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Three best friends

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This happened years and years ago. When I was about 10 years old. I’m not sure how it really started. What I remember is one of my best friends told me, he saw his uncle fucking his son in the ass. He was on his way home and he was walking past a window of his uncles house and that’s when he saw his cousin getting fucked in the butt by his uncle. They lived right next door to each other. He told me he watch his uncle fucking his cousin and he was also jacking the young boy off. He watched until the boy started to cum. Shooting streams of cum. And his uncle did the same. He pulled out of the boys ass and bumped a load on the boys ass cock and balls. His uncle then proceeded to lick all the sticky cum off the boys ass hole cock. This is when my friend. Jeb asked me. You want to try that. I thought it was kind of weird at first but I said sure why not. We were in the fort we had built in the woods not far from Jebs house. And like I said. I really don’t remember exactly. But to best if my memory it started something like that. Anyway. It was in the summer and all we were wearing was shorts and sneakers. We took off are shorts and underwear. Leaving are sneakers on. There was a couch and a couple lawn chairs that we had found in the fort. Now Jeb and I had seen each other naked before but this time was a bit different.I forgot to mention that Jeb and I are the same age. Jeb asked, do you want suck my first. I said sure. I sat down on the couch and Jeb stud in front of me with his little 3 inch cock in my face. He was a thin boy, with bark hair. About 4 and 1/2 Inches tall. We were around the same height. I had brown hair. But I was a bit chubby. My cock was maybe 2 and 1/2 Inches. Back to the story. I took Jebs little cock in my hand and began stroking it and he started to get hard. I really liked the way his little cock felt in my hand, and so did Jeb. He told me it feels so good Wolfe. Put it in your mouth. And I did just that. I opened my mouth and raped my lips around tiny cock. I didn’t really know what I was doing but I really enjoyed the feeling of his cock in my mouth. I must have scraped him with my teeth a couple times because he said.HAY BEAUTIFUL! I finally got the hang of it and he was telling how good it felt. I loved his hard little cock in my mouth. And all of a sudden he told me to stop. He said he was going to pee. So I stopped. He actually did have to pee. So he stepped out side and took a piss. When he came back in he said, it’s your turn. I want to suck yours now. So we changed places and I stud in front of Jeb. He played with my little cock for a few minutes and then he put it in his mouth. I explained to him how I did it so he wouldn’t scrape me cock. He cough on quick. My little cock felt so nice in his mouth. He only sucked me for about 5 minutes when we heard his mother call us for lunch. He stopped sucking me,we put are shorts back on and headed back to his house. On the way we decided after lunch we were going to try fucking each other in the butt. And I suggested we call Zack to see if maybe he would like to join us.

To be continued. Hi Tara my beautiful dominatix. Do you like my little sissy cock?


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  • Reply Sissy Loliluvr ID:1gt05btuoic

    Me and my next-door neighbor began sucking and rimming each other just before my 6th bd at the encouragement of his big sister who was a couple of years older. She also introduced me to wearing panties. Lots more to that story.

  • Reply Jbone717 ID:7yliv6toik

    So horny from this! I’d love to share my experiences like this but I’ve had wayyy to many even more that are taboo in nature. Anyone got tele

    • Sissy Loliluvr ID:1gt05btuoic

      Let’s share experiences!
      I have tele.

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    Kinda lame

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      My beautiful dominatix Tara. Of course you should dress as a beautiful dominatix. And I can be your sissy fag slave. In my slut panties and stocking. With a dog leash and collar and a cock cage. To prevent my little sissy cock from getting hard. XOXO Wolfe

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