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The Haunted Manor

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Emma has a wild time during her visit to a haunted manor

Emma had never thought her dream would someday become a reality, but at the sight of the barely twelve years old little girl in between her spread thighs lapping at her sopping folds with her little girl tongue made Emma moan in ecstasy and she never wanted her to stop.

Emma hadn’t wanted to come to this supposed haunted manor, it would be an awesome experience her friend had said, and Emma had never been one to back down from a challenge either so she had accepted and soon she had set up camp in one of the empty rooms while her friends had gone into the other ones.

It was an old folk tale in town, how the manor at the end of Woodborough lane was haunted by the orphans that had walked the halls in the past. However, Emma wasn’t one to believe in ghost stories, preferring to stick to reality than succumb to her imagination.

If she had, Emma would probably have been locked up the instant she had succumbed to her secret desires. Everyone had their own fetishes, some had fetishes that were somewhat accepted by society and others had fetish that would get the ostracised by society.

And Emma was one of them.

She didn’t know when it had happened exactly or even why, maybe it was some childhood trauma that still affected her or maybe she was just sick in the head, either way it had been one of Emma’s secret fantasies since she was old enough to realise what lust was.

Emma had become one of those people parents warned their children against in parks. Perverts that got off on the thought of them. While Emma didn’t think she was a lesbian or inclined towards woman sexually, she had a thing towards little girls.

Especially the tiny ones. Old enough to know how to use their tongues, but young enough that her thoughts were borderline illegal.

Usually Emma would stay at home and get herself off to the different scenarios of her and little girls in explicit situations. Sometimes Emma would be a single mother teaching her little girl to be thankful of where she had come from, teaching her how to worship her mother’s pussy that she had come out of.

Other times she’s be a school teacher having private lessons with the teacher’s pets, showing them exactly how a woman should be pleasured and other times she’d be a babysitter or an in house nanny playing the naked kissing game with the kids she was looking after while their parents were away.

Usually her fantasies were enough to get her by, but sometimes she had those impulsive moments where she’d go to some park and watch the little girls as they played with each other imaging herself taking one or two of them behind the bushes or trees and having her way with them.

It was no surprise that Emma had quickly become a recluse, preferring to rather enjoy the privacy of her home as she got off on little girls than spend time with the few friends she had. This was part of the reason why they had dropped the haunted manor onto her lap and Emma hadn’t been able to back out of it.

Emma was a slut through and through and when she wasn’t with company which forced herself to act somewhat as a decent human being she’d always be imagining herself in some kind of explicit situation that kept her pussy throbbing with need consistently.

Even though she wasn’t in her own home, sleeping alone in the room allowed her some privacy and after making sure her door was locked, Emma had quickly shed her clothes, her pussy tingling with anticipation as she crawled underneath her blankets.

Contrary to what it might sound like, the haunted manor didn’t really look like what you’d imagine a haunted manor to look like. Even with it’s vintage decor and feel, it was a simple family home turned bed and breakfast that had been caught up in the town’s folktales.

Though, the stories did bring a lot of customers who enjoyed all things occult and spooky to its doors so maybe the rumours weren’t all that bad. Pushing away the thought of the manor and it’s popularity with dark history fanatics, Emma spread her legs beneath the thin blankets and instead focused on her most recent fantasy.

It was about a mother helping her little girl with her homework, they had just started teaching sex Ed at her school and her little girl was confused about the human body and sinfully enough her mother was more than happy to show her the difference between a loli’s barely developed pussy and a grown woman’s that may or may not already be dripping at the thought of her little girl’s curiosity.

Emma was so lost in her fantasy as she thrust her fingers in and out of her cunt that she didn’t notice the almost transparent figure floating into the room, it’s blank gazed locked on her.

She didn’t notice as it slowly crawled beneath the bottom of her blankets at her feet and stopping between her spread leg, staring almost transfixed as it watched Emma grind her engorged clit against her hand pushing herself closer towards an orgasm.

“That’s it baby, that’s it. Lick mommy’s pussy like the good girl you are” she moaned out in stuttered breaths spreading her legs farther apart and in turn exposing her aching cunt to the ghostly figure. With her other hand she spread her folds and thrust out her engorged clit towards the invisible little girl and as if understanding her, the mysterious figure leaned forward and gave her swollen peak a tentative lick.

Emma’s eyes widened in shock at the cold wetness that against her clit and she quickly ripped the blankets away off her. Her shocked gaze met blank ones, and Emma tried to make heads or tails of the situation as she stared at the dark haired little girl lying between her spread legs, her tiny face inches away from Emma’s still wet pussy.

Even as her pussy spilled more cunt juice at the sight of the little girl so close to her Emma had wanted to do the right thing, but as the little girl’s next words hit her, Emma threw whatever morality she had left out of the windows.

“Am I licking good Mommy? Am I being a good girl?” With a gentle but firm grip to the back of the little girl’s head, Emma pushed her cunt closer to the girl, rubbing her pussy and clit across her face and she couldn’t help the moan that fell from her lips at the sight of the little girl covered in her pussy juice.

Emma leaned back against the bed, and letting go of the little girl’s head with one hand she spread her pussy lips, thrusting her engorged clot and wet folds towards the little girl’s mouth.

“I don’t know baby, you might have to lick mommy some more for me to know whether or not my little princess is being a good girl.” Even as she spread her legs wider in invitation, in the back of her head Emma didn’t really think it was going to work, but as the little girl’s tongue flicked against her clit, once, twice before sucking it into her tiny mouth Emma wanted to let out a cry of ecstacy.

Emma watched with stuttered breaths as the little girl lapped at her folds and cunt with an almost determined look in her eyes as she licked her sopping core like her it was favourite popsicle.

Emma’s head fell back against her pillow as she emersed herself in the little girl’s administrations. The sober thought of where the girl had even come from was drowned out as the girl leaned her head down to lick at Emma’s clenching butt hole.

“You’re being such a good girl.” Emma praised pushing her cunt further into the little girl’s face and as if motivated by her words, the little girl’s licking grew more enthusiastic, lightly sucking Emma’s clit into her tiny mouth, before digging her tongue into Emma’s cunt, licking up her juices and a satisfied smile lifted up the corners of her lips at Emma’s groan of satisfaction.

“Sucha good girl. You’re being sucha good girl.” Emma moaned drunkenly, dizzy and her hips lifted in the air as the little girl licked her to a loud, stomach wrenching orgasm. Emma let out a tired satisfied sigh as her legs fell limply to the bed.

“That was amazing sweetie.” she muttered, still dizzy from her release and with another satisfied sigh her eyes fluttered shut and she quickly succumbed to her exhaustion with a smile on her lips, not caring that she was stark naked or noticing that the little had disappeared as if she had been never there in the first place.

The next morning, still lost in her satisfied daze, Emma followed her friends out of the doors of the manor, ignoring their groans of dissatisfaction and disappointment at not having experienced any ghostly activities last night.

As she made her way down the porch steps and the paved path towards the front gates, she almost felt like she was being watched and she quickly cast a vigilant gaze over her shoulder.

Her vigilance relaxed somewhat at the familiar blank gaze that was staring down at her from the window from the third floor, the very room Emma had slept in last night. Emma silently looked forward to her next visit to the haunted manor and hoped more little girls will visit her too.

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    I’m 12 and I wanted to be a good girl eating your cunt mommy. This story made me cum really good!

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    Part 2?