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One of my personal sex fantasies

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Just one of my fantasies of what I want to happen to me. Oh, and I have a favor to ask, too.

Before you read this!:
I am actually a boy, but I want to be a girl, mainly so I can be naughty and send nudes to strangers. I’ve told my mom that I want to be trans and left out the nudes part but she doesn’t seem to care too much, so I need people to tell me how I can get her to let me get a transgender surgery, or something like that. I’m currently 13, and I want to become trans before 16. Anyways, I’d like to say that I am indeed a girl in the fantasy, just so you don’t get confused. Also, it’s like one of the only fantasies I have as it’s my best and favorite one, so it’s not like I’ll make a bunch of posts about my fantasies. On to the sex!

My mom just dropped me and my brother off at our school. It’s Friday, so we won’t be doing much in class. It’s also the last day of the school year, so after today I won’t have to be worrying about schoolwork all day and everyday. I’m 13, so I’m in middle school and I’m starting high school next year. My brother is 14, and has all the same classes as me. I don’t know why, but he had been looking at me a lot during a sex ed class a while back. Since it’s the last day of school, we all got to wear whatever we wanted. I decided to wear a normal skirt and a kind of tight shirt. Since it was tight, anyone could see my big tits. A lot of the guys would stare at my plump ass from behind me every day. Some of the lesbian girls were into me, too. I was single, and barely knew anything about love or sex. All I knew was that pretty much half of the grade was dating someone.

The day went by pretty fast. We were already in 4th period, and I felt like I had to use the restroom. I went, and did my things. As soon as I leave the stall, I see my brother coming in, and I didn’t even see him locking the door behind him. I asked him why he was in here, and he tells me the boy’s restroom is closed or something. He walks past me into the stall, and I go to wash my hands. I look up at the mirror and see my brother behind me as he pins me to the ground. I try to yell, but he covers my mouth. He could see up my skirt, and saw I didn’t have any panties on. All of them were in the washer at home, so I didn’t have any to put on. He stared at my bare pussy for a bit, stroking himself. He tells me that I had to do what he says, or else he would tie me up in the boys restroom without any clothes. I was scared, so I said that I would do it.

He tells me to get up, so I do. I can see his huge dick in front of me as it was rock hard, I think it was around seven and a half inches in length. He tells me to take off my shirt, knowing that all of my bras were in the washer too. I take it off and blush intensely, my tits bouncing in front of him. His dick twitches and grows another half inch, and my eyes would widen in surprise. He then made me take off my skirt, eyeing me and continuing to stroke himself as I do it. He makes me get closer, and closer to him. As soon as I’m right in front of him, he grabs me, sticking his cock in between my thighs. I yelp in surprise, but he shushes me, putting his hands on my hips. He moves back and forth, rubbing my pussy lips with his oversized cock. I moan, but that only makes his dick twitch, which pleasures me even more. I tell him this is wrong, but he doesn’t care. He kisses me, silencing my sounds.

The next time he moves forwards, his cock enters me, pushing me against the wall. I try to scream, but his kiss stops it from exiting my mouth. I’m crying, but my tears slide down to his dick, letting it slide through my extremely tight pussy easier (I don’t like the idea of bleeding after losing virginity, so I’m just pretending it doesn’t exist). He pounds me harder and faster with every thrust. Soon enough, my mind goes blank and his cock breaks me. I scream in pleasure, asking for more. He fucks me for a few more minutes before cumming inside me. He takes his cock out of me, letting me fall to the ground as his warm cum spills out of my pussy. He tells me he snuck a pill of birth control in my breakfast, so I won’t get pregnant. He grabs my clothes, throwing them on me and tells me to put them on when the cum stops flowing.

A few minutes later, we’re in our mom’s car, acting like nothing happened. I don’t look at him once the entire car ride home, but he can’t stop staring at me. We both know that even though I’m mad, I still enjoyed it, and wanted more. We get home, and mom drives off to work. Since we don’t have school for a few months, she trusts that we can handle ourselves and decides to go full-time for a bit, so we won’t see her until summer ends. He comes into my room, holding a collar and leash. He tells me to take off my clothes again, or else he’d blackmail me for something I didn’t even do. I do so, and he notices I didn’t even hesitate. He puts the collar and leash on me, calling me his slave and taking me for a walk while I was nude.

