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My grandfather friend bill

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Im jen 12 years old real life experience i love it . I have dislyxia sorry for tge bad spelling and period.

So my grandfather got me an boyfriend his man bill . I meet bill at my grandfather house. Bill a couple years older then my grandfather. Me and bill have gone out on some dates. Nothing happened butsome kissing and holding hands. Iv been talking to my grandfather about having sex with him . My grandfather says when you are ready you can here in the house. Ok grandfather what will i wear . My grandfather says we will get to something. The next day im at my grandfather house i tell him tonight will be the night i have sex with bill. My grandfather said come in my room . We go in his room he grabs a bag.. he pulls out a tiny black dress with white see through bra and panties a garder belt thigh high stocking 4 inch heel shoes. I go shower then get dressed i come out . My grandfather says wow you look stunningly gorgeous. A knock at the door. My grandfather answer its bill . Bill eyes open wide sayd wow beautiful. Bill and i go to dinner . Bill telling me how beautiful I an how happy his is to be with me . We go eat at an italiana restaurant. .after we finished its late around 12 am . We walking and talking we kiss a few times . Then bill says we should get back to your grandfather house. I say ok lets go baby. We get to my grandfather house. My grandfather in the kitchen. We walk in my grandfather says how was it . Wesay good very nice . My grandfather gets all of us a drink . Then my grandfather asked me if my dress was to tight . I said yes . Grandfather said ok go take it off. I go in the bedroom take it off come out in just the bra panties garder belt thigh highs and shoes . Bill mouth opened he stearing at me . . I walk over to bill sito his lap . The guys are looking at me. My grandfather moves to his chair .

Me and bill are on the couch. I lean back put my legs on each side of his . I kiss bill cheek bill hand are rubbing my sides. Then bill puts his hands on my boobs. I look ove at my grandfather he looking at my private. Then I lean up unclip my bra take it off . Lean back again . Bill have go right back to my boobs. Then I say to bill you want to kiss my private. Bill says yes . I stand up take off my panties off garder belt stovking shoes still on bill starts to kiss and lick my private. Im moaning holding his head as he licking my private. I look over to my grandfather he playing with his penis. Im moaning bills tounge going everywhere on my private. I start to get tingly down there. I start to come im moaning loud i finish. Bill kisses me he stands up pulls his pants off . His penis is hard . I get on my knees put his penis in my mouth. I start moving back and forth. Bill moaning sayd how he hasn’t had a woman do this in 10 years . Bill grabs my head start going in and out moaning then bill . The bill pulls me up bends me over put his penis in my private. Bill grabs my hips start moving fast . Im bouncing back and forth. My grandfather comes ove sits on the couch. He still playing with his penis grandfather grabs my one boob . Then bill pulls out srarts to come on my butt .then my grandf start to come . Bill gets dressed and goes home . Me and grandfather shower and fall asleep

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    MOMMY TARA yes we are together and we both have my daddy

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    Who does this Tara think she is trying to control this person Jen

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      Hey guys ! Please leave Jen alone ! She’s with me !!