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Alone time with Hannah

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With Kaylee tucked into bed. Hannah and I get some alone time.

So we left off me cuddling with Hannah in the living room. Kaylee fell asleep so I tucked her into our bed. Hannah had started rubbing on my dick. We started to makeout. I pressed my tounge in hers, our tounges were wrestling with each other. I started sucking on her breast. Nearly twice the size of Kaylee’s but still very much developing still. She straddles me and takes me into her still freshly cummed in pussy. I go in completely in one motion. She is so incredibly tight. I pulled her close to me and was kissing her as she started grinding on me. Her body is incredible. Reminds me of Kaylee’s mom Shawna, when we first got together. So young, but not so innocent as Shawna was.

We continued making love. This is the first time with Hannah alone. We continue making out. Hannah continues grinding on me. She tells me Kaylee is so lucky. She wishes she could stay here like this forever. She loves how I completely fill up her body.

I hold her to my body staying completely inside of her. I stand up and lay her on the couch. She wraps her legs around me. I begin to pummel her pussy. She is starting to breath heavy. I can again feel her pussy start to tighten, so I start going at her quicker and harder. I don’t want this to take all night, but I don’t want to stop anytime soon. I raise her legs up and place them over my shoulders. I keep driving into her at a fast pace. She is getting close, and I want to cum with her.

She puts her legs behind her shoulders I reach under her lifting her of somewhat off the couch. I have the perfect angle to go as deep as possible. I start going at her hard. She is now cumming I feel her fluids being released. Her pussy is squeezing me so tight. I keep driving into her body. I am also getting close. Please cum in me again. I want to feel you cum again! I press deep into her and release my infertile seed into her. My carnel urge is hoping she gets pregnant. Even though it would be impossible.

OMG Hannah.. I could get used to having you around more often. I can come over nearly every weekend, if you want. My mom wouldn’t even notice. Hannah as much as that sounds great, I don’t think that is a good idea. Kaylee is also gone one weekend a month as well. She simply said that sounds great to her. We will see, she is here for the next two weekends. So we will play it by ear.

Let’s goto bed we need some sleep. I plan on going to the zoo in Ft Wayne tomorrow. It is about 45 miles away. Haven’t been there in many years.

We climb into bed. I move into center of the bed. Spoon up against my daughter, kiss her on her forehead. I love you sweetpea. Good night daddy. Goodnight my love. I pull her nude body up next to mine Hannah spoons up behind me. I give her a quick goodnight kiss as well. Good night to you as well my sexy little lover. Hannah giggles sexy little lover huh.. what else should I call her? Your cum slut Kaylee says. Hannah smacks her shoulder playfully. Hsnnah said I would love to be just that. But I like what he called me better. Go to sleep girls..
Kaylee quickly says I am still winning 3 orgasms to your two. Hannah told her actually we are tied. Hannah just yells DADDY! without me? Sorry hun it will not happen again.. tonight.. we will see says Hannah.. I again pull my daughter against me. Hannah spoons behind me.

I drift off too sleep.. I wake up in middle of the night. A dog at my feet. A beautiful teen soundly sleeping on both sides of me. How do I escape to goto restroom. I must of woken up Kaylee. You ok dad. I need to go to restroom. She moves out of the way. Great getting up on the wrong side of the bed i tease her. I go relieve myself. Hannah has moved into center of the bed. I climb in snuggle against her again. She teases me now. Isn’t this how we 1st started. Well I do belive you are sort of correct. But as I recall you were under the covers. Not spooned up next to me. Daddy I love you. I live you too sweetpea. she sighs and falls back to sleep in my arms where she belongs.

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