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Incest, Taboo and Perversion

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I am Honey now 52 Yrs. age staying as neat family with my husband, my daughter and my Son in Law and my two grand daughter as all knows in the areas though they are not my fully grand daughter, then who are they? They are bizarre sisters as myself and my son in Law are parents of one girl and my husband and daughter are parents of another girl but the truth is known by me and my daughter and none else. Myself and my daughter looks alike and this two girls also looks as twins and all people knows that they are twin sisters.
When I gave birth to my child in another state, I faked my name and age as of my daughter and the father of my child is real as my son in Law name and both the child’s date of birth is the same as we both went for scissor operation on the same date, so that two girls get right name for their parents and grandparents.
Myself now 53 Yrs. 38D-30-40,My daughter 35Yrs. 36C-28-36 and both my twin Grand-daughters only 16 Yrs. 34B-24-34 and named as Madhu and Radha but in the house all use to call Radha as Honey and in later part of the story this Radha will be called as Honey and myself Honey as Grand-mother. I, their grand mother took their charge to teach them at the age of 12 only. Both the girls were exceptionally beautiful and intelligent and how they have learned, they will describe themselves.
I am Madhu and my twin Honey use to sleep together in the same room along with our mom and grand mom but later we known they are half mom and half grand mom.We are mathematically sisters, if value of grand parents is 2 and parents is 1 then grand father+daughter=3, again grand mom+dad=3,so we were very much sisters as we believed in our soul, in our minds and in our body.But how we discovered this truth, it was apure sense of our intelligence.
Our mom and Grand-mom use to sleep with us in the night and one night myself Honey found that our mom and Grand-mom are not in bed,then where are they?Myself called Madhu and we enquire tiptoe as we were hearing some mystic sex combat sound from my dad’s room and saw Oh: My god,My mom is bouncing as cow girl on my dad’s dong which is at least one feet long like Horse cock and fat like my wrist or may be fatter more but both are extremely happy as we knew from their love exchanging as my dad is sucking one nipple of my mom and kneading another breast and exchanging mouth and hand from one breast to another and mom encouraging dad to do it more vigorously.
In another room my Grand mom has taken the position of bitch and my grand-pa is entering his cock in her piss hole which is smaller compared to our dad but minutely less and after continuing for some time again put his cock in her butt hole and she engulfed the whole cock, after some time our bitch grand mom took the cock in between her breasts and started to suck the bulbous head of monster cock my grand-pa and at last my gran-pa discharged his sex liquid on the mound and valley of grand-mom’s breasts and both make 69 position to slurp all the sex cream from the fuck hole of grand-mom and fuck pole of Grand-pa.
Our most exciting period has arrived as within three days both the sisters have menstrual flow which means the arrival of sex spring season in the body. For the next two years we enjoyed all these night sex shows and we also saw that our parents are swapping partners with grandparents i.e dad is fucking her daughter and MIL is fucking her own son in Law and there is non-sin in this as it was clear from their behaviour and we two sisters also took the decision to join this but before that we have to make our mom and grand mom confess all the truth and need their help. Not only the charity begin at home but also sex begins at home.
In one fine noon when both our dad and grand-dad is out of home our school was closed and we two sisters are at home.
Madhu: Mom and Grand-mom may I ask you two a question?
Grand-mom: Yes
Honey: Grand-mom we have seen that you are fucking with grand-da and also with dad.
Madhu: Mom you are also fucking your dad that is my grand=dad and also my dad. What is the truth in it?
Grand-mom: let me tell you the truth , and the truth of our birth came forward.
Honey: I like to ride my dad cock.
Madhu; I want to be get fucked by my grand-dad.
Grand-mom:All will be done in due course but before that you two have to take sex education otherwise your cunt may burst by the vigorous pumping of your dad’s and granddad’s pecker.And from there on Grand-mom became their sex teacher(sex-cheater). Next day mom and Grand-mom gave them their sex toys including two vibrators,two one-foot dildos and one two foot dildo with cock at5 both end for two females lesbian sex.
Next day mom and Grand-mom both came and taught how to separate labia and to put tongue first, then finger and at last dildo and it was found that they can engulf only up to 8 inch and it was declared by grand-mom that grand-pa’s pecker is 10 inch and who ever will first take 10 inch dildo inside her cunt she will get Grand-pa’s cock in her cunt as prize.Our boob at that time was 30A only.
