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My Mom, Their Fleshlight

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Two weeks after my mother’s first porn film went online it was an instant success. Fans of my site loved seeing her blonde milf body getting stuffed and filled by black cock. They were hoping, begging, for more scenes with her. They wanted her to take on multiple cocks this time and luckily, I could make that happen. I gave my mom a phone call and asked her if she was still willing to do another shoot, she responded with an emphatic, “Yes!” She said that dad was home for a few more days then he’d leave again on Saturday. She gave him some pity pussy Friday night, knowing he’s probably banging whores when he’s away. She’d be getting hers the next day. My mom arrived at the studio first thing in the morning, when she walked in she greeted Travis with a hug and kiss, fond memories between them. I then introduced her to Cyrus, the other black male star we hired. Travis and Cyrus were actually cousins, and they looked a lot alike. Both were tall strong black men and I knew they were both very capable alone and a dangerous combo for any pussy together.

When I first brought them both on they told me about the first time they each had sex, then about the first white girl they were with and even the first white girl they did together. They told me how they were in highschool together and they had this white female teacher. She was a mid 30’s brunette who was married and had three kids. They ended up fucking her at the same time in the classroom after school was over. She got pregnant from one of them and her husband found out. They got divorced and she lost her three kids. She lives with her current black boyfriend with her mixed baby girl. I told them both about my mom before she arrived and showed Cyrus the video of her and Travis while we waited. He couldn’t wait to get inside my mom’s pussy. He just wondered how and why I was ok with giving up my mom like this? I told him that we’ve always been really close and shared everything about each other’s sex lives. I know she wants to fuck just as much as I do and she has every right. Besides, there’s nothing wrong with seeing your own mom naked.

This time we went straight to filming. The camera crew was ready, the boys were out and mom was in her quick remove clothes. We decided we’d film the “intro” scene later on so we could go straight to fucking. My mom removed her clothes revealing her large soft breasts. I would never get tired of seeing her tits, Travis and Cyrus were already hard for her, and so was I. The only thing mom left on was her gleaming wedding ring. I got a nice framed shot of her on her knees with two black cocks standing beside her, one in each hand. She held the tips of their cocks against each other then sucked from side to side on their poles. They took turns stuffing her mouth with cock, gagging her as they pulled her deeper down by her blonde hair. Travis and Cyrus are both 22, my mom is 46, she was getting used by bbc half her age. They laid her down on her back as Travis began face fucking her while Cyrus ate her pretty pink pussy out.

“AUWK! AUWK! AUWK! AUWK!” was all my mother could get out as her mouth was being taken.

“Fuck yeah! Take it bitch! Suck this fucking cock!” Travis shouted as he brutally face fucked her. I told mom this scene was going to be harder than before but she still came ready anyway.

My mom wasn’t a quitter, she could handle whatever these two could throw at her. Travis and Cyrus got up and took turns fucking her pussy while the other stroked his cock watching. Their cocks were so big going into her pussy, it was a wonder they fit. They continued like this for several minutes before my mom said, “Are you boys afraid of touching each other, I have another hole you know? Come on in, baby!” Cyrus immediately laid down on the bed and held his shaft high up for my mom. She slowly slid her ass around his cock in reverse cowgirl and laid back on his chest. Travis then walked up and re-entered her pussy. For the first time ever, I saw my mom sandwiched between two strong black men as they filled her holes at the same time. Her legs were dangling high in the air as they railed her defenseless body in unison. The pussy I came out of was now filled with bbc, the tits that fed me were flopping up and down as they ravaged her body.

“OH– MY GOD! OH MY GOD, FUCK ME! FUCK ME JUST LIKE THAT!”, my mom screamed with two cocks plugging her, “MORE! MORE! MORE! MORE!” she let out with each thrust.

