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Uncle Ben – part 2

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Things get freaky between uncle Ben and Christina

Christina pulled down my tighs and my hard cock pointed directly towards the ceiling of the car.

‘I always knew you would have a nice big one uncle Ben’ she said and took my cock in her mouth. She curled her tongue around my shaft, gently bit the head, stroked it and gently played with my balls making my cock pulsate and throb like crazy.

‘I have a feeling this is not the forst time you’re doing something like this’ I mumbled. ‘be quiet uncle B or I will have to punish you’ she said in a firm tone, ‘and you don’t want that’

Omg what kind of sexfreak had she grown to be, I thought to myself. She continued to lick and suck and a few seconds later I could not hold it back any longer. I shot my load in her mouth and she just kept sucking and playing with my ball like she wanted to milk me for every drop I had. Which was actually what happened just there cuz she just kept going till I told her to stop.

‘I need a break love’ I told her. ‘ok but only for 2 minutes because i am not done with you yet. Not at all’ she answered.

I tried asking her who had tought her to suck like that but she just told me to be quiet and threatened to punish me again if I didn’t comply.

‘ok time is up’ she said. She crawled on top of me and placed her pussy on my cock. I wasnt completely soft and her pussy felt so nice and moist on my cock so it quickly got hard again. She took her arms around me and pressed her entire body against mine so I could feel her tits and pussy against me. She the moved her pussy up and down my cock so I could feel her pussylips caress my now completely hard cock and then it slipped inside her with a little sploshy spund. She was completely wet. My cock slid all the way inside her till she had her pussylips embracing the base of my cock. Then she started riding me. Slowly at first but then faster and faster. Omg she was so tight. I can’t remember ever to have felt a pussy like that before. She sped up gradually and within a ninute or so she was bouncing up and down my coxk like there was no tomorrow. I was still a bit sensitive from her sucking but she didn’t care, obviously. She just kept going and going gaster and faster. Soon I was reaching climax again and she didn’t make any efford to slow down. There was quite a bit of her pussyjuice all over my stomach and balls, aparently she was the kind of girl that got extremely wet. I could not believe how tight she felt even with all that pussyjuice flowing.

Anyways, I drenched my hand in her juices and I started caressing her anus. I circled my middle finger around her butthole and in a quick move I pushed my finger inside her tight little hole.

‘uncle Ben you’re a bad uncle’ she said and smiled but then continued to fuck me like crazy. My finger worked tho and shortly after she started moaning. Louder. Then a bit louder still, and I pushed my finger as far up her butthole as I possibly could. I grabbed her buttcheek with my other hand and I started pressing my cock back up her pussy as far as I could.

It worked. All of a sudden she exploaded in an orgasm. She came harder than anybwomannInhabe ever been with, and she squirted more liquid than I have ever seen before in any woman. Her cum was everywhere and I started shooting my second load, this time inside her pussy.

She collapsed on my chest and I just placed a hand on each of her buttcheeks and squeezed them gently.

‘that was the most crazy and amazing sex I have ever had’ I told her. ‘yeah me too’ she said.

End of part 2.

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