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Amy Tale/s – Queen’s Spa

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I say, well, your husband does not mind, and I have seen him standing in the back yard your kids play in, and he has eagerly watched me.

Janet left Friday morning as I went to work. I came back to Jim’s after work, and Saturday morning Beatrice showed up. We rolled around and ate each other’s pussy, and Jim laid the big 10” to Beatrice and she was satisfied. I took Beatrice into my spa room, and we showered, and I douched her. We got into the spa and enjoyed it for about half an hour. I laid a towel out, and the teak enclosure on one side is about 4’ wide, and you can lay down on it. I did, and Beatrice ate my pussy. I closed my eyes and was about to get off and Beatrice stopped. I opened my eyes, and Luna was standing at the window watching, and I rolled my eyes and Luna reached into her bag, and she pulled out an apple, and the bitch took a bite staring at me. I was thinking, what the fuck is up with the apple?

Luna then looked gleefully at Beatrice and waved and said, hey Mrs. Miller! Luna is a sophomore. Beatrice is the 10th grade English teacher. Beatrice gets out and grabs a towel and says, damn Amy, Luna is my student. I say, I did not invite her here, but I am scared for you, because this girl is a crazy bitch. Courtney is at the back door. I walk over to the door naked and open it and ask, did you bring Luna? Courtney says, yes, I don’t want you to stay mad at me Amy, and Luna said she would help me. I say, Courtney, I am mad at you because of Luna. Courtney asks, can I come in? I say, no, and take Luna with you and leave.

Courtney starts whimpering and wants me to talk to her and work this out. Then some lady walks up. I am in the door naked and I say, who are you? She says, I am your neighbor behind you, my kids play in my back yard, and they can see you naked in this room. She says, either get some blinds for these windows, or I am going to start filing police reports for public indecency. I say, well, your husband does not mind, and I have seen him standing in the back yard your kids play in, and he has eagerly watched me. She snaps, AH!, and she walks off. Molly walks up, and shit, I am about to my limit with visitors. Molly says, she is serious, she called the police on Dave for the noise he was making loading and unloading trailers early in the morning one time.

I tell Molly, have Dave build me a high privacy fence against that chain link fence, and to order me an air conditioner just for this room before summer gets here. I don’t care what it costs. That neighbor bitch wants me to buy blinds for my windows, I will put blinds on her yard, and for fun, I will fuck her husband when she is not seeing what is going on in my room anymore. Molly laughed. Courtney was still trying to come in, and Luna was standing back and staring at me like, I beat you again. I say, just leave Courtney, and take that bitch with you. Molly heard that and she said, oh, well, I will talk to you later, and she left. I heard the front door open, and Beatrice left. Luna stepped to the driveway side, and she waved and shouted, see you Monday Mrs. Miller!

Courtney would not budge from the door, and I said, see…see what bringing Luna here has done, now Beatrice is scared out of her mind. Jim walked into the spa, and he saw Luna outside and he said, Beatrice told me Luna was here. I said, I did not do this Jim, it was Courtney. Courtney starts apologizing and she is crying. Luna says, hey Mr. Coach! Jim asks me, what did you do with Luna? I said, nothing, I have never touched her, but she has physically assaulted me trying to rape me. Jim says, will she be trouble for Beatrice? I said, yes, she is TROUBLE in all caps. I say, damn it, Courtney, let go of the door! Courtney says, no Amy, I cannot go until we work this out. I scream, AAAAAAAAAAAH!

I let go of the door and go and get dressed and grab my purse. Courtney and Luna came in, and Courtney was following me around, and Luna was flirting with Jim. I walk out the front door, and Courtney tries to prevent me from getting in my car. I go back into the house and lock the front door, and head for the back and I see Courtney go around the house, and I go back out the front and get in my car and leave.

Fuck! Courtney knows were Kelly lives too because we fucked Courtney there, (see Amy Tale/s – Back to School Night). I just pull in a parking lot and stop, and I lay my head back and think. Maybe I need Janet’s help? Luna is causing me problems; I don’t know how to get rid of her. My phone rings and it is Jim. He says, Courtney left, but Luna is still here, and she has taken all her clothes off and is in the spa, and she is trying to get me to get in too. I say, well, remember how scared you were about those other students? Well, this bitch is for real, she will definitely tell on you. Did you ask her to leave? Yes, and she says, how, she rode with Courtney. Does that mean she will leave if she has a ride? Jim checks, and says, she says she will leave if she has a ride. I said, I will call a cab and pay for it.

