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A young girl lusting for the dogs on her farm

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A young girl decides to let a dog take her virginity,

This story is extreme and names are changed to protect the young and innocent. im a very young and most would say , she is sick in the head and she needs help. I became interested in animal sex at an early age. i grew up on a farm with many different animals. I alway saw them mating. U name the animal i witnessed it. This was a common and a everyday thing on a large farm. See the dogs fucking and beigh tied together with the knot in the dogs cock. I got these feelings when i was 10 yrs. old. i would follow our dogs around the farm sometimes to see if they were going mate. When they did i would watch the whole mating . This made my pussy so wet , even at 10 yo. Even at 10 i would masterbate and picture a dog fucking me and knotting me and filling me with his cum. This became an like a drug to me. I couldnt not stop watching and thinking about this all the time. I know now this isnt normal and i probably not normal. Finally lust got the better of me. I Had to get fucked by a dog. All of our dogs are pretty large breeds. Hunting dogs, blood hounds and some big mutts. I decided on one of the blood hounds. One named Smokey. We had him since i was young . He was one of my favorites and a gentle type. SO we owned many acres of land alot of thte wooded and private. I got Smokey to follow me one day and we went into the woods. I laid down a blanket and removed my shorts and panties. My pussy was so wet thinking about what was i about to do. I had seen Smokey fuck a female dog quite often But i wasnt a girl dog and in heat. I got down on all fours and Smokey got behind me and licked my pussy. Maybe beause i was so wet he smelled my arrousal. His licking me only made me wetter. Smokey must had smelled that i was ripe to mate . He mounted me and gripped me thigh around my waist, Will me being so small , his front legs when all the way around me. He had a tight grip on me . HE wasnt goint to let this bitch get away. Smoky moved in close and was humping searching for a hole that he knew was there. THe tip of his cock found my pussy hole and he slammed all of the this boney cock into me. HE tore right thru my hymen, I let out a scream, luckly we were way in the woods. He was jack hammering me as dogs do. His cock was getting fatter and longer as he fucked me. It began to feel good after the first few minutes. He was really fucking me. He gripped me tighter . I wasnt getting away. I soon felt his knot going in and out of my pussy . I was growing with every hump. It finally got to big to come back out. He had me good and he knew it. He lossened his grip around me. Ane preceded to fill me with his cum.. Dogs cum alot and i knew i would be filled to the brim in my small pussy. His knot was huge and none of his cum was escaping. He didnt turn ass to ass with me this time. I think our connection was go tight . I know it was , it felt like a very large orange in me. He just continued to stay on top of me and fill me with his puppy cream. He would lick my face and we would kiss when i turned my head,. Like he was telling me thanks for mating with me and have my puppies. We stayed knotted up for 40 minutes. It hurt when he pulled out . His knot had not completly gone down but he had opened up my pussy and allowed it to pass. It was still quite big. His cock was 8inches still and probably 10 or 11 when he was in me. Smokey licked my pussy clean as dog do. I dress and we went back to the farm. i was very sore and my panties were soak from his cum dripping out of me. I threw my panties away before i went in and got cleaned up. From then on everytime i saw Smokey he would come over to me and whine. Telling me in his way that he wanted to fuck and breed his bitch again. Which i let him when ever we could be alone. This went on for a couple of years until he died. i was heart broken. But i wasnt going to stop getting dog fucked. I started to let most of the male dogs fuck me. Some days i took on 3 or 4 or them. My pussy always was full of dog cum. Im 18 yo now and i havent changed much. I run the farm with some hired hands . My parents live close by . Fucking is better . i have a house where i can bring my lovers any time. I dont know if ill ever marry . No man can fuck like a dog and keep that large canine cock in for a long with that beautiful knot.

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  • Reply Your mother ID:1csyg9ejwkoi

    Good story but the grammar of a 10 year old.

  • Reply DoC C ID:37gd0jpev9i

    You need to get a proof reader/editor before publishing next time 1 star from me 25/11/23

  • Reply L. ID:1er10nl0fpkl

    So horny

  • Reply Lewd76 (wickr) ID:1dlcfzw0zys5

    Such a beautiful hot story. I’d love to hear more !

  • Reply Bj ID:1d9uxon8xpfj

    If there was a video I would save it to make me cum over and over again(sc_rawr1551rb

  • Reply Older guy for fun ID:bcetlk154gv

    Amazing story!! I love it when girls play with animals!! That is so erotic!! Add me on SC if you want to play with an older guy. Daddyisback11

  • Reply Yung lover ID:1euch8owj2n3

    Part 2 plz

  • Reply Kendall ID:1ardd6tkqj

    I’m 18yr and I really want to know how it feels like, I watch dog porn and it’s a huge turn on, I thought it wasn’t normal but after reading, I know it is 💦

    • T ID:1dwxje8bgv26

      Same, id love to see you fucked

    • Billy ID:87xhdnhm

      Let us know how it feels

    • UNDERDOGG007 ID:2vfjjta5oi9

      Wow I thought I was the only one but yes I would love to see and watch how a dog fucks and knots and Creampie my wife and then I want to lick and suck all the dogs cum from around her pussy and then I want to fuck her while she’s still full of warm sticky white dogs cum and while I fuck her freshly fucked dog cum filled pussy she must suck the dogs cock clean