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My years of growing up

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I have been looking back over the years of sexual experiences

I guess all boys and girls were curious when they were younger, the difference between them cocks and pussy. I was no different and at the age of 5 my friend and neighbour used to play together. How it started I don’t know, but we ended up with my trousers and pants down and my little cock exposed. Liz, her name pulled her panties down, she was also 5 years old. We looked at each other, me with a little cock and her with a small slit. Not knowing what we were doing, Liz said something like I haven’t got one like yours can I touch it. Only if I can touch yours, OK she said.
She held my cock in her little hand, and I in turn felt her pussy. Again we didn’t know what we were doing, but I remember it felt good her holding me. I said watch this, my mum did this to me when I have a bath, and pulled my foreskin back. She tells me that I need to keep it clean. Liz looked on as I rolled it back a few times, she asked if she could do it, it felt kinda good. I asked if I could look closer at her pussy, this being the first one I had seen.
I can remember how soft and smooth she felt, and started to rub my finger along her slit. Even then having no idea what we were doing, I did slip the tip of my finger in her only for a few seconds.
We heard adult voices, so quickly pulled our pants up and went on our way.
That was my first feel of a pussy, but little did I know what the future was going to be. Liz and myself never did play like that again although we did meet as teens years later. That is a story for another time.

At the age of 10, my cock had grown and I often rubbed it, sometimes it got harder than usual. Also I got more interested in seeing other girls showing there knickers, they were around the same age so didn’t think there was anything wrong. I say this, as I am sure this had a lasting effect on me in later life.
I started going to a club, please bear in mind this was was back in the 60s so no phones, internet or computers. The club leader was a guy who got on well with everyone, what I didn’t know was he liked young boys. In today’s terms, we know this now as grooming. He gained the trust of my parents and of course me. As time went on he became touchy feely, till eventually her had me holding his cock.
In time it went from holding his cock to stroking and wanking him. He also started feeling me and doing the same things. One-day he started to put my cock in his mouth and licked it with a sucking motion. Part of me knew that this was wrong, but I also liked it. After that he wanted me to try it on him, I did but he did have a big hard cock so only got a bit of it in my mouth. He also had me stroke him till he cum. This went on for a few weeks and then he disappeared. My dad asked me if he had touched me or made me do anything I didn’t want to. Even at 10 I was to embarrassed to tell the truth, so said no.
I found out later he had done the same to other boys and got caught, and went to prison.
So I guess I was abused, never told anyone until now and yes it did have a lasting effect on my life.
In my next stories I will explain how my life develops if anyone is interested.

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