First, I called Harold, and told him there was an intruder at Jim’s that is stalking me, and that Jim needed help, so just go on into the spa. I called a cab to pick up Luna. Kelly calls and she says Courtney is at her place looking for me. Well, I am not there, will she not leave? Kelly says, hang on, yes, she is leaving. Courtney keeps trying to call me, but I don’t answer. Twenty minutes later Jim calls and says Luna left, and thanks for calling Harold, that really did help. Sophia calls me and says, Courtney was just here looking for you, are you alright, Courtney was crying? I forgot that Courtney knew where Sophia lived (see, Amy Tale/s – Aunt Bethany). I told Sophia that me and Courtney are having a spat, and I just want some space. Sophia could tell I did not want to talk about it, so she let me go.

I took Courtney everywhere with me, she was my doll baby, I am sure she is very upset. I had other places I could go like Heather and Sarah’s or Rasaun and Alyson’s, and Courtney didn’t know about those places. I decided to go back to Jim’s. I walk through the door and my phone rings and it is Janet. Janet says, you are not going home because of that chingona girl? You deceived me with that spa crap. You should have just fucked that fish taco. I say, how do you know? Janet says, Courtney was just here and she told me that little Latina we fucked has ruined Courtney’s relationship with you. I say, yes, I hate that bitch (Luna). Janet says, are you alright, do you need me to come to you? I said, I am alright baby, don’t get involved yet, I might really need you before this is over. Janet says, okay, let me know baby. Janet is too socially blunt to endure long interpersonal conversations.

I get naked and get in my spa. I just want to relax and think. I tell Jim, not now, even though he says nothing, and I lay my head back on the padded rest, and I close my eyes as the jets massage my body. Knock, knock, knock, and it is at the window closest to where I am sitting. I do not open my eyes, and I ignore it. Is it one of my voyeur neighbor’s (Harold or Molly) wanting my attention? Is it my irate neighbor, even though at this angle she can’t see anything but my head? Maybe it is the cops, because she called them? It could be somebody new, or it could be Luna, wanting me to watch her eat an apple? Knock, knock, knock, I open my eyes and it is Courtney. She has cried her eyes out. I get out and dry and walk to the door and let her in. I turn and walk to my teak cabinet/locker and retrieve a shower cap and say, wash off in the shower then get in.

Courtney gets into the spa and tries to hold me and apologize, and I push her back and say, sit and shut up. Fifteen minutes of silence, and I move my foot between Courtney’s thighs in the water. She spreads her legs and slides into my toes with her distinctive feeling hairy pussy. It is the best tension relaxer my toes have felt. I briskly swim in between her thighs and kiss her, and I work my arms under her hot ass and ample thighs and lift her with her help on top of my teak encasement. I madly groan and moan in pleasure as I attack her pussy with my mouth, and I make her orgasm. Courtney slides back into the water and embraces me, and we kiss. Courtney starts to apologize again, and I say, I don’t want to talk about it anymore.

We get into the shower and go and dry our hair, and we get into the bed together and mutually bring each other to pleasure. I lay Courtney on the pillows and move in between her thighs and kiss her, and I explore her body with my lips. Jim hammers my pussy as I hold around Courtney and she rubs my back. Jim gets off, and it feels good deep in my pussy, and I go and clean up, and we go out to eat. Courtney spends the night, and we hold each other as we sleep. Sunday me and Courtney did some shopping, and later that evening she went home to get ready to go to work Monday.

It was after 3pm on Monday and I was at work, and I saw Luna in the women’s clothing area at the department store. I walked up and said, why are you here? Luna says, well, I am kind of shopping, and she had some items in her arm and hand. Luna said, will you help me try these on, I heard about your special Queen’s Room from Paige, but the door is locked? See Amy Tale/s – Amy’s Junior Mistress, for the rest.

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