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My coach and me

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I m a fourteen yr old girl who loves to play soccer I have a tight athletic body with nice tits for my age, one day after practice my coach asked me to come into his office and he closed the door and had me sit down with him he talked to me about how good a player I was and he wanted me to take the lead on the field but he also wanted to know how much I wanted it and I told him I d do anything for it I wanted it bad,he smiled and said anything and I said yes as he smiled and he slid his hand on my thigh and caressed it slowly , I smiled as he did and he said anything I want and I said yesas he slid his hand under my shorts and I felt his finger stroke my pussy I smiled and I stood up and I took off my top and shorts I was only wearing my panties he smiled and had me get on my knees in front of him and he pulled out his 8″Dick ,I started sucking it and soon he was hard and then he had me lay on his desk and he took off my panties,he ate my pussy til I very wet and then he started to slowly push his hard dick into my tight pussy it hurt at firstand then it was fine as he went deeper soon he was deep into my cervix and my pusy was tight around him he fucked me hard until he filled me with his hot spermand pulled ou. He said to me that he was going to be doing this with me regular and I was also to let some of his friends fuck me to and I agreed.He smiled and asked me if I could join him secretly for the weekend and he would have some freinds over I said sure so I made some arrangements so could and I went to his house on friday night.When I got there ,there were four guys there with him and soon I was naked in front of them and they soon had me sucking there dicks and they took turns fucking my pussy and ass ad some of them fuck my pussy and ass together all weekend ,I was sore when they finished but I loved it all and kept it up with him and his friends

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  • Reply Anonymous ID:4bn00en3fia

    Oh my gosh! Naughty you should of invited other students to suck cock and fuck poeple

  • Reply Anonymous ID:4bn00en3fia

    i play soccer too! im 19, amolst 20, and lookign for a gf im male snap me seven_itterman

  • Reply CC ID:1fjhe1pg8ra

    I am smiling over this. I’ve been a soccer coach for ten years now and every year there are one or two girls who ”wants to go the extra mile” and end up naked in my office. Love it!

    • Jim aus ID:71ou0taghl

      Lucky guy, you should post some stories about your experiences with them

  • Reply Family fun ID:1coc5ufm6qe1

    Very sexy story!!! What a naughty little girl!! Add me on Snapchat if you want to play with an older guy. Daddyisback11

  • Reply D ID:7n7gguh6ib

    What a good start keep writing