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Pure bliss part 4

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The night continues with 3 drugged unconscious girls ripe for the taking.

It’s been a little over 2 hours since my night started, fucked 14yo Chloe and came nearly instantly. Moved on to 14yo becky and her amazing ass and then aimed my attention towards 12yo anna cumming inside all their little pussys but I still wanted more. The beast in me raged.

Now that I’ve had course 1 it was time for course 2 and I knew exactly what I wanted to do. I spread the young girls all over the bed evenly on their back and then I go to mount Chloe, I get us into the reverse 69 position where I’m on top of her with her pussy at my mouth and she’s below me with my dick over her head.

I tilt Chloe’s head back a little and get the tip of my dick in the opening of her mouth resting my dick on her tongue and just wiggling my hips in a circular motion making sure to touch every spot of her mouth , couple of minutes of that and then I start thrusting in her mouth being careful to go slow at first testing the waters before I lay anchor. This is the second girl ever I got the throat fuck after Ophelia so I’m still rather inexperienced and don’t have the groove I’d like but only after 5 minutes I’m back in my zone and then I lean my head down to Chloe’s pussy eating it, slobbering over everything and then I dropped my whole weight on top of Chloe, before I was on my knees being somewhat gentle but at this point I just didn’t give a fuck and fucked her throat like I was fucking a pussy, just no remorse. You should have heard the sounds coming from Chloe’s mouth from me shoving my 6.5 inch dick all the way down her throat, she too was showing a huge throat bulge when I looked back.

I would do a series of fast hard thrusts into her mouth and then pull my dick out giving her time to breath. That went on for another 15 minutes and then I decided I was gonna do the exact same thing with Becky and Anna. I dismount Chloe pushing her over a little then I get right on top of Becky in the same reverse 69 position. This time I start eating her first grabbing onto her magical thighs and then without looking or using my hands I try to find Becky’s mouth with my dick like threading an eye of the needle. Not gonna lie it was pretty fun rubbing by dick all over her face it would be so degrading to her if she was awake.

Finally I struck gold and got my dick inside her mouth and when I tried getting it down her throat she was making some sort of gag sound and with my dick in there she wasn’t able to breath so I decided she’d catch a break this time.

Last in line for a nice throatfuck is Anna and I had some reservations about her ability to take my dick her being so small having a very narrow neck but I was gonna try all the same. Frustrated with Becky I toss her aside and move over to get on top of Anna and fuck this 12yo throat.

Getting on top of her made me feel like a giant. When I lined my dick over her mouth my face wasn’t anywhere near her pussy, I was actually at her feet where I could kiss and lick them. Not gonna lie she had some cute tiny feet with red painted toe nails. Anyways I get my dick over her mouth and slide it in trying to find the sweet spot. I get half my dick inside and hear and sense nothing from Anna so I stick a little more in and still no response or reflex. So I slide the rest of my dick inside and bottom out with my balls now resting on her forehead. I leave my dick in there seeing how long I can leave it in before she gasps for air and I got up to 20 seconds before her body started twitching.

Good gracious this 12yo petite girl can take my whole dick in her throat and I can just leave it there for almost half a minute, who would have known she had that ability? Anyways I get to town and slam away at her precious warm throat doing hard slow thrusts and every now and then I’d just leave my dick all the way in and gyrate my hips stirring my dick like I’m making chocolate milk. With each forceful thrust my balls continue to hit her forehead and make a clapping noise like I’m applauding myself.

I dismount Anna and lay down beside her grabbing her head and bringing it over to my dick with both hands on her head and start skullfucking her moving her head up and down violently. It’s so easy to manhandle this girl I feel like I’m using her throat to jerk off. After 10 minutes of skullfucking Anna my arms get tired and get her off me.

The final showdown is upon us and it’s time to live out one of my fantasies. I’ve seen a lot of porn and one thing I saw a few times that looked amazing is something called a “double decker” where you have 2 girls in the doggystyle position but they’re stacked on each other vertically and you have two pussies stacked and can switch from one to the other easily. And here I had 3 girls for me to make a triple decker.

I grab Becky and position her first who will be the bottom layer and then I get Chloe on top of Becky followed by Anna completely on top. I built them so the one with the biggest ass would be on bottom and work my way up to the smallest and it was like a great pyramid of ass and little pussies, the sight was unbelievable.

It’s now been over three hours since I first penetrated Chloe and got off 3 amazing cumshots I figured I had one good one left and now was the time to use it. I start with Becky at the bottom crawling up to behind the wall of ass and spit down on Becky’s pussy and shove my dick inside grabbing on Chloes legs for grip. Becky’s pussy was nicely broken in now so it was easy sliding in. I start going slow pulling my dick all the way out and then shoving it all the way in getting maximum contact with her insides. I pick up the pace and lean forward licking all over Anna’s back while fingering Chloe getting her ready cuz she’s next. I spent about 8 minutes fucking Becky and now I gotta climb up a bit to get to Chloe’s pussy.

