Cheating wife

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So a little different story here

Me and my wife has been married 4 years now
Our marriage is for the most part good . We are booth in good shape . She has a nice body about 5 ft tall 130-140 pounds .

So the other day she came to me and told me that she cheated on me . I about flipped out . I told her that I needed to know all the details . She told me in detail about how she went out on her morning jog and ran into an old friend . They talked , got lunch and he talked her into going back to his place .
She said it all happened so fast , close came off and then went to fucking . She hesitant for a minute then tells me that she told him to fuck in her butt . ( she had anal sex with that guy ! 🤬 now let me tell you . Me and her has never did that because of how large of a dick I have . ( not lying – I have a big round dick ) she always told me that I was to big . WTF
I lost it a told her to get out of the house .

A few hours later , she calls me and apologize and want to come home . I want her home to but I’m jealous and mad .

I told her to get home on one condition
As soon. As she walks in the door , I am going to butt fuck ass so hard . She said quitely – see you I a few minutes

So here it goes .
She pulled up the driveway , walks into our house . I said we need to go to the bed room . I was rock hard at this point , ounce in the room , it happened – I fucked her ass , o boy did I fuck her ass .
And with that I forgave her .

That was a while back and now I’m feeling kinda bad for how I acted .

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