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Wife got raped

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I been married 3 years the wife and I went to a bar on Saturday night and had a few drinks. On way back to parking lot a couple men was asking us if they could hitch a ride across town
My wife said no was rude to her them and I spoke up and tried being a nice guy said sure hop in.
They had us turn down this alley and it ended up being a dead end. They got out and quickly opened my wife’s door and pulled her out. He held her his hand over her mouth the other guy said to me just stay still and no one will get hurt.
He was bigger and stronger than me what was I to do.
He made me get out of car they took us to a garage.
Inside they turned on lights and he made me sit in chair. Shoving me down. My wife was kicking and he pushed her over back of couch bent over the other guy held her arms from other side of couch. She’s a wild one looking over to me. He pulled her pants down I jumped up to stop him he pinched me and knocked me down and said stay there. I sat on floor and watched him unbuckle his pants laughing at me. You think you deserve a peace of ass like this slaps her on bare ass.
She still struggling to get loose. No you have to share buddy. And he unbuckles his pants shaking his cock at me then get behind my wife and started fucking her. She was kicking her legs the best she could in that position . He came in her and said come over here he flips my wife over on couch and holding her legs apart . He said grab this leg. I did and he held the other pinned to her side the other guy raped her my wife was hard to hold down and she was yelling.
I realized I was helping them rape my wife and let go. She started kicking him and knocked him off I froze and watched him pull her up and slap her. Shoving her back down he said watch him to other guys and he pinned her down on his own and fucked her. She was crying now they tied us up when done and the next day they came back.
After they both fucked her they made me lick her out.
Then they ties us up in 69 position on couch.
Both of us gagged.
Later that day they came back gave us water and something to eat.
A few minutes they were fucking her. She just looks at me helplessly. All of a dust I realize I am getting hard.
Later I figure out they give me viagra.
They knew it and asked if I wanted some of her they would share.
I shook my head no he pulled my pants down and showed my wife my hard cock. She looks at me angrily. I was at a loss.
They strip me naked and tie us up shoved my cock up her ass. And tie us so tight together I can’t pull it out. They leave and any movement hurt my cock was throbbing. My wife felt it and in muffled voice through gag was telling me to get it out.
I couldn’t and tried telling her which she got angry with me starts bucking against me trying to get me out. This made it worse and out of nowhere I come my body jerks and I feel myself coming. She felt it also and rolled trying to get me out and we landed on floor on my back her back against me shoved me deeper into her. She lay still crying as I go soft and I feel myself shrink out of her.
They come back the next morning.
After raping her again they shove a vibrator into her and a butt plug and tape it in her turn it on high and leave. We set on couch tied up this time facing each other. I can see come running out of her around vibrator she moved around trying to get it out of her even spreading her legs more trying to loosen the strap hold it in her.
She finally gave up after a few minutes exhausted both look at each other other hopeless with gags in our mouth.
Tears start to run down her face then she shakes her head and she tenses up I see her hips raise up . And her breathing around gag quickens and she moans out crying and her body jerks as she having an orgasm. This goes on for about two hours multiple orgasm and finally the vibrator quiet down and battery goes dead
They come back in evening and take it out of her. She whence when they pulled it out her pussy was swollen and blood red raw looking. He touched her and she jerked I. A painful way.
He flips her over and pulls butt plug out.z throws it in my lap laughs.
Both fuck her again this time obviously painful for her.
They untie me. And hand me a big dildo 12” long and big.
He lined it up and said shove it in her.
I said no. Do it and we will let you go
If you don’t I will shove it and then tie you up.
So I go over and stick it in her slowly he says quicker. I shove it halfway in my wife tied down struggling in pain. He said all the way. And pushed my arm. I shove it almost all the way struggling to get it deeper it’s so big. He said ram it. I did
And said keep ramming it harder. I close my eyes and brutalize her and she had her eyes shut also.
I keep going for what seems forever not hoping they will let us go. Finally I hear my wife whimpering I open my eyes still pounding her with a 12” dildo she was shaking her head back and forth her eyes shut tight and I feel the dildo get harder to move as she clamps down on it. I in my tortured state force it harder not thinking and watch as she has another involuntary orgasm he body all tensed up I keep going for probably another 5 minutes and I realize they were gone and I was not tied up . I get up look out door no one around just our car at end of alley it was daylight.
I go back to my wife pull dildo out untie her and she sobbed in my arms. I get up get dressed still scared to leave we both were.
My wife got her panties on her pants was torn up used to help restrain her. She gets her shirt on and we jump in car and get out on main road and go home.
When we realize we were safe after we got home she cried something awful and I did also.
We was going to call police but realized was not sure what road or alley we were at.
And she didn’t want to tell anyone.
So we didn’t

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  • Reply Cracksniffer ID:16oigapf6ib

    Oh come on ,man! Bet you loved ramming that big fat dildo up her!!

    • Tom ID:1cwuyzqu8y81

      I had one of my friends fuck my wife who was a natural flirt. She was drunk and she was going to far. I told him to go for it don’t let her know . He got her to go out back to parking lot behind the bar when I went to bathroom. And her little skirt was no match.
      They were gone 10 minutes he recorded it on his phone for me. To her credit she told him she was just joking as he lifted her skirt and pinned her agains his truck seat with door open. She said let’s go back inside as he thrust into her and she said come on no we can’t do this as he fucked her from behind.
      She never said a word when they came back and didn’t flirt anymore that night.
      She never told me and you could tell she felt guilty and was extra nice to me. Except she wanted to shower when we got home. I didn’t let her before we had sex.