt so good.
Being a virgin, soon to turn 18, feeling someone elses (not even mentioning the someone was your crush for years) touch on your body, being carefree from the booze and yet knowing the possibility of getting caught right there in front of everyone from school. I felt like in excstasy feeling his hand slowly moving up my tighs. I was horribly wet down there… afterall I was suppose to be loosing my virginity in the car that very moment.

After about a minute standing in a corner my dress rolled up to my ass exposing my panties to pretty much anyone who would look that direction and his hand finally sliding inside my panties tinkering with my clit I came to my senses again.
I turned away, put my dress down again and left. Not gonna lie, I was shaking a bit from the excitement. Had he gone a bit further I would definitely have came there and embarassed myself even further, lucky for me he just barely got to my clit and not any further. Judging by his look tho I think he knew, there was something about the smirk in his face that exposed me. He knew he won, he knew that I was his now.
By the time I got the car my panties were soaked and I felt one cold drop going down my leg.

Now being absolutely relentless I pretty much started kissing my bf passionately like never. I know the plan was to drive somwhere but I really was not waiting any longer at that point. After some hesitation I persuaded my bf to get on the backseat. In the meantime I put my shoes and soaked panties away and found a condom.
I pulled his pants down and he put his shirt away. I sat on his lap and tok his hand to unzipp my dress slowly revealing his breast to him. I felt his growing cock twitching under me. Although he hesitated, afterall we were still at the school parking lot, I got completely naked. Still having his hand I used to play with my clit and explore my pussy.
It was at that point that I completely lost track of everything. I relived the moment from earlier… no longer did I even know it was my bf there with me, right now it was the jock to finish the job.
I sat on my bf with my front to him, his cock was then still partially exposed and massaged by my ass. I took his hand and began to play with my clit, then making him explore my inside with his fingers.
I know he enjoyed too and played into it… he still needed to navigate but he controlled his hand. He even humped my ass with his dick.
It was all great and I was really, really close untill…
he came.
Straight on his chest. Trying to do something about and pulled his hand back in panic and made me frustrated… maybe even furious I would say… and just really upset. I did shed a tear or two and slapped him, looking back I definitely should have controlled myself more.
I took my dress and phone and left the care. I got dressed again outside which to my idiocy caught attention of random group (boys and girls) of juniors who started aproaching us.
I told my bf I am going back inside and that he can go home and I left. I forgot my panties and shoes still inside but did not want to return. When I looked back I saw the juniors next to the car and my bf clearly heartbroken. I remember his devastated face when I was outside he was still inside covered with his cum. (As it turned out later the juniors made some picture of him like that and it soon spread like fire, he became humiliated in front of the entire school… there some picture of me as well standing naked outside but luckily all were from being exposing just my bubbly ass)

The official prom has pretty much ended at the point, but the party moved elsewhere. I was lucky to get a ride with some friends and so the night continued. We went into Jake’s house (Jake was known to throw parties since his parents were pretty much out like every other week).
I was still angry and really really horny. I felt I have to relieve all the frustration hoarded in me. So after drinking a bit more and seing all blurry I danced like crazy. It was pretty dark with just some flashing colorly lights all around the place. I could see straight about 1 feet all else was just random blur.
Anyway it did not take long and I felt familiar touch on my stomach coming from behind me. I did not even need to look and I knew who it was, it is hard to explain but the scent and touch just felt familiar.

I smiled at him and began to hump him. I am about 5’3 and I left the highheels in the car so I remember not even reaching his crotch with my ass and just sliding on his leg. Well it did not take long untill he probably did not find it very appealing and moved his hand down my leg. Rolled my dress to my ass from behind but left me somewhat covered on the front. Lucky he was holding me because I almost fell over, instead I just leaned myself onto him. At that point he catching my weight held me between my legs.
To be clear we were surrounded in the middle of a crowd pretty much unable to move anywhere. Luckily people were so packed inside that combined with the dimm light now probably paid attention to us. Holding me he almost certainly noticed I don’t wear any panties this time around. Now with one hand on my chest and the other under me, all me weight pretty much dependant on him he lifted me a bit and I was now “standing” on tip of my toes… in reality all my weight was literally in his hands.
My 105 lbs held under my arms and around my boobs and under my pussy.
If it isnt clear by now, I was dripping, gosh his hand must have been so messy. I turned my head to him leaning for a kiss. As we were making out he pushed his ring and middle finger inside me and used his index to play with my clit.

I could not believe that I was getting now getting fingered not even 1h ago after pretty much leaving my bf in the car. It did hurt, the fingering I mean, and yet it felt so great. I had to stop kissing just catch some breath and to bite my lips to numb myself a bit because I felt a few tear drops coming down my face.
It did not take long before I collapsed. As I came and it swayed over me my legs got shaky, I slipped from his hand and my because my legs were still shaking and clenching they were not able to support my weight. I fell on my knees breathing heavily.
By the time I pulled myself together I saw him leaving me there. I felt humiliated. I even almost peed myself there on the ground… well after I got up, rolled my dress back fully down I went to see to toilet.

I was infuriated. I gave him my trust and he betrayed it. He didn’t even use “my body” really, he just had fun. I honestly felt like I wasn’t even worth the shot for him, basically just a random low tier slut not even useful to wet your dick. She can’t even handle your hand much less she could your dick, he probably thought.
Filled with new energy and determined to proof everyone otherwise + to finally actually loose my virginity tonight I began the search for him.


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  • Reply Flipper ID:1crcl2kzdhdm

    This story isn’t the story it says it’s gonna be.

  • Reply Unknown ID:1a912bhj

    This was very difficult to read and make sense of. You need to proof read before you send out a story. I couldn’t enjoy it due to the mistakes.

    • Unknown ID:1du3l26bdh82

      You mention being pregnant by his nephew and don’t tell the story. You also say you bf is a Virginia and has to wait until marriage to fuck you. Yet you were going to do it on prom night. Sounds like a made up bs story. Also agree with previous post. Too hard to read and follow.