Now we both sisters promise to share every cock equally without any cheating.So we started our journey to grow our cunt deeper and deeper.
One day we both the sisters watching tug of war in our school sports and the idea came to Honey’s intelligent brain from today we two will play Fuck of war and the system is some how different from tug of War. In tug of war two team pull a rope and pulls another team to their side or who ever cross the middle mark they loss but in this our Fuck of war we sisters used 2 ft dildo instead of rope and the middle one ft. is the bench mark, rule is very simple we use to put the oily2 ft dildo in our cunts and fondles others breasts to either push the opponent out of the dildo or to reach the middle and as it was not possible to reach the middle so push the opponent out of the dildo and if any one discharges her sex liquid within this period then she is knock out of the sex war and looser become the sex slave of the winner for the day and we both sisters kept this as secret from my mom and grand mom and at the age of 16 our cunt lips kisses at the middle of the 2 ft dildo and now we make our move to conquer the cock of the home first then out side world.
We told our mom and Grand-mom that we two are ready for sex action then Our grand mom pierced our clit and nipples and presented with cunt and nipple rings as a mark of adult and they are also wearing the same.
Next night our four seniors first took some hard drinks and it was declared by them that all four will sleep in the big master bed room which in general accommodate six persons. Both the male will be ready and the females will come in the night and night lamp usually remains off and today the males will neither suck nipples nor cunts as they will wear their nipple and cunt ring today and both their husband agreed to that. In the night grand-mom entered with Honey and told her to ride his cock and then follow the instruction.
Honey straight went and rode the oily cock of her Grand –dad and it was really different from Dildo and she any how manage to engulf the whole cock and her cunt became spacey enough with her grand-dad cock and then dad told where is my wife then grand-mom from under the cot told first I will ride my husband cock and then yours and your wife is coming she will ride her dad’s cock first then yours and Honey understood the indication and she left Grand-dad cock to ride her dad’s cock and Madhu entered the room and ride her grand-dad’s cock with no problem as it was already glistering with her sister’s and grand-dad’s mingled juices and now both the sisters started fucking their dad and grand-dad with swapping of their partner and both dad and grand-dad they thought they are fucking their wife-daughter-MIL but they does not know the truth.
After discharging their jism they told alcohol gave them extra sex energy as they were feeling they are filling tight cunt and both started laughing at their joke but it was a rare sex-beauty.
We both sisters became too much happy with the adventure in home and now mom and Grand-mom told we have allowed you two to fuck our husband and now you two have to promise that you will also give us chance to fuck yours husbands., and we both agreed to that.
Our adventure to conquer the cock out side our home will be stared in part-II
It is to remind my readers that incest and taboo are part of our sex life as our humanity started with this incest and taboo. I, grand mom Honey is observing the sex future in the eyes of granddaughter Honey.
We two sisters became are actually best friend and decided to start our sex life with out-side world after passing our matriculation exam and to take admission in Co-ed college to full- fill our desire and passion for sex and now we are only 18+ so we should practice the sex games in home only . Not only charity begins at home but also sex begins at home with good mom and dad also best grand-mom and grand-dad.
We two sisters honey and madhu could not fool our dad and grand-dad for long time as they discovered the secrets that they are fucking daughter and grand-daughter and became very happy to include in their sex family and we four ladies shared two cocks and other two use to have lesbian sex and it is most interesting that no two partners are fixed for dad and grand-dad. Some night madhu-honey ,then another night, mom-grand-mom, another night madhu-mom, another night honey-grand-mom, another night madhu-grand-mom, another night honey-mom and it was became a fucking roster for all the ladies and we also enjoyed lesbian sex as we learned many a technique of sex and became sexpert .But both our senior member got astonished to learn the fuck of war from us and they praised us for our brilliant mind for sex.
Just after passing class-X, Only madhu took admission in co-Ed college and Honey took admission in Girl’s college. And a mishap happened in our house as our grand dad suddenly died in a car accident, and we all became very sorrow for this reason and stopped our sex in home. But the itching which has started in our body from our home is not satisfied with neither masturbation nor lesbian sex, so we two sisters stared our journey to search for real cock, the horse cock.

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