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My Flat Tire Got Me Raped

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I was on my way home from a friends house when I had a flat tire. I pulled over on the side of the road. There wasn’t hardly any traffic. I thought, this isn’t good plus, it was country dark. The moon wasn’t very bright tonight. It was late and this was a country road. I went to the back of my car and raised the hatchback. I was raising up the flooring to get the jack and tire out when a trucker pulled up. He got out of his truck and ask me what was wrong? Then, he saw my flat tire.

Now, this was back before everybody had cell phones so, I couldn’t call my dad or AAA. I was looking at my spare tire and it was flat. The trucker said, “Why don’t you let me drop you off at the station up the road and they can tow your car in.” I said, “Well, guess I don’t have much of a choice.” So, I walked over to his 18 wheeler and he opened the door.

Now, I’m 16, 5’3″, 105 lbs., blond hair, green eyes and I had a black mini skirt on with a white blouse. I’m curvy and my boobs are normal 34 B.

I stepped up to get in that monster. In A mini skirt it was hard getting in that truck lady like. My legs were spread wide apart and my mini skirt slid up even farther. When I did, he reached up and grabbed my pussy. The angle my legs were spread, opened up my pussy lips. As he grabbed my pussy his fingers went directly inside my panties and into my pussy. He jammed his fingers in me and started fingering me with one hand and wrapped his arm around me holding me still, with the other.

I was yelling for him to stop and let me go. He said, “Oh, come on little lady I’m not gonna hurt you I just wanna fuck you a little. I screamed, “No!” He took his fingers out of me but, he had me pushed up against the truck steps hard. So, I couldn’t move. I heard him unzip his pants. He pushed my panties aside then, I felt him ram his dick deep inside me from behind. I tried to get away but, he had control over me. He’s fucking me hard and rough. He’s feeling under my blouse squeezing my titty. Then he said, “Girl, you got some good tight pussy.”

I said, “Please don’t cum in me.” He said, “Would you rather I cum in your mouth?” I said, “No, I don’t want either one.” He said, “Well, it’s gonna be one or the other.” I said, “Then, you can cum in my mouth.” So, he turned me around and pushed me down on the step of the truck. He was standing in front of me. He put his dick in my mouth. I wanted to puke. He was sweaty, pissy smelling and I didn’t want to suck his dick.

He said, “Oh girly, I might just take you on the road with me, you’d be a delight to have around.” I thought, oh my gosh, please don’t let him kidnap me. He was a big man and he could throw me in that truck with no problem. He’s so rough. He held my head and fucked my mouth banging my head against the truck ever now and then. Then, he pulled his dick out of my mouth and lifted me up and said, “Get in the truck.”

I said, “No, I can’t.” He pushed me in the seat, got in behind me and pushed me into the sleeper. He got in, locked the doors then, took off his pants. He crawled between my legs and said, “I’ve gotta fuck this young tight little pussy some more.” I’m pushing and kicking at him but, anything I did wasn’t working. He ripped my blouse open and unhooked my bra. He was sucking on my titty when he rammed his dick back in my pussy. He fucked me hard and said, “I’m probably gonna cum in this little pussy.” I said, “Please don’t cum in me, please I’ll do anything.” He acted like he didn’t hear me and just kept fucking me.

His dick was only about 6 or 7 inches long but, it was very fat. He pushed my knees up by my head and
fucked me hard. His dick was swelling and getting harder. He said, “Ohoo, girly it’s coming to ya, I’m gonna cum.” “Arrgggg, fuck that’s good pussy.” He pushed in deep and cum in me. He rolled over off of me and said, “Sorry ’bout that, I just couldn’t pull out, it felt too good.” “You probably won’t get pregnant.”
I’m thinking, please God, don’t let me get pregnant.

I said, “I really need to go.” “Are you gonna drive me to a place where I can use the phone?” He said, “Sure, in a bit.” All this time, I hadn’t heard a car or anything go by. He reaches over and sticks his fingers in my pussy. He said, “Wow, I dumped quite a load in this little pussy didn’t I.” He’s fingering me with two fat fingers. Then, he said, I’m hard again girly, let me get back in this little pussy.” “Turn over.” I turned over and he mounted me from behind. He was saying, “If I had you in my truck I’d have to keep you butt naked in my sleeper so, I could fuck you ever few miles.” He started fucking me again. He was slapping my ass constantly. He said, “Your pussy is so nice and tight around my dick, it feels so good.” He grabbed my hips pulled me into him and fucked me a long time before, he cum in me again.

He laid by me and caught his breath then said, “Well, I guess we’d better get going, I’ve got a dead line for these products on board.” So, he got dressed, climbed in the drivers seat and started down the road. I said, “Wait, I gotta get my purse in my car, please.” He said, “Okay, run back there and get it, hurry up.” I did and I had a thin jacket I grabbed too because, my blouse had no buttons on it where he ripped it open.

We drove several miles then he dropped me off at a gas station. I jumped out and he said, “Thanks for the pussy, girly.” Then he drove off. I went in and called my dad to come get me. I went into the bathroom and tried to clean out my pussy as much as I could. I told my dad the guy raped me and he took me straight to the hospital. They collected sperm from my vagina, took pictures, ask a ton of questions. Many that was not very helpful. I saw no logo on his truck of any kind. I gave a description of him and then, they gave me something that should prevent me from getting pregnant.

My dad was so great about what had happened to me. He comforted me and ask me if I was sure I was alright. I said, “Yes, daddy, I’m fine.” I didn’t expect they’d ever find the guy. Even the cop said, it didn’t sound very promising. I was just thankful he didn’t take me with him and I wasn’t gonna get pregnant.
I had dreams of him fucking me several times. I guess it’ll pass in time.

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  • Reply Cracksniffer ID:2dd0wlevm2

    Bet Daddy and that cop were both turned on by your rape!!

  • Reply [email protected] ID:1eh9ud4oopb4

    Sounds similar to a fantasy of mine where I’m passed from trucker to trucker when they are about to go home. I’m just stuck living on the road.

    PS, I love cgi and drawings/comics of snuff

  • Reply [email protected] ID:n3ejxvoij

    Hot story Teen! would love to tlak. Email or session me.

  • Reply A. ID:11wfijf20a

    Fuck your daddy and let him breed you

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      Absolutely what I was going to say you want an older cock lay your daddy fuck you every day