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Kidnapped at the mall

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15 YO rich girl gets kidnapped got money and more.

Fifteen-year-old Sally Wilson was at the mall shopping for some new clothes. She was wearing a short skirt, and a blouse that buttoned in front and tied in a knot above her skirt top, leaving her belly button showing. She left the top two buttons of her blouse unbuttoned. Sally liked to tease. Her bra pushed her 32-B breasts together, so she showed a great cleavage. Her long, bleached blond hair flowed over her shoulders, almost to the tips of her perky breasts.

Her mother had dropped her off with her father’s almost unlimited credit card. “Take an Uber home when you are done. I’m going to be busy for a while.” Trish had not told Sally why she would be busy, but Sally was pretty sure that her mother was going to spend a couple hours with one of her boyfriends. Her mother often spent time with men other than her father. One reason might have been that her father was sixteen years older than her mother. Her mother was a rich man’s trophy wife. She had been a fashion model. Sally often wondered if her father was really her father, but she enjoyed their lifestyle and his money, so she set that thought aside. He did treat her nice and let her buy almost anything she wanted.

She shopped for over an hour and did not find anything she wanted. It was a shame to go home without spending some of Daddy’s money. He had plenty. That didn’t happen very often, but it did that day.

As she walked out of the mall, she took her cellphone and started to call for the Uber. There was no way she would lower herself to ride on the bus. Before she finished dialing the phone, a car pulled up next to her. The back door opened, and Sally was grabbed and pulled into the car. She screamed but there was no-one close by to hear her. The car sped off while she struggled with the guy that was holding her, but she was no match for him.

He held her from behind. One hand was over her mouth to stop her cussing and demanding that she be let go. The other reached around her chest and had a firm grasp of her right breast. Sally watched out the window and saw that they were in a part of the city she had never been in. Rather than the 5000 square foot homes on a manicured acre that she was used to, these were old, little houses, just a few feet apart. Many needed roofs and a few had plywood over a broken window or two. She had never seen the slums.

They pulled into a driveway. The garage door did not automatically open. The driver had to get out and open it. They pulled into the garage and the driver got out again and closed the door. “Listen up little girl. If you don’t shut up and stop fighting, you could get hurt, hurt bad. Do you understand?”

Sally nodded her head and the man let go of her and opened the car door. Holding her by the wrist, he pulled her out of the car and into the house. The inside was no better than the outside. It was a mess. They probably did not even have a housekeeper.

She was tied to a chair. Sally cried, “What are you going to do to me?”

“Your daddy is rich. He’ll pay a lot of money to get you back.” He took her cellphone and found the link to her father’s number. “Mr. Wilson. You don’t know me, but your daughter is with me, and she wants to come home. $200,000 by tomorrow and we will happily let he come home to you, unmolested.” If you don’t give me the money, or if I hear the cops are involved, we are going to start fucking her until we get the money and there is a good chance she will come home pregnant.

“I can’t get that much money in such a short time. Most of my money is tied up in investments. Please let her go.”

“You have 24 hours before our really big cocks get slammed up between Sally’s legs, and down her throat.”

“Let me talk to Sally. I want to know that she is OK.”

Sally heard what the man had said to her father. She was handed her phone. Crying sally said, “Don’t let them hurt me, Daddy. Get the money for them.” The phone was taken away and turned off so it could not be traced.

Actually, in spite of what they said, both men fully intended to fuck Sally, at least once before letting her go. They weren’t about to let a prize like her go untouched.

“You don’t want to sleep in your clothes and get them all messed up.” They untied her and struggled with her till they had her naked. Then they took her into one of the bedrooms and tied her to the bed. They manhandled her tits and pussy but did not do anything else to her.

“Please don’t hurt me. Please don’t rape me. My daddy will get the money.”

“Go to sleep. We’ll see what happens tomorrow.” The men went to their rooms for some sleep. Sally struggled but could not get herself free. Finally, she fell asleep.

Morning came and they untied Sally, but she could not find her clothes. They had muffins and coffee for breakfast. She was allowed to go back to her room. She tried to open the window, but it would not open, and it had bars over it so breaking it would not get her out. Lunch time came and one of the men made sandwiches and opened bottles of beer for all of them.

After lunch they told Sally to come in and watch TV till it was time to call her father again. Sally came into the living room with a sheet wrapped around her. She was told in no uncertain terms to take it off. “Come here and sit on my lap and watch TV.”