That’s pretty much where the fantasy ends. If I were to continue, it would just be the same thing over and over again. School ends and we just decide to not go to high school since we would live with another person who’s barely ever home. I just become his sex slave and he occasionally takes me out on nude walks and he fucks me in public. One last thing, if you can, please answer the question I had at the very beginning of this post. I would love some advice on how to convince my mom to let me be transgender. Can’t wait to make more posts, bye!

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  • Reply Horny teacher ID:55x8ywvqk

    55yr old teacher I wish you were in my class

  • Reply Carla ID:y8hyzb0d

    You won’t get rid of prostate exams, lmao 😂

  • Reply God ID:fx7italhl

    At first I thought humanity was doomed, now that I see these comments I’m still 100% sure, but I’m surprised how reasonable these guys are.

  • Reply <3 ID:3p68o154oib

    You cant get any surgery at 13, however you can take testorteroen blockers and in a year or two you can take estrogen. Ask your mom to let you change your legal name to your new desired name. Get wigs/grow out your hair n girly clothes

  • Reply Pythagoras ID:5rht5bbi8j

    Most of these comments are actually reasonable wtf

  • Reply DD ID:21c8qyyb09

    Hi I’d love to talk I’m 16 and we could talk about whatever my snap is dedsec_forge love to hear from u

  • Reply Beckles ID:fx6yop9zm

    I would love to see you naked baby

  • Reply Shagnasty ID:fx72amzri

    First of all, your story us well written, maybe a little hurried. Second thing is, you should leave the dick in place & just get some boobs. I love seeing girls with dicks. Thirdly, try anal sex, it can be very enjoyable, you do have a p-spot that can be stimulated like a clit.

    Hope you figure it out & have a happy life as a sissy boy.

    HMU on Snap @ hotrod429 if you want to talk or even send nudes

    • WantToBeTrans ID:fx7ita5hm

      That sounds like fun, I might try that. Thanks!

  • Reply SmallDom ID:202m32bhri

    If love seeing you bashed as a boy but treat you like a girl. Could dress you up and still have fun with you all the time. Let me know if you want to talk.

    • WantToBeTrans ID:fx7ita5hm

      Oh, sure, why not

    • SmallDom ID:405864zrd

      Email me at d[email protected] and we can find a way to talk weaker sweetie

  • Reply mikeyt ID:bizls2bzl

    It is actually a quite lengthy and arduous process mantally, and sometimes physically, to actually be classified as “transgender”. You need to be psychologically screened for seeing if you truly have gender idebtity issues, among. No doctor is going to just classify you as trans and then start issuing you hormones. I suggest you do some research onyour own to see what the processs is.

    Granted, there are people whoo do consider this a fetish, and of youurse you kknow abou crossdressers and traps and other names they use. This is just all from my experience hekping run a transgender support channel as well as a crossdressing/transgender roleplay/fetish channel for many years ans from the peopke i have met there. I’d be happy to talk to you more and hellp figure out things for you, please email e at [email protected]. Hope to hear from you soon.

  • Reply Foxy ID:7zv3itbbhk

    I want nudes of your mom

  • Reply Jarrod ID:1lisj5bqri

    You want to be a girl, to send nudes. Man cmon, that’s not trans. That’s sex addiction. Seriously, take some space from sex. This is harming you.

  • Reply wop ID:1lisj5bqri

    There’s no going back once you start altering things Y’know there’s more to life than sending nudes to random people, you can never have a normal life again. Surgery sounds really rough, what if it fails, that stitched up tube splitting open. You don’t like bleeding during sex? That’ll be your new life dude. Living life as a fake girl sounds horrible. 95% of trans kids grow out of it, they stop feeling that way. You really don’t want to be changing your life forever like that.