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I Love Anal

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The weird thing is, I don’t even know why…

I guess, if I had to pick a point when “It all started.” The first time I remember experiencing anal pleasure, my brother and I shared a room. A bathroom with mom, and dad too, because we all lived in a 2 bedroom, 1 bath apartment. So, I woke up, and I had to go.

Charley was already in there, so I knocked. “I really have to go!”

“Just a minute, #1, or 2?”

“Both, hurry up, what’s taking you so long?” And so on, and so forth, but a long story short. He had to rinse the shampoo out of his hair. Get out, dry off, and put a towel on before he finally opened up the door, and let me in.

By then, I spent so long holding it, I was tensed up, and constipated. So, I had to put my feet up on the side of the bath tub, hugging my knees, and really push to stretch it out.

“Uh!” I moaned, and it was such a relief that when the plug finally popped, the rest came out really fast. Not in wet chunks like diarrhea, more like creamy peanut butter, but that left a lot to wipe off. Even with my ass cheeks spread out like that, it smeared on the inside, and when I got up.

I don’t know why I looked back, but the wad of toilet paper floated out of the way. So, I could see the big ass stubby plug of crap, and marvel at something so big coming out of me.

Charley didn’t drain the bath water, though. So, I gave it a few more wipes, and got in the tub while the toilet filled back up. I felt my tender back door, but it didn’t split, or tear wide open like I feared.

It was under water, and really warm, so it started feeling good. Just rubbing it on the outside, and in the mean time, thinking about my other hole. My baby hole, I was a girl, and I knew the basics, when it came to that.

What the 3 holes where, and what came out. I had a piss hole right above the baby hole, and even lower, a butt-hole to poop out of. I don’t even remember how old I was, probably before I even heard of bleeding out of there. I mean, I knew that mom, and my aunties used tampons, and stuff. I’m not sure whether or not I had any friends who’re on their periods yet, but irregardless.

I was playing with my asshole here, still sensitive from taking a big hard dump, and remembering that a full-sized baby was going to come out of the other hole. So, why couldn’t this one stretch to let out something even bigger?

All of this is vaguely remembered but, that’s how I started stretching out my asshole. To make it bigger, finding bigger, and bigger stuff to stick up in there. Then, giving myself enemas to clean the shit out. So, it wasn’t so messy, and getting the most pleasure I had found in my life, at least up until that point.

I’m not really going into too much detail about all the things I found to stick up in there. Crap back out, just to feel it stretch from the inside, and even started fucking them. In and out, but slowly. Especially anything long like a carrot, or a penis of course. To feel every inch of it, all the way in, and all the way out. So it puckered, and kissed at it before pushing it back in again. Slowly, inch by inch…

At first, I mostly thought about the stuff people said, or sometimes drew, like a heart. You know, <3 that looks like a butt-crack, and it’s pink, or red, like the ring gets when it’s loose.
Warm, sensitive, and inflamed. I used just about any mirror I could set up, or squat over so I could watch myself stretch wide open, and the pink ring disappear.

Re-appear, even redder, and more tender while I pulled it back out. I also started looking at other people’s asses. Boys’, Girls’, mens’ hard muscular buns, and womens’ big fat round jiggly ones. Imagining them bent over, pulling their pants down, or their skirts up. Spreading them wide open, then stretching them tight around my fingers, or whatever else I could find to stimulate myself.

I didn’t just want to get fucked, in the ass. I wanted to fuck others’, pretty much anybody that would let me, and I didn’t really care who would first. Some time in there, we moved from the apartment to the new house. 3 bedroom, 2 bath, so mom, and dad could have their own.

Charley and I had our own rooms, and I had some more privacy, to explore my butthole.
However, we still shared a bathroom, Charley and I. So, it was only a matter of time before he walked in on me. I was just getting started, but for April Fool’s, we got a whoopie cushion along with a whole grab-bag of practical jokes. Like most holiday stuff, they got old in like a day. Forgotten, and either put away for next year, or thrown out.

The whoopie cushion wasn’t just a fart machine, to hide under a cushion, so somebody sits on it. It was also the best douche-bag I’d ever found up until then. By which I mean half a year later, after everything else had gotten thrown away, and forgotten. So, I filled it up in the shower first.

Okay, maybe 1, and 3/4 bath. Mom, and dad had a bath-tub, but the hall bathroom just had a tiny shower in the corner. 5 walls in a pentagon, but the 2 big ones were in the corner, then 2 more at right angles to that, and the 5th one halfway between those 2, to hold the door. Next to that was the toilet, so I had to run out, and turn around to sit down, and let the crap out.