Sally hesitated and was told again, in a firmer voice to come and sit on the man’s lap. She did. As she sat on his lap, she felt him getting hard thru his pants. He gently put his arms around her and cupped her tits. After a few minutes, he dropped one hand between her legs and rubbed her pussy. It felt good, but Sally was very afraid. She was told to go sit on the other man’s lap and when she did, the same thing happened with him.

At six o’clock, which was 24 hours after the first call, one of the men took her phone again and called her father. “Are you ready for instructions for where to bring the money?”

In a shaky voice, Frank Wilson said that he was not yet able to get the money and needed more time. “Please don’t hurt my daughter. I have $50,000 now and will get the rest of the money but it may take a couple of days. Please don’t do anything to her. Let me talk to her.”

She was given the phone. “Daddy please help me. I’m OK so far. They have not done anything to me.”

“I’m working on it but I can’t get it today. Be strong. I love you.”

The man took the phone back, “We will call you again tomorrow at this same time, but we told you what would happen if you did not get us the money today.” Click.

Both men stood up and they dragged her into the bedroom. While one held her, the other removed his clothes. “It looks like we get to have some fun while we wait for Daddy. While you are with us, you can call my friend, Sir. You can call me, Master.” Sir held her down on the bed while Master, who had removed his clothes pulled her legs apart and got between them. Sally squirmed and cried but it did not do any good. He held his hard cock and found her opening. With one shove, he was fully in her.

When he didn’t feel any resistance, he told the other guy, “Guess what. Our little girl is not a virgin.”

Sally felt herself being stretched wide and penetrated deeper than any of the boys that she had sex with had been able to do. She moaned as she felt her insides speared.

She realized that he had not put on a condom. “Please put on a condom, please”, she begged. He just kept pounding his cock into her. “Don’t come in me. I’m not on the pill.” Sally tried to think when her last period was, but she couldn’t think straight. Master just laughed.

Now that he did not have to hold her down, Sir had removed his clothes and climbed on the bed. He was on his knees, beside her head. His cock touched her lips. “Suck it. Suck my cock or I will slap you till you do.” He put his thumb and forefinger on either side of her jaw and squeezed till Sally opened her mouth. He pushed his prick. “You fuckin’ better not touch it with your teeth. Suck it.”

Sally had given more blowjobs than the number of times she had been fucked, so she was experienced at giving head. She knew that she didn’t have a choice, so she started blowing him. These were the biggest cocks she had ever had, by a lot. Her jaw was stretched as wide as was her pussy. Tears were running down her cheeks.

The one that wanted to be called Sir, held her head and pulled it to him, while shoving his hard cock in her mouth. He was not at all gentle about it. Each time his prick touched the top of her throat, she would gag. Sally had always been the one to set the pace and depth, every time she sucked a cock, but not this time. After about five minutes of hard face fucking, he groaned and filled her mouth with his cum. She had no choice but to swallow it. Then he backed away and watched.

In the meantime, Master was fucking her cunt. He had great stamina. He continued pile driving her for more than fifteen minutes, before he announced that he was ready to come. Sally knew that she could not get him to pull out and waste his sperm, so she begged him to let her suck him while he came. “Please come in my mouth. I don’t want to get pregnant.”

He had no intent of doing that. He knew just what her wanted. He pushed in as deep as he could go, and told her that he was going to fill her belly with his seed. Sally felt his prick swell and pulse, over and over, as thousands of his little wiggly sperms flooded her cunt.

She did not want to, but the feeling of his warm, slimy sauce, squirting deep into her, and possibly impregnating her, made Sally come hard. Her cunt pushed up against him. She grabbed the sheets, her head rolled back and forth, and she shouted out, “Yessss!” It was the hardest orgasm she had ever experienced. Most of the boys she had been with, did not even make her come, and the ones she gave herself, with her fingers or her dildo, did not compare.

While she was coming, she felt the other cock touch her lips. It was hard again. While she was in the heat of passion, Sir pushed hard, and his big cock entered her throat. She did not gag, that time. The feeling of her orgasm overcame her gag reflex.

Master backed away, but Sir kept fucking her throat, till he came again. Sally was re-tied, and left lying naked on the cum soaked bed. She just laid there. She was exhausted and very relaxed. She thought to herself, “Men fuck so much better than boys.” She said to the two men, “Please Sir and Master, untie me. I promise that I won’t try to get away.

They untied her but wedged a chair against the door. About two in the morning, Sir woke up when her heard Sally pounding on her door. “I have to pee. Please let me go to the bathroom. Hello.”

Sir opened the door. “You have to blow me first.”

“I can’t wait. I gotta go, bad.”

