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Young cheating wife

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Young wife learns that she loves sex with more than just her husband. Fiction, cuckold

I guess I have to admit that I am insecure and that I may have married above my level.

I am 5’6” tall and Donna is 5’8” and enjoys wearing high heels because she thinks they make her legs look better. I’m average looking and she is beautiful. She pays a lot of time on her clothes, make-up and hair. She earns considerably more than I do. She enjoys flirting and the attention guys give her when she does.

Donna and I were married not long after high school. I went to work in my dad’s business, and she went to the local college. We got along OK on my pay, but I would say that we were well off. After she graduated, she got a job in marketing and her starting pay was more than I was making after four years at my job. We have now been able to buy a house and two new cars and more things that I could not have afforded without her added income.

I love her very much and she says she loves me too. I recently found out that she has been going a lot further than flirting. I’m not sure about what I should do. It hurts to know that she is fucking around on me and not really working very hard to hide it.

The first I found out that there was a problem was when a friend that worked where she does, told me that when she went to an out-of-town sales training for her work, her boss also went, and they shared a room. I started paying attention and I have to admit that I spied on her. I found out that she was hooking up with other guys who were substantially higher status than me.

After I knew for sure, I confronted her. She did not apologize or cry after she knew that I had found out that she was fucking many other guys. She calmly admitted it. She told me that she still loved me and wanted to stay married but that she liked having sexual relationships with other guys and that she did not intend to stop. She said it was up to me whether we stayed married or not. She said that now that I knew, she was not even going to make any effort to hide it from me.

I love her very much. She is beautiful and super-hot in bed. What am I going to do? I think I know.


Ron and I dated thru the last two years of high school and married not long after we graduated. He went to work for his father, and we got a small apartment. He made enough for us to live on and pay for me to go to the local college.

His job is blue collar and his attitude on lifestyle is really casual. He did not care if we ever got beyond middle class. He does everything he can to make me happy, including in bed. Sex with him is good, but not exciting. He was my first lover. I, on the other hand, like the finer things and want to be able to associate with people that are going somewhere in the world or are even there now. I like to dress nice, wearing nice dresses and heels, which make me about five inches taller than him. He does not say anything, but I think that makes him feel inferior when people see us together.

About eight months ago, after I started my job, there was one particular guy that started flirting with me. I enjoyed it and flirted back. He was one of the team managers. Soon it progressed to him hitting on me and asking me out, even though he could clearly see my wedding ring. I eventually agreed to have a drink with him after work. I rode with him in his Mercedes. I thought we would go to a local bar, but he took me to his place. I briefly objected but then followed him into his apartment. It was big and opulent with a great view out the floor to ceiling windows.

We wound up fucking and I loved every minute of it.

Sam was 6’2” and really well built. I hardly even remember it happening till I was standing naked in front of him, and he had removed his suit and tie and was naked in front of me with his rock-hard cock in my hand. I was looking up at him and I am sure my expression said for him to go for it. He picked me up till my 33B breasts were at his mouth and he was sucking my very sensitive nipples. Then he put me down and I went to my knees and slid my lips down over his prick. He put me on his bed, and we fucked for over an hour. His was only the second cock ever to be inside of me. The feeling of a new, firm member pushing its way in and out of me and the thought of how forbidden this was supposed to be, really excited me. He came in me three times and I had more orgasms than that. Sam had no intention of using a condom, so I was happy that my husband and I had decided to wait to have a family and I had gone on the pill. Finally, I told him that I had to go. I went to the bathroom and cleaned up.

Sam took me back to get my car. When I got home, Ron asked me why I was so late. I told him I had a drink with some of the people from work. Then I went to our bathroom and cleaned up some more as there was cum running down my leg again. I hurried and made us a nice dinner. That night I was nervous about Ron fucking my used pussy, but he didn’t appear to notice. After he finished, we cuddled and went to sleep.

Not a week later I found myself in bed with another guy. This time in was on his fifty-foot cabin cruiser in the local marina. After my second time cheating on my husband, I started looking for chances to do it again. Soon I was in bed with one guy, or another a couple times a week. Sometimes it was with a guy that had already fucked me but more often than not it was with someone new. I started wearing even sexier clothes and not wearing a bra. I didn’t really need to wear one anyway. I really got a thrill the Saturday afternoon I spent fucking a state senator even though he was at least sixty. Knowing that he was a very powerful and married man was exciting. I even started being seen in public with other men, doing things like going out to dinner. It was getting hard to come up with excuses for not being home.

Three weeks ago, my big boss said he wanted me to attend an out-of-town training to improve my value to the company. I would be gone three nights. I told Ron. He wasn’t really happy about me going but told me it was OK.

The next day, Mr. Harrison came to me and handed me the airline schedule. “We are going to learn a lot this week.”

We chatted on the flight, but I spent most of the time reading a book I had brought. The taxi took us to the hotel, and he checked us in. “Come on, I’ll show you to your room.” He opened the tenth-floor room, and we went in. It was a lavish suite with a king-sized bed. “Is this my room? I have never slept in a bed that big.”

“It’s our room and I don’t know how much time we’ll spend sleeping. There is no training meeting. This is just a trip for you and me.” Then he pulled me to him and kissed me. I hesitated for just a second and then returned his kiss.

Over the next three days, I never fucked anyone other than my husband as many times. He may have been older, but he had real stamina and drive and a nice big cock. Fucking wasn’t the only thing that we did. We went to fancy restaurants, a show and took a boat ride around the bay but he never tired of fucking me and eating my pussy, even after he had filled it with his cum.

The last day, before we checked out, he gave me one last fuck. Then while he was lying next to me, still playing with my cunt, he said, “I can see that you get a nice promotion and raise if you would be willing to entertain clients that need special attention.”

I smiled at him, “What’s my new title?”

“Special assistant to the Chairman. You will also have a desk next to my office, so I can call you in any time I need special attention.”

It was two weeks after that trip that Ron told me that he had found out about my sexual escapades. I calmly admitted it and told him that I still loved him and wanted to stay married but that I liked having sexual relationships with other guys and that I did not intend to stop. I said it was up to him whether we stayed married or not.

He kissed me and pushed me to my knees. I unzipped him and took his cock out. It was a little difficult because it was so hard.


From then on I did not hide what I was doing from him or the world. I would tell him when I was going on a date and that I might not come home till morning. When I do come home, I don’t make any effort to clean myself. I even have Ron trained to eat my cum filled pussy before he’s allowed to fuck it, after one of my dates. While he is eating me out, I am telling him every little detail about how the man or men that I had been with had fucked me. One day, to my surprise, he asked me if he could watch, some time. I think that can be arranged.

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    PO469 misses the time b4 she had anything showing, is why she shaves, I am 1 of those guys who likes pussy hair.

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    When I first got married and moved out of state with my wife her sister came to visit about 6 months after we settled in she was just a little older than my wife and when I was watching some football in the living room my wife walked bye me to the kitchen and she was just wearing panties she looked so sexy and when her sister called for her my wife said I’ll be right there next thing I know her sister walked in the living room in her panties with no back just a small patch covered her public hair she is nice and hairy my wife told her she needs to shave her bush and when they came back into the living room she asked me what I thought was better looking her shaved lips or her sisters brown bush

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      I love a nice smoothly shaved pussy.

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    Wow years ago when I was married my wife and I stayed at my sisters house for a couple of days my sister was going out town for the weekend and my wife was taking her time getting ready we kind of had plans for a bbq at my old friends house she told me to just go and enjoy myself and she didn’t mind when I left the house she was talking on the phone as usual

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      Did you find out that she was cheating on you?