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Mr. B Give me a job but doing what I still had no idea, plus I had to travel to who knows where without my husband.

The next morning there was a knock on my door from some woman I had never seen before, and with her was two very large men with 4 boxes as high as the woman was tall. She said as she pushed her way in that Mr. B had sent her to fit what he had sent properly. I had no idea what in the hell she was talking about. She pointed to one one the boxes and this large man opened it showing me what had to be very expensive gowns. She pulled out the first one telling me to put it on. As I turned to take it to my bedroom, she stopped me, saying we didn’t have time for that and to put it on right here.

Well I was in total shock at what she wanted me to do, so she grabbed my t-shirt lifting it over my head with me screaming at her to stop. Within seconds I was standing in front of 3 strangers in my bra and panties. She then lifted the grown up telling to take my bra off as well. Well there was no way I was going to do that with these 2 men standing there watching me. She then grab my arm, turning me so I was facing the men and before I could stop her my bra was gone. Ok the only people to see my breasts was my husband, and Mr. B who only seen one breast, until now with both these men seeing me topless.

I was told to lift my arms out in front of me as the grown was being slid onto my body. Once on and in place she made marks where to had to be taken in, or shorten and so on. I seen in a mirror they had with them that I looked like a princess from a fairy tail. Soon it was off and the next was going on. This went on for three and half hours non stop. I felt dizzy and didn’t care about these guys seeing me half naked anymore. This woman then said, you didn’t shave like Mr. B likes so come with me and, we will get it done. What the hell was she talking about, I shave my arm pits and my legs, but as soon as we were in the bathroom with the door wide open she pulled my panties to my ankles with, both men watching from the doorway. She opened her bag pulling out a power razor and one of those straight edge razors like you see the barbers in the those western movies use.

Don’t ask me why but, I just did what she wanted of me as one of the men had a huge bulge growing in his pants. This woman who I still didn’t even know her name then said ” Mr. B sure knows how to pick them, don’t he? Hey Jim look how fucking wet she is.” She was right, I was almost dripping from her having her fingers where only mine or my husband’s had been before. She then did something no one had ever done, and that’s she bent down licking me between my wide open legs. I had never felt anything like this in my life, and soon felt myself going to cum on her face. My hand went to her head as I started to ride her face, as the guy named Jim walked in bent down and started kissing me, as he played with my breasts. When he went down to my nipples, as I seen the other guy had a huge monster of a cock out of his pants jacking off. I went off like fireworks on the 4th of July and the woman between my legs said ” That’s it cunt, yes squirt slut, squirt on my face.”

I had never had a feeling like that before in my life, and I wanted more, I wanted that monster inside of me but, Jim stood up with his own monster in my face telling me to suck it. I never done that only kissed the tip a few times with Tim, my husband the only man I had ever been with before. My lush felt no bounds with these people, and I soon had that cock in my mouth sucking on it like I was being told to do. The woman was back on me licking and sucking me between my legs, making my whole body jerk as she did what she was doing. That cock hit the back on my mouth as I swallowed at the same time, he went part way in my throat scaring me, and making me gag. I could feel myself building quickly again as his stuff shot in my mouth gagging me again, but at the same time I swallowed. My husband had never done these things to me before, and as Jim pulled out of my mouth the next guy pushed his cock against my lips and I didn’t even think about it, I just opened my mouth sucking him in as he pinched my nipples sending me over the top all over again. He only lasted maybe a minute before filling my mouth with his stuff like Jim did, but this time I knew to swallow which I did. The woman between my trembling legs stuffed a few fingers in me sending over the top for the 3rd time as If not for the men holding me, I would’ve fell off the toilet on which I was sitting on.

Once I calmed I cleaned up the cum off my face and breasts, plus my cum off myself which I now looked like I did when I was a little girl before my hair grew. I felt so fulfilled, like I had never before with Tim. Oh god Tim, he can’t find out about this, he would never understand that I would enjoy such a thing. I was a virgin on our wedding night, and before moving here he was the only man I had ever been with. The woman then took my picture of my face with a camera, and a few more of my still naked body saying they were for Mr. B’s collection. She then kissed me on my lips forcing her tongue inside, with me returning her kiss. I had never thought of a woman as a sexual partner before, but I was wondering if I could make her feel the way she had made me feel. Then there was the size of those men, they had to be a good 4 maybe more inches bigger then Tim’s 6 inches. I wondered how something that big could possibly fit inside any woman’s body, cause my jaw was still hurting from having them in my mouth. Do they make condoms big enough to fit those monsters? I don’t know.

The woman packed up everything she had with her and said, that by Friday I would have my passport and, Mr. B Is going on a trip on Saturday and that I should be ready. She went on the saying that she would have everything I would be wearing ready, and packed for me. I asked if she had any idea where he would be wanting me to go with him, to which she responded that she wasn’t sure but, he did say something about Paris. I said you mean France, Paris France! You have to be kidding me right? She said Mr. B goes all over the world, and with what you will be doing, you will be going with him. She then went on saying that Debbie would be here in the morning, to show me how to deal with fancy dinner parties. As they drove away I sat there still naked with my head spinning about going to Paris, didn’t they call it the city of love? That’s when it hit me that I had just cheated on my husband, the man I love and I let strangers use my body. I did love what she did to me, and I did want more but, that doesn’t make it right, does it? If Tim doesn’t know then, how bad can it be, right? Well that’s what I’m going with.

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