With a nice warm gush of shower water, and then back to the shower, to fill it up again. Fold the neck over my middle finger, and stick it in. Pull it so the end flopped up, and then sit down on it. To squeeze the water out in a warm wet gush up my shitter.

Finally, Chuck (We started calling him that when he thought Charley sounded too childish, and Chuck sounded “Grown up.”) He knocked, and asked “What the hell are you doing in there?”

“Nothing,” I lied, and flushed. “Just let me dry off, I’ll be right out.” Planning on going to my room, my collection of balls, bottles, and a little base-ball bat we’d gotten from Bat Day at the baseball park. Not a full sized baseball bat, of course. I hadn’t loosened up nearly enough to take something that size yet.

I hid the enema bag up against the small of my back, with the towel tied tight around my waist, and came out topless. “It’s all yours.” Oh yeah, and I started puberty, so I wasn’t nearly as flat as a little girl, but I wasn’t exactly a teenager yet, either. Ew, math. Just counting back to what year we moved in the new house, and the new school, I had to be at least 11? Maybe 12, but I couldn’t tell you. Still in elementary school, if that helps, but on my period long enough to have a little bit of pubic hair. More than swollen nipples to show for it, I can tell you that!

“Uh!” He looked up, and shook his head. Then, he pushed past me, and shut the door, before I saw his boner. Okay, I didn’t mean to come out topless, and tease him like that. Honestly, I tied the towel on low enough, and tight enough to hold the whoopie cushion up against my back, which ment right up under my ribs.

“Hmn!” I covered my mouth, before I started giggling, and listened at the door. Sure enough, I heard his excited panting, and even his arm slapping his hip from him spanking it so hard, and fast.

Which reminds me, I hadn’t seen it since he started puberty. He was a couple years older, or 22 months to be more exact. So, we both started about the same time, and honestly. The 2 of us both getting hormones, and sharing a bedroom was a big reason for dad to stop saving up, and get the nicest house he could afford with that.

A 3 bedroom, 2 bath, so at least we didn’t have to share a bedroom, and change together. See each other naked, and listen to him try to beat off quietly across the room. Well, I didn’t have to, but it wasn’t the first time I’d listened at the door. He didn’t say anything like “Yeah, suck that dick,” or “Big fat tits,” but he grunted, and even moaned so I knew when he finished.

Fast, he was a teenage boy, but just barely. So, he was still at the early stage, where they rush ahead to finish as quick as they can, while girls. I guess we tend to take our time, and enjoy every last second, bye, and large. Which isn’t to say there aren’t girls on hair triggers, or boys that like to work on their endurance.

I think, maybe they have to learn that. If they blow it too early, then the girl is less likely to be satisfied, and go out with them again. At least until one is smart enough to tell him to slow down. He learns to take his time, and they start to teach each other how they like to have sex. For example, I love it anal, even more than the right way.

Some boys do to, or at least some straight boys. If they can get past the idea that it’s “Gay,” or bi-curious enough to let another man do it. Not to mention the fact that it’s dirty, but sex is dirty, you know? That’s why they’re called dirty jokes, and fuck is just as dirty a word as shit. If you ask me, but I guess that’s even dirtier, and I guess that’s yet another thing I like about it.

I don’t know, honestly. I’m not real sure that anybody knows why they like this or that, rationally. It’s feelings, and sometimes feelings just don’t make any sense, but that doesn’t stop people from trying. You can sometimes even tell they’re making it up, as they go along, because they never thought about it too much.

You just know what you like, you don’t have to understand why, let alone explain it to anyone. Unless, of course you want to talk someone else into trying it with you. For example, fucking them, up the butt, and what they’ll let you stick up in there. To feel it stretching, pushing in, and pulling it out to a tender sensitive pink ring.

“Uh?” He knocked right away. “What?” I think, if I remember right, I was just up to my thumb knuckle. I hadn’t started fitting 2 fingers in, to cross them, and screw them around, but just enjoyed the knuckle fucking in, and out. “Ihn!” It kissed my thumbtip, slipping out, and I wiped the spit off, to save for later.

“You left a big mess in there again, and what’s with all the towels and shit on the floor?”

“None of your business.” I pulled a robe on to come out.

“Well, at least you didn’t shit all over the place.”

“I don’t shit all over the place.”

“Oh yeah? Then how come I keep finding towels with shit in them from cleaning up, after you shit all over the place?”

“Because, I didn’t shit all over the place. I just wiped, and sometimes I don’t make it to the toilet, so I have to take a shower.”

I finished mopping up the floor, and wringing out the towels to hang them up. While we argues, and he hung out in the door, watching me. “There, all cleaned up.” But way to ruin the mood, bro. When I was just getting started, again if you count the enemas stage.