I didn’t get to fuck Chloe too much tonight cuz I came so dam fast but I was gonna try to make up for that lost time right now. I didn’t mention before but Chloe isn’t a virgin either, at no time was there a hymen break but I’m sure she didn’t fuck too many guys.

I enter Chloe and her pussy grips my dick with care acting like a funnel of love. Chloe’s pussy smells best by far, not that any of them smell bad but hers has something about it makes some precum leak out. I’m fucking Chloe at a decent rate of speed and I have 2 fingers in both Becky and Anna all the while. I pull my dick out for a couple minutes and trace the outside of Chloe’s pussy with my dick like I’m drawing with a crayon and then shove it back and and really dive in just slamming away, all three of these girls are gonna be a little sore the next morning I’ll tell you that.

I spent a good 20 minutes fucking Chloe going from slow to fast thrusts and now it was time to climb the peak of pussy mountain and enter little sexy anna. Anna’s so small that her legs barely touch the bed with her straddling Chloe on top legs dangling at the sides. I couldn’t reach her on my knees this time so I had to stand on the bed and bend my knees a little to line up with Anna’s pussy and it was gonna be an endurance test for me. I’m not used to fuckin like this for this long and it’s starting to drain my energy.

I straddle Anna’ ass for a little bit and fuck her for about 5 minutes but I tire out and get off. I disassembled the tower of girls and decided where to give the last of my attention. Chloe has the amazing tits and Becky has the amazing ass but for some reason I was liking my time with Anna the most. I wanted her young throat wrapped around my dick some more it was time to end the night with a bang.

I lay down Anna on her back and climb over her with her in between my legs and lift her head up grasping the sides of her head with my hands and I’m about to go to town on this bitch. First I gently get my dick inside her mouth and slowly move her head back and forth over my dick increasing the speed I move her head at a constant rate. The first throat fucking I did was for 30 seconds getting up to a decent speed and then i pull out for about 10 seconds and then shove it back in returning to the same speed I left at. A minute later and I’m moving her head back and forth so fast over my dick that I can feel air coming out of her nose over my stomach from the pressure of my dick going in and out of her mouth and throat.

Once that time comes where I feel like I’m gonna cum I throw her head off me and I move back down between her legs and breach her pussy and get my arms under her hugging her and with seconds to spare and cum all up in her for the 2nd time, she deserved the extra attention although she doesn’t realize it. With my final rope of cum that came out I just let go of everything and fell right down on top of Anna and stayed there. Her body was so soft and warm and smooth that it was just amazing laying on top of her in between her legs. I must have stayed there feeling up her smooth milky thighs with my dick still inside her cum filled pussy for 20 minutes.

It was now really late and I was getting a little nervous that they may wake up so I quickly washed them all down with a warm facecloth, then dried them with a clean towel and put all their clothes back on and put them where I found them. Before I leave the room I look back on them one more time and hope I’ll never forget this night.

I stop by Donna’s room who was still up and I gave her an extra 10 percs and then 3 plan b pills for her to
Give them in their orange juice next morning. It’s imperative that now girl I fuck like that gets pregnant regardless of whether or not it could be traced back to me. No loose ends I say.

For my next and possible last entry in my “Pure bliss”series I’m thinking about bringing over some friends with me next time I go over for Ophelia. I’m a little on the fence about letting other guys get to fuck her amazing little goth pussy but it’s still on the table.

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  • Reply AssGuy ID:bt1hxzrj

    Too bad you didn’t fuck their ass. But those throatfucks were amazing. And that skullfucking of little Anna, I could almost see it, you jerking her head up and down on your cock, deep and fast, really good.
    Now I want to see ophelia gangbanged rough, I want her airtight, plugged in all her holes, getting filled with cum. I want to see her feel pain, even in her passed out condition. Let her pant and whimper full of cock, squirming and gurgling around a fat cock down her throat. Fucking hurt and own that bitch.

    • James230 ID:1e3ke0oadh89

      Ophelia definitely got fucked good and hard by me and 3 of my buddies. Read pure bliss part 5. Cum from 4 of us in all her holes.

  • Reply G ID:7n7gguh6ib

    I still think Donna should’ve gone in and cleaned all their pussies with her mouth while you fucked her in the ass

  • Reply A. ID:11wfijf20a

    Should never give the plan b pills, all girls should be bred and have babies, especially when they are you

    • Darrell Nickelln ID:3zxjmhgw20b

      Yes you are right about that. Ban all birth contlor. [email protected]

    • Ryan ID:6stx4gz49j

      Yes we should stop fighting nature. Little girls should be bred as soon as they are fertile. Grown men putting babies into horny preteens is the most natural thing in the world.
      Ban birth control.
      No age of consent – Make sex legal once puberty starts
      Make incest legal. Let father’s breed their little daughters