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Fun little party

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Having fun with a girl at a birthday party is easier when she wears a dress (NONFICTION)

I ( M23 ) was invited by a friend of a friend to go to his turning 8 nephew’s birthday party and originally I wasn’t interested Then I thought I might be able to find something to do there so I accepted the invitation and I went ahead to go to the party.

At the party there was a lot of kids running around unsupervised And it was a fairly big space that they rented for the party I greet a few of the people and the guy that invited me, soon I wander off to some corner of a hallway to use my phone and I start hearing giggles from one of the rooms next to me I look in and I see a bunch of little girls looking around 12 to 13 in a circle giggling to each other they’re all wearing different little dresses and I decide when I join them So I walk in and I asked “what you all doing” the girls which I see there’s about 6 of them at me and one says we’re playing truth or dare and she asked me “do you wanna play” “sure” I might be able to have alittle ‘fun’ with them, So I close the door behind me and lock it and I sit with them in the circle the game goes on for a bit and I decided not do anything at first but after a few turns It’s my turn again And I look at this little girl who was The oldest there 14 with Black hair, pretty hazel eyes and a nice rack and ass who was the really shy and ask her truth or dare she says “Dare” and I smile and I dare her to come with me into the closet to do something with me quickly everyone starts going “ooOooOooo” assuming we’ll kiss.

After she was done blushing she gets up and quickly walks to the closet with me behind her, I find the light switch and look at her in the coat closet that had a chair in the middle she asked me what did i want her to do and I just told her “follow my lead” I kneel down and kiss her on the lips putting my hands on her thighs and she wraps her arms around my neck while that’s going on I start moving my hands up from her thighs and up here dress touching her plump ass then I grab the brim of her panties and pull them down and she stops kissing me and ask what I’m doing and I tell her “Don’t worry we’re both going to enjoy what’s going to happen”I go back to kissing her now using tongue which she follows and uses her tongue and now her panties are down I left her up a bit to grab her panties and throw them somewhere else in the room I start to touch her bear ass and I start to touch her slit I send pick her up and lay her on her back I ask her if I can take off her dress and she asks “Will it help us have more fun?” I tell her “it will” So she lifts her arms I unzip the back of her dress and I pull it off and I was surprised she wasn’t wearing a bra but having her naked in front of me only got me more hard I quickly unbuckle my belt and zip my pants down and pull it out and start stroking it she stares at it not knowing what’s about to happen I open her legs and I cover her mouth and tell her it’s going to hurt but it will feel better before she could respond I push my dick in to feel her tight pussy wrap around my dick I give her a few minutes before I start to move and go in and out of her I do this for a few minutes before I start hearing her moans I move my hand from her mouth so that she can moun a little louder for me I could tell she was enjoying it especially with how wet she was getting, I wasn’t expecting her to make me finish so quick and I feel like I’m about to cum So I pull out and pick up her legs and put my dick between her thighs using them I cum and shoot it all over her stomach and her decently sized tits for her age I ask her “did you have fun?” With her saying “I liked it” I then get up and get back down next to her face I asked her to open her mouth which she does and I fuck her throat for a few minutes before I shoot another load into her mouth after she swallows I tell her to clean my dick with her mouth and she just licks whatever cum was left on it off, after she finished I put my dick away and tell her “you should probably put your dress back on so her friends don’t know what we did they might get jealous” she gets up I tell her not to clean up the mess I left on her so she grabs her panties puts them back on gets her dress put it back on and I help her zip it back up she smelled like sex and I walked out there with my hand on her ass The group of girls were still playing and asked us what we were doing in there for so long I just looked at her and said “Just getting to know each other better having a little ‘fun’ with each other” she smiles and they continue the game with us only stopping because they were going to sing Happy Birthday to the birthday boy and right before she left the room I grab the girl I was having ‘fun’ with asked her if she had a phone she said “yeah I do” I pulled out my phone and ask for a number so we could possibly do this again sometime So she gave me her number I asked to take a pic of her she said okay So I pulled the straps of her dress down and pulled out one of her tits put my arm around her and held her tit and take a pic she got alittle bold and asked to take a picture with my Dick, she got on her knees and took a selfie with my dick in her hand kissing it.

She put away her tits We walked out together with my hand still firmly on her ass until we got to the main room where everyone was singing Happy Birthday And soon the party ended and when I saw her getting what I believe I sent her a text saying…

“Hoped meet up sometime 😉”

So is the second story I made and I hope it’s not bad and if people ask for a part 2 Then I’ll probably make one but that depends on how many people see this

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