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Bullies fucked my best friend [true story]

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My bullies fucked my best friend and i took revenge in a horrible way.

Not so good in writing but i’ll try my best to best to describe. This is a true story but i’ll change some things for security and to make it even better.

This happend 3 years ago. I constantly got bullied by 5 of my popular classmates. They even bullied me infront of the teachers but they all ignored me. I told my parents and they did ask the principle to solve the matter. But everything the principle ended up doing was to call all four boys to a classroom and have them appologize to me without even telling their parents. This did not make them stop …. and the bully continued beating me up the next day. They punched me in my stomach and every where else where it hurts.
At this time, i was thinking about suicide since they broke me. My best friend sami always comforted me and sometimes stood for me. One day….i waited for sami in a place where we always used to go home together from. She didint come. I looked for her in the school and found her being fucked by my bullies in the forest that is not far from the school. They couldint see me yet but I was angry asf. But i kept calm and put my phone down…turning on video. While my phone was lying down recording their lewd actions. I couldin’t stand it and confronted them. I took a stone from the floor and threw it at the guy fucking her missionary while the other held her down while waiting for their turn. The stone hit him the the chin making him shout in agony. Sami who was struggling and crying tried to get loose but couldint as the boys where holding her. The boy that i threw the stone at is named ram. He was the main bully. He was the one that started it all. He stood up and ran towards me wrestling with me. He was stronger…pinning me to the floor while punching me. I bleed as i tried to fight back. 2 boys holding sami ran to help ram.

They then pinned me on the floor and i watched them fucking sami while crying since i couldint do much. The guy then pulled out before he could cum and waited a while, slapping sami before going for it again. When he was done and came in her tummy. He then held me and the next guy did it. They did this for what believe was 40min before letting her go and threatning her and me to never tell anyone. I wasint scared. Infact…i wanted to kill them……

Sami couldint even walk as she bleed from under and i carried her home while not speaking to eachother on the way home. Sami didint come to school for the next week. I kept being bullied but managed to find where all the boys lived which was apart of my plans. When they went home after school. I quickly ran home and wore some old helmet and dads baseball bat in my hand. I even stole a taser from someone. I then went to rams house. I planned everything and i knew that his parents wont be their and that he was going to take care of his baby brother. I went in from the garage and found him watching tv. I sneaked up on him and tased him, making him jump. I then hit him with the bat several time in the body while feeling tempted to do it on the head. He screamed in pain as he’s baby brother watched from his bed. This made me excited as i hit him in the back, legs, arms and nuts. I laughed when seeing him in pain. Everytime he tried to get up… i would just hit him. After hitting him hard in the leg. I tased him repeatedly in the nuts. He brought out his tonge as the pain took a tool on him.

I jumped on him and hit him several times. While tasing his body parts. He actually fainted a bit thanks to the pain. But it only lasted for 15 sek. I then brought a makeshift dildo i made…tasing him while i tied him up. He cried and begged but i put it in his ass to feel the pain sam felt and dude screamed. This shit was like 8 inch. I push it in out while he’s baby brother watched. He’s brother was like 8 months old i believe or maybe older. I was doing this to him while hitting him with the bat several times while smiling in satisfaction. I did this for 2 hours and then kicked him in the face before walking out. The polis came the next day and spoke to everyone in the school and neigborhood but i was careful not to talk or put my finger prints anywhere so they couldint regognise me. I then went to his other friends and did the same thing to them but on one night to not arise suspisions. They screamed and i loved it. I even felt the urge of filming it but i knew that it was to dangerous.

I kept hitting and torturing ram 3 more times after that day before stopping since the polis was more involved. Ram was sent to the hospital several times since he was the one i heard who gave the idea of fucking sami.

I even made it worse for them by sending the video i filmed when they raped sami to the polis. I showed it to them when they were legally allowed to jail. I also edited it a little so it looked like someone else was filming by adding shakes and since i was already in the picture…they didint see me as the culprit. They got sent to jail and i smile still thinking about the event.

Im still pretty young and im not even 18 yet. Y’all might get mad at me for what i did to ram but i just dont give a shit anymore. The pain they put me through and what they did to sami was my break point. Im just the quiet kid who showed what he’s capable of.
I dont regret anything!

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  • Reply Black cuck ID:1ejdkh2gopri

    I think she wanted it

  • Reply ian ID:19uff67joid

    yeah, you did the right thing, if they did that to my girl best friend in school, i would of done the same thing to them.

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    • Curious ID:1dvgg90m8y04

      Whoa, what’s the story there?

    • Crypto43 ID:1coyole820d


      What happened?

  • Reply Someone ID:gp1aj2em0

    You did good work there. Well done.

  • Reply Nunya ID:1ck98tcu4gc9

    I hate bullies.