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Sharing my wife with my father…

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Couldn’t have imagined how turned on I’d get watching my naked wife sucking my fathers cock as I fucked her.

We’d come home early from our honeymoon due to bad weather. And being horny newlyweds we’d started making out and soon she was on her knees in the bed in only a garter & stockings. I was fucking her in the ass as my dad and one of his friends came in to water the plants & feed our cat not knowing we’d come home. There timing was perfect as soon as they came in I shot a huge load of cum all over my wife’s sexy ass & back.

My wife not seeing them saying she wanted to suck my cock and get me hard again. But Once she saw them she jumped up and squeezed past them heading to the bathroom. Giving them a good look at her hot 5-8, 110-lb, 34D-24-35 18-yo body. including her bushy red cunt. When she returned she’d put on a red housecoat, but because of the bright lamp beside the bed and the sheer material she may as well stayed naked. I could tell they both were turned on by my sexy young wife. But I was a bit uneasy at how my dads friend kept looking at my thick 9′ cock and saying how lucky my wife was. With a look like he wanted to suck me off.

But I’ll admit it turned me on seeing how my father was checking out my young wife’s big tits & sexy ass. As well as his comment about her obviously being a natural redhead as he looked at her wet cunt. They lingered a few minutes and by the time they left I was rock hard again. We all tried to put it behind us but I couldn’t help but notice how my normally very conservative father couldn’t keep his eyes off her sexy ass and big tits as they bounced. She never wore a bra and he seemed to really enjoy that. I was really surprised when on a couple of occasions after she’d left the room he told me how lucky I was and made comments about her fantastic tits or sexy round ass. And reminding me about seeing her naked and how hot she looked.

And surprised me even more by asking after they left had she sucked my cock? And telling me it had been years since he’d had a blowjob. Then asking if she was good at sucking dick? I told him she was great and he said he’d figured she was and said again how long it had been for him and that he hadn’t thought much about it in years until hearing her say how much she wanted to suck my cock. And how he couldn’t get the picture of her on her knees sucking cock out of his imagination. He’d never talked about sex like that before.

Finally about six months later we were at his place one night and Lynn was wearing a very low cut to exposing lots of cleavage, and a really tight pair of Daisy Dukes. After dinner we had a few drinks and were playing cards. I think intentionally to show off for him, knowing how turned on he was by her after seeing her naked. She’d gone to the bathroom and on the way paused to bend over and pick something up from off the floor. And I heard him go ” Umm ” as he stared at her sexy ass. He had this apologetic look, but still asked how often I fucked her in the ass? Which took me off guard as he’d never asked anything remotely like that.

It was obvious to me that we were all three excited from that night he’d seen her nude. And between that, the alcohol and his questions I found I was even shocked myself when I asked if he’d thought about what it would be like to fuck her? He was obviously surprised by my question but admitted he’d thought a lot about both that and what it would be like to have her suck his dick. About then she walked back in the room and I told her my dad wanted to see her naked again where he could get a better look than the last time. She didn’t hesitate and with a smile and sexy look she started to strip for us.

At first her high heels, then she slowly slid out of her skimpy but skin-tight shorts. Then after running her hands over her body fondling her tits through her top and rubbing her wet pussy through her sheer see-through black panties. Then she slowly and very seductively slid her top off exposing her firm 34D’s with her huge areolas and rock hard nipples that poked out about a half-inch. Then untied the bow on each side of her sexy panties dropping them off leaving her naked. They were both a little shocked when I asked my dad if he wanted to fuck her while she sucked my cock or if he wanted her to suck him first while I fucked her?

He seemed speechless at first but finally said we’ll if I fuck her first will she still suck my dick. And I looked at her waiting for an answer and she said she loved sucking guys off after they fuck her so she can taste her pussy on their cock, saying she loved how a woman’s pussy tasted pretty much telling him she was bi as well as the fact she’d had other guys too. She started helping him undress and soon she was riding my father’s hard cock as she tried to find out if he wanted to fuck her straight or from behind or in the ass? Letting him know she wasn’t didn’t care how he wanted to fuck her. He began with her on top riding his cock while she sucked me off.