“Well,” he shook his head, and blocked the door. “What were you doing in here, in the first place?”

“Taking a shower,” I tried to push him, “And what about you, beating off in here after looking at my boobs?” I crossed my hands.

“Don’t turn it around on me, and. I wouldn’t be looking at your boobs if you’d covered them up, and what did you expect I’d do? Walking around topless like that, let it go? So I get the blue balls?” He shook his head.

“Do boys really get blue balls, if they get a boner, and don’t beat off?”

“I don’t know, I never.” he rolled his eyes, “Uh, I guess, maybe that’s a myth, or maybe I just got to it in time.”

“You always get a chance to beat off, when you get a boner?” He nodded, “Well, what about when you get turned on in class?”

He shrugged, “I don’t, really.”

“Get turned on in class?” I found that hard to believe, since I sure did. Just sitting there, and also imagining all those butts in seats. I know, it’s sick, but bye then I was obsessed.

He shook his head, “No, not really. Everyone’s not naked, or. You know, dress code, and besides. You’re there to learn, not to ask to go use the restroom. Only to play with yourself, because you’re a better horndog then a student.”

No wonder he stayed in honor roll so long. It wasn’t until high school that his grades started really dropping, and I have to think that maybe I had something to do with it?

“Huh, well. You’re lucky, you can just find somewhere, and whip it out. Just as easy as pissing.”

“Well, I can hear you moaning in here too, you know. So, you’re not like one of those 2 girls, are you?”

“What 2 girls?”

“You know, 2 girls, 1 cup?” I shook my head. “Well, thank god you haven’t seen that yet. You’re probably too young to anyways.”

“See what?”

“Never mind.” Well, that just made me take a mental note to look up Two Girls, and One Cup, but just to answer his question, no. I don’t like shit eating, and smearing it all over the place. That’s probably dirty enough to turn even me off, but just because it so happens to come out of my favorite fuckhole doesn’t mean it’s about the shit. That’s why I have to clean it out so carefully, to avoid it getting to dirty, and a lot of cleanup.

It just took me a while to learn how to, especially when we switched to the shower. It wasn’t right across from the bath-tub, so I couldn’t just turn one way to enema. Then turn around to sit down, and squirt it back out. I didn’t want it to clog up the bathtub, not to mention bathing in all that residue can’t be healthy. Let alone for the whole family, so for a little while there, I just couldn’t always make it without a little poop falling out.

I wasn’t shitting all over the place, but he wouldn’t let it go. Finally, I had to tell him the truth. “Uh, I like it up the butt, okay?”

“What, and who’s this boy you let fuck you up the butt?”

“No one? Not, ugh!” I had to stop, and think, “When I said I like It up the butt, I didn’t mean dick, or a dick. I never had a real dick to fuck up my ass, but if I did.” I already knew that I’d love it, if I got the chance.

“You’re really, into anal sex? I mean yeah, I heard there was girls that liked doing it, but. I never thought you, of all people.”

“Why not? I mean, everyone’s got one, and honestly.” I started running through all the excuses I thought of, trying to understand why I liked anal so much, “If it weren’t for guys like you thinking it was gay, or homo. I’m sure everyone could enjoy it if they just tried it, but no. You just have to be all. ‘Ew, I’m not gay’.”

“Well, of course it’s not gay, if you do a girl. I mean, if you did a girl, I guess that would be lesbian, which just means a gay girl, right?”

“Or bisexual, or whatever, but that’s just the point. I’m a virgin, okay? I can’t. Really do it the right way, without breaking it, and.” Even I didn’t believe that I was saving it for my honeymoon, if I even find the right guy, and get married. “And god damn it, it just feels good, okay?”

“All right, okay, Jeeze. I didn’t mean to upset you.”

“Then what’s with this fucking interrogation?”

“It’s not an interrogation, I just never got to talk to a girl that likes anal before.”

“Well, yeah. You do, all the time.”


“Me, dumbass. You talk to me all the time, just because I don’t tell everyone I like pounding myself up the pucker doesn’t change the fact that I’m your sister, and you’ve known me all my life.”

“Well, I’m sorry, I thought you ment another girl that liked it up the butt, and I didn’t mean to inquiz. Interrogate you but, what’s it like?”

“You’ve got an asshole. So, why don’t you go fuck yourself and find out?” Finally, I was so pissed off, I just slammed the door, but the main reason why is he interrupted me. Twice, and ruined the mood. So, I couldn’t fuck myself, I just picked up the box, and rolled all the toys in to put it up before mom, and dad got home, but that wasn’t the end of it, of course…

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