You should know, I’ve fucked many women in my time. I’ve fucked all the women on my camera crew as well as all the female stars we’ve filmed in our time. I’ve never seen a woman so good natured and feminine like my mom turn into such a fucking whore as soon as a cock is inside her. This woman has had three orgasms already, two from the pussy eating and one just now when they first double-stuffed her. I didn’t think my mom even like black guys, certainly not like this. I wasn’t worried though, she can fuck who she wants and I’ll still love her, plus she’s making us all a lot of money right now. The best part is, Cyrus and my mom have only know each other for maybe an hour now, and he’s already been in all her holes. My dad didn’t get to see her pussy until their wedding night after a year of dating, and she wasn’t even a virgin back then either.

My cock was so fucking hard I was leaking through my pants. I would’ve been embarrassed except all the girls on my camera crew were cumming in their pants too. After an hour of hard fucking, the boys finally exploded inside my mom’s holes. Travis filled her tight little asshole with a load of hot spunk while Cyrus pumped his load deep inside her gushing wet cunt. Afterwards, the two got up and went to shower off. My mom grabbed a towel and cleaned her holes out of the hot sticky cum left behind. I brought my mom back to my office to talk for a minute. I told her how sexy she was and how much hotter it was than the last scene. She was still totally naked when I told her she’s the sexiest woman I’ve ever seen, and the only female porn star I’ve filmed that I haven’t fucked. She looked down at my bulging, cum stained pants and said, “Oh dear, thank you! Why look at you, how hard you are for mommy. I’d be a terrible mother to leave my only boy with blue balls.”

She pulled my pants off and started sucking on my cum moistened cock, cleaning it thoroughly. I tore my shirt off and pulled her up. I bent my mom over my desk and entered the pussy I was born from. Holy fucking shit. My mother’s pussy was the softest thing I’ve ever felt wrapping around my cock. I grabbed her massive titties and went crazy fucking her. I savored every thrust, every contraction of her pussy, every moan she let out. I wasn’t just fucking her, I was in love with her. Before long I was shooting the biggest load of “love” deeper inside her than anything could ever hope to reach. I don’t care how big big black cock is, a son’s cock in his mother’s pussy is the biggest cock around. I grabbed her ass hard as I pulled her in close to me. We were standing as my cock erupted in her pussy. The river of cum flowing out onto the floor.

We went back out to film the intro scene and after we finished up, I invited the three back to my place for dinner. During dinner I told them how sexy that scene was and as a treat I invited them here for some private time together. They could fuck without cameras as long and as loud as they wanted. My mom asked if I’d be joining, to which I said of course I was. We spent the rest of the night in a three-on-one orgy. There were cocks fucking holes everywhere, all manner of depraved sex was going on, and my slut mom was at the center of it. I was holding her waist pulling her tits tight against my chest as Cyrus fucked her ass on top of us. Travis came up and started fucking her mouth leaving his balls dangling over my face. In the heat of things I started sucking his balls, causing him to cum in my mom’s mouth. Cyrus and I ejaculated deep in my mom’s ass and pussy soon after. I asked mom if she was in any danger of still getting pregnant and she said, “I hope not…” It would be difficult explaining a black baby to my dad, but even harder explaining a white one, after all, that would make it mine.

I couldn’t wait for the next scene…


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  • Reply Mystery person ID:7ylren4oic

    This Britney lace bitch is also Tara everyone.making comments to practically every story on here.i would not even want to be with a bitch that every thing turns them on that much, a little to much for me.

  • Reply Renee ID:7ylren4oic

    Yeah right, such made up shit.

  • Reply BRITNEY ID:49kap65h5qr

    The most dangerous thing that a inexperienced white girl can do with two black bulls is double penetration ! She could be torn in both pussy and ass if she never prepared herself before doing the act with them ! Speaking from experience !!

    • John ID:5unpwbbc41

      This bitch doesn’t sound inexperienced to me. Middle aged white women know full well how to handle cock. To think that girls that take dick two or three or more at once in college don’t do the same in their 40/50s when the kids move out is crazy. These bitches are trained whores and these black men worked her holes over like one.

  • Reply Paul ID:5az1k6ym1

    That was fucking wonderful

    • Loving Son ID:7ylvhh1fik

      I’m glad you liked it, I’m writing part 3 now

    • Paul ID:5az1k6ym1

      I’ll.look forward to it 😉💦