He was hammering his dick in & out of her as she sucked me off. Then I started ramming my cock deeper in her mouth, eventually, she was deep throating my hard dick until I was about to cum. My dad was fucking her like crazy. Then he asked if anyone else had ever fucked her while she sucked me off? Not even thinking she said lots of guys had fucked her while she was going down on me. As well as her fucking me while she sucked other guys off. We swapped a couple of times her fucking one then the other. Then she started wanting us to fuck her tits and I explained to my dad how much she liked having guys fuck her tits then shoot off all over her face & tits. I felt a little uneasy when he said he’d tried for years to get my mother to let him fuck her huge tits and shoot off all over them. But she’d always said no and it kind of creeped me out getting a mental picture of him blowing a load all over my mother’s huge tits.

Then he went on to say she’d never let him fuck her in the ass either and saying he’d always wanted to try that. So Lynn spoke up and asked if he wanted to fuck her in the ass? Then surprised me again when she told him how she liked being fucked in the ass while another guy fucked her pussy. I could tell he was very shocked by then but saw his mind working as he pictured her being DP’d. But when she asked if he’d like for me to fuck her pussy while I fucked her ass? And he just said not tonight. He fucked her tight ass for a while then started squeezing her tits together as he pumped his cock between them as he said he wanted to cum all over her face & tits, not asking but telling and it turned her on. So she started to coax him, saying she loved taking a hot load all over her face and all over her tits.

And I found myself stroking my cock wanting to cum on my wife’s face & tits at the same time my father did wanting to see her covered in out hot thick cum. Soon we had her big tits covered in cum, both seeming to aim for those big tits but still getting lots of hot cum on her face. But the big shock was about to come, as my father casually asked if I’d ever shot off on my sister’s face? Mater of factly saying he knew I’d fucked her and she’d been sucking my dick when she was still living at home. And I found myself telling my dad how my older sister had sucked my dick numerous times and about half the time she’d taken my cum in her mouth and the other times I’d covered her tits & face with my cum. He also wanted to know if I fucked her in the ass? And I told him I had a few times, usually shooting off on her ass & back. And him saying like you shot off on Lynn that night me and Donald walked in on you fucking her in the ass?

He even had him describe what my sister’s tits felt like and if I liked sucking on them and how she was at sucking cock and how old I was the first time she sucked my dick and when I said she was 16 he replied we’ll that made you 12 or 13 and I said yea I was twelve and couldn’t believe when I just blurted out yea I shot off in her mouth for the first time and told both him and my wife she’d walked in on me jerking off looking at a picture of her in a skimpy bikini. Then admitting I was 14 before I fucked her for the first time. But how she’d sucked me off and let me suck her tits. And I just kept going telling them how I’d had a threesome with her roommate when she went to college and had watched them suck each others tits and eat each other before they took turns sucking me off and letting me fuck them and how hot it was watching them swap my cum back & forth in their mouths.

And my father admitted seeing my sister naked a few times and then jerking off or fucking my mom as he fantasized about my sister. But said he never touched her, then confessed he had fondled her tits once when she’d come home drunk when she was 16 and passed out after getting sick and he’d taken her tits out and played with them and licked her nipples. I was surprised how this seemed to be turning Lynn on. But we all finally were wore out and called it quits for the night. Though he never fucked my wife again after that she did strip for him a few more times and suck his cock. And we never talked about sexual things with my sister again. But he did like hearing about Lynn with other wives of couples and how hooking up with their husbands. Since he’d admitted he and my mom had swapped with other couples. Not knowing I already knew because when I was little I’d accidentally seen them having sex with a couple of our neighbors. And vividly remembered once seeing my mom suck on a really hot blonde milfs big tits one night when he was out of town.

