Summer on the farm pt 4

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The next morning after breakfest I helped my cousins mother with the dishes and she was telling me about how bored she was and I smiled and asked her if she really wanted to spice things up a little,she smiled and looked at me sheepishly and said how, I smiled and said take a walk with me today and we ll have some fun with a new friend of mine.There mother is a very attractive 40yr old with a great body and 36 d size tits.She smiled and said ok ,soon after we did the dishes we went for a walk along the stream and soon we met up with my black friend and he smiledas we walked up and I kissed him I was in shorts and a top and she was in jeans and a top we didn t have bra s on, I introduced them and I smiled at her and said he s a special friend and can help you spice things up as he embraced her and kissed her , she was reluctant at first then I undressed first and then I got on my knees and he came over and I sucked his dick hard and I got on all fours and he was soon fucking me it felt wonderful as I moaned and soon he filled me up with his hot sperm and then I smiled and said it was her turn , she slowly undressed not sure at first as she did I sucked his dick agai to make sure he was very hard for her and then she got down on all fours as he got behind her she looked back at him as he started to slowly slide into her tight wet pussy she moaned as he slid it deep into herand he kept going until he was all into her and then he held still for a moment and slowly started fucking her she moanedas he fucked her and I could tell she was enjoying it he held her hips as he kept fucking her, her pussy was tightly holding him and then he pushed deep and she let out a huge moan as he filled her pussy with his hot sperm he kept his dick inside of her for a moment and pulled out, she looked back and smiled and soon stood up and they kissed as he caressed her bare ass and she asked if he could fuck her some more and he agreed to whenever she wanted it and she got on her knees and sucked him hard and he fucked here again and then he fucked her ass to and she smle and said she would be back the next day and he smiled and said ok

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  • Reply Woody ID:1csxof5z5kkd

    Longest sentence ever. This is what happens when they learn writing by texting.