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Im back?

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Playing with my nephew gone sexual over the years him 9 me 12

Hey everybody this is Jayden the one who ran the discord
I’m back… idk about putting the discord back up but I might but yeah thanks to everybody that joined before but uhhhh yeah enjoy the story.

This started with us playing… I’m not proud that it started at all I wish it never did but when I’m horny I just can’t forget it. But I am the youngest by a lot of all my siblings my nephew is only 3 years younger than me at the time when we started playing I was 12 and he was 9. I was skinny tall dark skin dread locks my dick was about 6 inches at the time and he had short hair also dark skinned he’s also skinny but with a nice round hairless ass that’s why I can’t get over him when I get horny. It’s fat like he can bend over and you still wouldn’t be able to see his hole also he had creases under his cheeks. But the sexual relationship started with us playing house. I was the male he was the girl I’m more masculine I didn’t really want to even tho at the time I had been sucking my step brother Shawn from the other story I was still into girls. We wouldn’t really do anything tho we would just argue and fight… and that would be it this one time tho we fact argued and as fr fought he would start to grab my dick and first it just made me jump and I’d push his hand away as a reflex than he started to get in positions where his ass would be pushed against my dick on purpose that’s when I realized how thick he was. Than I got into it we started humping with clothes on but that was be it. I as it stared to go farther it started to get more and more sexual.

Part 2
We did that for a long time not consistently but I turned 13 we played like that again and I wasn’t really into it anymore I thought it was stupid because I knew how to fuck I never came to him wanted to do anything we always did what he wanted but this one time he just got out the shower and came upstairs (we had the attic to ourselves) it was a chill day we didn’t have to go anywhere. He came upstairs in his draws only knowing what he wanted to do he came in and laid down on the bed I was sitting on the bed playin the game he had his ass towards me I ignored him because I didn’t feel like fake fucking. He pulled his ass out then still ignored him but I was really turn on he moved closer to me and started rubbing his ass on me. I just paused the game pulled my dick out and spit on it then turned him on his stomach and spit on his ass. I than forced my dick inside I didn’t know it would hurt to him and he said it hurt but I was already in it was warm and wet I told him this is real sex and it won’t hurt for than long. I wanted to fuck the shit out off him but I didn’t want to hurt him so I just went slow I stroked his ass and he held onto a pillow tight and let me. I just kept stroking than took it out to make it more wet but it was the slimy saliva dripping from his hole to his balls onto the bed he got quite I assumed he got used to it so I started going faster just treating him like a girl who was used to it his parents in the room below us I started going faster and he started moaning into the pillow I didn’t really care the impact started to make a clapping sound than I came in his but wiped my dick off and got back on the game he used a tile to wipe himself off and took a nap we did talk after I was done but he just asked questions forgot what he asked.

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  • Reply Stella ID:2xme6rmv9d

    Wow, can we have pictures, please?

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    What’s your discord…love to see the pic

  • Reply Cute boy ID:4j5mr16v2

    What’s the website. I’d love to see the pics

  • Reply Whoknows ID:fzq5zds8j

    Hey Jay, I would love to add you on discord or snapchat, I’m glad that you returned with an awesome story! Please do tell me what your discord is or snap (: I’m 14 btw

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    Hey I’d love to see the pic on discord, could I add you?

    • Jay ID:fw1u08pcbvr

      Do you have the website because its gone now