But he had no idea about Lynn being gangbanged in seedy adult theaters & bookstores or her flashing strangers and picking up strangers to fuck her. Or that she’d fucked almost all of my friends. And he’d occasionally tell me about one of our neighbors they swapped with. Mostly telling me about the wives. One in particular who was a female friend of my’s mom. Who knew her parents were swingers too having walked in on them. And one night we both saw her mom sucking my dad off while her dad fucked another woman and her husband was fucking my mom. We were only 10 or 11 and after watching them we went back downstairs where we were supposed to be staying and I’d gotten a hard-on and showed it to her and ask if she’d do what her mom was doing to my dad. And she didn’t think twice and took my cock in her mouth after we both stripped naked. In no time she’d gotten a mouth full of cum.

We had a few other experiences with family I’d share with anyone interested if they tell me about their experiences on any sexual subject. [email protected]

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    This guy’s stories are such fake ass bull shit.hes spitting shit out left and right, but they suck.he wants to be king story teller.hes not getting payed for the shit.

    • Reality

      Okay, since you’re not capable of comprehending the obvious I’ll help you out. Fact is 99 percent of the stories on here are fiction. People write about their fantasies and fetishes because it gets them off. At the same time other people read their favorite stories because it gets them off. Period. So quit thinking you’re some kind of story guru that can tell fact from fiction.

  • Reply Doug

    Had a good little fuck/suck party last night with 5 guys over to dirty fuck the wife. Being the cock sucker she is told them they could not cum in her cunt until after they dropped the first load in her mouth. The first guy got sucked off as we all watched and then she started on the second. The first guy mounted her from the back and it just kept on for about 2 hours. They all dropped at least 3 loads in her mouth or cunt and I got a good blowjob as she got fucked. After they all finished with her, i fucked her cum filled cunt as it was the way I like it. At one point when the cum was dripping out of her cunt, she used her fingers to move it to her mouth. She came off 20+ times and wished there had been more guys there. What’s the most your sweet wife has done in one sitting. Linda sucked off 22 high schoolers a couple of years ago. 3 of them had big cocks and began regulars getting sucked off and fucking her. Have you had any parties lately? We usually do 2-3 times a week of somebody doing her as i help.

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    Can u send nuds of your wife

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    Is your sister a slut since she got broke in early in life to the whole nine yards. Do you still get to face fuck her and do that cunt if you want. I will bet 1/2 of the sisters get the meat put to them by their brothers – especially if he is older. For most of them it just starts them out right and they become hot mouths in a hurry. Cousins is another easy fuck if they are in your age group. They often think nothing about letting all the male cousins do them at the same time – or anyway my cousins did and then they are sluts to just about everyone once they get started. I use to take my friends with me to help fuck mine – 8 of them and we would do them (3 families) in the mouth and cunt at the same time and she was on her period, suck us off all we wanted. All but 1 is still doing it and the dumb ass husbands don’t know they are married to sluts.

    • like2watch1576

      My sister calmed down after she got married and had kids. I’d love to fuck her daughter because she’s hot as hell. But it isn’t going to happen, but I did get to see her naked once when she was 14-15 yrs old and wow. But Lynn did get to hook up with my sister’s son. Caught him spying on her when she got out of the shower and ended up fucking him once and sucking his cock a couple of times other times. And you’re right about cousins. I fucked a couple of my cousins. But the one I fucked several times was dating my best friend. And I was dating her best friend when I was 16 and my GF wouldn’t do more than blow me and my friend never tried anything with my cousin. We double dated a lot and my friend & GF had to be home earlier than me & my cousin. So we’d drop them off and go park somewhere and fuck like rabbits. And she was not only really hot, but at 15 loved to suck & fuck. If you want details: [email protected]

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    • VR6

      Wow nice story. I would also like for my wife to get fucked by other guys, but she don’t want to do it. I even tried getting her a little tipsy while my friends were over, but all she did was just tease them as she using a g-string and very very short skirt and bend over to give them a view of her perfect ass and we have great sex after they left.

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    [email protected] my email if anyone wanna chat with me about how I fucked my virgin cousins. Girls message preferred.

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    glad you enjoyed it, I get hard just thinking about it.

  • Reply Lonely

    One amazing story