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My cousin loved a messy face

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I woke up feeling someone touching my cock,Lennox had her hand in my lap on the outside of my pajamas rubbing my hard cock.

I am Travis, black, 14 at the time. My uncle spent time in London, met a lady with a daughter and got married. Lennox had brown hair, tan, decent boobs and booty to be 11. She was super sweet and always looked good and smelled nice, her mom was strict with her too.
During the summer Lennox would stay with me and my mom 2 nights a week, her parents ran a dj service and most Friday and Saturday nights they had gigs to do.

I had a gf, she was pretty but I knew I wasn’t getting anything from her. It started June 7 , 2019. I had grass cutting jobs that Saturday so I didn’t plan on staying up late that night. Lennox came over around 5pm and it was just going to be me and her until 11pm when my mom got home.

We both got ready for bed and were on the sofa watching TV. I was tired so I ended up falling asleep. I woke up feeling someone touching my cock, I opened my eyes slowly and Lennox had her hand in my lap on the outside of my pajamas rubbing my hard cock.
I watched her for a while, her hand felt nice on my cock, I was a virgin and never had a girl touch my cock before. I finally spoke up and asked her what she was doing, she jumped up and started to run upstairs. I yelled at her to come back to the sofa or I was going to tell her mom what she did.
She was a little teary eyed and said she was sorry and please don’t tell her mom. I told her that you do not touch people like that when they are sleeping.  She said she was very sorry and would not do it again.
I had an idea, it was wrong of me to do it but I was horny and wanted to see how much I could get from Lennox. I told her to sit down on the sofa, I stood in front of her and I told her to pull down my pj pants.
She looked at me and said why. I told her she needs to apologize to my cock for violating him the way she did. She said okay, and reached over and pulled down my pants and boxers.
She had 7 inches of hard black cock a few inches from her face. I told her to kiss the head and apologize to my cock. She leaned over and I felt her sweet lips kiss my cock and she said she was sorry for violating him.

I told her maybe if you kiss it all over he will forgive you. She leaned over again and kissed the head and started to give my shaft kisses. I stood there loving every kiss. I told her that my cock forgave her.
I leaned over and told her that when she wanted to touch someone she needed to ask permission. She said she would ask the next time. I gave her a hug and told her to go to bed.

I thought that it was all over and that would be the only fun I would have with her but I was wrong.

She came over the next Friday, we had showered and were sitting on the sofa. She asked me if it would be okay to touch me. I told her she had to ask properly, she said, can I have permission to touch your cock please. I said yes and she got close to me and started to rub my cock, which got hard pretty fast.
She asked me if she could give it kisses again and I told her that he would like that. I stood up and took off my pants and boxers and sat back down. She leans over and kisses my cock on the head and starts giving it sweet kisses on the shaft.
I told her he wanted a french kiss, she asked me what that was. I told her that is when you kiss with tongue, to put the head in her mouth and rub her tongue around it. She leaned over and I saw the head of my cock disappear in her mouth, I felt her tongue playing with the head and I moaned, it felt so damn good.

She stopped and asked if he liked that kiss and I said my cock loved it. She smiled and went back to french kissing my cock. I shivered a little, her tongue was severely stimulating my cock head.
I started to rub her back and she pulled off my cock, she told me I didn’t ask permission to touch her. I thought the night was over until she told me to ask permission. I said may I touch you please Lennox, she smiled and said I give you permission to touch me any place that you like.

She went back to french kiss my head, I started rubbing her back, I slid my hand under the waist of her shorts and then down to grip her sweet ass cheek. Her tonguing on my cock got faster, she was sliding her tongue on the head the way you would lick a clit.

She stops and turns to me, she asked me if I could French kiss her down there also.  I smiled and told her we had to go to my room for that. We went upstairs and she started to undress. She was mostly tan all over, small round nice perky tits and a lovely round ass.
She opened her legs and she had a hairless wet pussy. I started to French kiss her pussy and she jerked and pulled away from me. She said that it felt really good and it tickled. I pulled her back to me and started to lick her pussy again.
She was pretty loud and talkative, I loved how sweet her pussy tasted and how wet she was. I licked her fast and slow, she told me I was teasing her. I held her legs as I started to lick her faster, I was having fun but I wanted her to cum so she could finish me.

She started to get louder and shook hard as she started to cum. The sounds she made as she was cumming made me so horny. When I stopped licking her she sat up and asked me if that is what cumming feels like, I told her yes and was she ready to make me feel that way too.
She said yes and I sat on the edge of the bed, she started to french kiss my cock again, her little tongue felt great but I wanted to get sucked . I told her  to pretend my cock was a popsicle, she started to slide her lips up and down my cock, I had to tell her to keep her teeth out of the way and apply some sucking pressure.
It took her a minute or so before she had learned what to do and had a good rhythm going. I just relaxed, getting my cock sucked for the first time is an epic moment in a boy’s life.

As I started to get close, I told her when I came I was shooting liquid in her mouth and she needed to swallow it, she came off my cock a second to catch her breath and said okay, she had saliva running down her chin and her nose was running.
She was being pretty sloppy but all that extra saliva makes for a better blowjob. I told her to get ready and keep sucking until I told her to stop, keep her lips tight so no liquid leaks out.
The first cum shot from my cock made her cough a little, she stayed on my cock tho. I had no idea that a blowjob would feel this good, I felt my cock shoot 4 nice loads in her mouth. I told her I was down and she lifted off my cock.
She had her mouth closed, some cum had leaked down her chin. Her eyes were big as she swallowed it, she took her finger and ran it over her chin pushing the runaway cum into her mouth before swallowing again.

I told her to wash her face, but look in the mirror first to see how pretty she looked. She came back and said she did look pretty with a messy face. We took showers again and went back down to the sofa.

I got a text from mom saying she was on her way home, it normally took her about 20 minutes. Lennox thanked me for making her cum and she was happy about making me cum.

We went to bed and when she came over the next night she asked to play with my cock again. I told her I wanted to play with her first. We went to my room and undressed. I started at her feet, licking and sucking her sweet tan toes as she giggled. I kissed her stomach and her hard little nipples before turning her over.
I had no intention of eating a girl’s ass but her round ass looked too tempting to not appreciate it. I opened her sweet ass cheeks and licked her crack before tonguing her asshole. She moaned and told me it felt really good.

She asked me to finger her pussy while I licked her ass, she was wet and started to squirm as I fingered her. She told me what felt the best to her and told me she thought she could cum this way.
I kept licking her asshole and sliding my finger inside her wet pussy and a few minutes later she told me she was cumming. I felt her shake and her little asshole started to flex under my tongue.

As her cum finished she told me she wanted a messy face again. She started to french kiss my cock again, I was so horny after making her cum I wasn’t going to last long. As soon as she started to suck on me I told her I was going to cum soon.
She sucked me harder than the night before, I felt my cock explode in her mouth. She pulled away from me, she opened her mouth and let some of my cum slide out. She took her hand and rubbed it on her face, she let more slip out and did the same.
She swallowed the rest before rubbing the cum and saliva all over her face. She went to the mirror and came back, she told me her face was super cute and messy now. She did look cute, her face was wet and shiny, some had gotten into her hair.

We showered together afterwards. She went to bed before my mom got home. The next day she thanked me for the fun weekend. We would have a few more fun weekends that summer, she loved getting a messy face and she told me that was now part of her skin care routine.

School started and it wouldn’t be until Christmas that I made her messy again.

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