Sir took her to the bathroom. “Squat in the tub so I can see you pee.” Sally had to go so bad, she did not even argue. Sir smiled as a big stream of yellow piss splashed against the bottom of the tub and ran down the drain. Sir was very tempted to take his cock out of his underpants, which was all that he was wearing, and piss on Sally, but he didn’t. When she was done, Sally turned on the water and washed off the piss that had gotten on her feet. She felt much better as she stepped out of the tub.

“I let you pee first, now suck my cock.”

Without a fight, Sally dropped to her knees in front of Sir, and took his erection in her mouth. It didn’t take long, Sally’s mouth was again filled with cum. She was taken back to her room. The door was again blocked.

The next morning, she had to give each man another blowjob before she was given breakfast. She was starting to enjoy being their fuck toy, but she did not want to show them that. Just before they called her father. At 6 that day, Sir fucked her while she sucked off Master. Sally did not fight it, or even beg for him not to come in her cunt.

“I have $100,000 now. Will you please turn her loose?”

“We will call, the same time tomorrow.” click.

That night, Sir and Master sat, naked, in the living room chairs, stroking themselves and watching MMA on TV. Sally came out of her room and saw them. She walked over to Master, held his cock as she sat down onto it. She bounced up and down on it. He leaned to the side, so he could still see the TV. He missed seeing who won the fight, because his eyes were closed and he was moaning, as Sally made him ejaculate in her. Then she went over and sucked off Sir. She had not been told to do either thing.

The next day, the men did not ask for morning blowjobs. Right after lunch, they stripped and came to her room. “We have a new special ‘treat’ for you today.” Sally wondered what they were talking about. Master lay on the bed and had Sally mount him. She put her hands on his chest and twerked with her hips, fucking his cock rapidly. Then he grabbed her and pulled her down, till her tits were pressed against his chest.

Sir got on the bed and between all of their legs. He leaned forward and touched his cockhead against her asshole. “No! Please not there. I don’t want to do that. Please.”
Sir didn’t listen, but he had been thoughtful enough to heavily lube his cock. He pushed forward, while Master held her tight. His large cockhead popped thru her anal ring. Sally screamed with pain, but Master continued. Sally cried out as he worked his thick seven inches deep up her shit tunnel. Even with the lube, it hurt a lot. Sally had never had a cock, or anything else that did not naturally belong there, in her ass.

After he started stroking in and out of her ass, the pain lessened, and she felt like she had to take the biggest shit of her life. Both cocks were now fucking in and out of her holes. The sensation changed again. It started feeling good. Now she could feel both cocks fucking her. One went in as the other came out, and then it reversed. Sally was surprised that she was enjoying it. She orgasmed and gave Master a big kiss. “Yes, fuck me. Fuck both of my holes with your big cocks. Make me come.” They did and she did.

Then came the next phone call. “I have it. I have all of your money. Let me talk to my daughter.”

“Hi Dad. I’m OK. They have not hurt me. When they get the money, they will let me go, as long as they don’t see any cops. You haven’t involved the police, have you?”


“Please don’t. They have other friends that will hurt us if the police ever get involved. Just do what they say and I will be OK. Please. Trust them and do just what they say. I’ll be OK.” They had not told her to say that.

OK, Honey, let me talk to them again.”

Arrangements were made as to where to drop off the money. After they had checked it out for tracking devices and made sure it was the right amount, they would tell him where to find Sally. He wanted to do it at the same time, but they said no. He agreed.

He was to bring the money and leave it in a specific storage locker at the bus station. Then Sally would be left in a spot in the park an hour later. He left the money, and it was picked up, but they took her to the park an hour earlier so no-one would be watching them. She sat in the park till her dad arrived. They hugged and cried. Then they got in his town car and headed home. He asked her about the ordeal. She said they had been pretty nice to her. “I have to ask, were you raped. Do we need to take you to the hospital for a rape kit?”

“No Daddy, they didn’t do anything to me. We don’t need to go to the hospital. I just want to go home.”

Her father had no idea that she had asked Sir and Mister if she would see them again. They had said no.

Sally had seen enough out the living room and kitchen windows, to know which house she had been in, and she counted the number of left and right turns on the way to the park, so she thought she knew how to get back to the house. She studied a map, and two weeks later she knocked on their door. They were shocked to see her. “Don’t worry, I did not bring the cops. Are you going to invite me in?”

Sir opened the door and Sally pranced back into the house, where she had been held captive and repeatedly raped. But by the end, I don’t think you could call it rape any more.

1123. PO469. If you want to see a full list of my other stories, click on my username link at the top of this story. Any photos with my stories are of people who are 18 or older and come from my friends or from a website that allows sharing. Photo credit and thanks to imagefap.com.


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