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Incest, taboo and normal

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.This story we should called as Incest, taboo and normal.Here is the story how an abnormal boy and an abnormal man became normal only by virtue of sex. Here is the sexpedition of their life.I am Honey 39 Yrs.and my husband 22 Yrs. Gave birth to a male child similarly Mou my daughter 20yrs.and Prabhu 43yrs. father of my husband Rajesh and aldo FIL of my son Karan gave birth to a male child at the same time in difference of two days.
Actually young blood has too much sex energy so Rajesh fucks me in missionary position and I get ample sexual amusement as I am the passive partner of my husband Rajesh but he is very happy with me and tells me you are na sex genius and your advice helps me in spice up my sex life.But the same is returned by my daughter to my Husband’s dad as Mou ride the cock of her husband Prabhu as a cowgirl and Prabhu loves to fondle the breasts of Mou and suck her nipples and always praise that it was the favorite sex position of her ex wife that is Rupa’s mom who has died in cancer.
As mou loves to takes her husband cock in mouth and to suck his jism to drink as health protein similarly Rajesh loves Honey cunt lapping nectar.After the birth of child both the females cunt depth has expanded and become loose and now Rupa their daughter and sister is pregnant for four months due to some gynae problem so both sister cum MIL and Mom cum SIL comes to Karan bed for his sex satisfaction other-wise Karan makes too much trouble and wants to fuck in her pregnant condition.But this two ladies saving Rupa from Karan’s sex torture.
After six months Karan 21 yrs.also became father of a male child and Rupa-21yrs became extremely happy.Rupa was quite an intelligent girl and she accompanied Karan to her dad’s office as PA and as Karan was the chairman of the company so it was their responsibility to spread out their business as Prabhu has given his business on the shoulder of Karan.Karan now does not get sexicted daily to fuck rupa in the night due to work load.It is hardly once in a week so Rupa took charge of her husband as she does karan’s work and during day tiffin time karan fucks Rupa, in her anti-chamber. Sex life is back for Karan but as a normal person.Now a new assignment has come for Rajesh for going to USA for 3 yrs.and it was not possible to look after the child, so it was last decided that Rajesh will go to USA accompanied by Mou as her wife and after their come back they will conceive child for the next time. Here Honey will look after both her and daughter’s child also Son’s child.
Honey was looking after the child and She observed that son of Karan is under developed in her mind but his cock is over developed which is a sign of abnormality from her experience she knows. At the age of three Honey and and mou’s son has got 2 inch prick but Karma, the son of Karan and Rupa at 2 and half yr. got 4 and half inch cock.Honey took decision to send this two normal boys at Dehradun Hostel at the age of 6.
Now after returning of Rajesh and Mou from USA as per agreement all ladies wanted another child and this time Mou wanted Rajesh to impregnate her and Honey impregnated by Prabhu.Later it was found that only Honey and Mou both are pregnant but Rupa and Karan took the decision not to give birth of any abnormal child.Rajesh also took the decision to join his dad company along with Karan and all four mom(Honey)-daughter(Mou)-dad(Prabhu)-son(Rajesh) will sleep in the same bed and with no fixed sex partner. They also invited Rupa to join this master bed sex orgy but Karan refrained from this as a normal person.
Now Karan is normal but Karma, son of Karan is still abnormal. His two elder brothers has gone to Deharadhun Boarding school and got admitted in class I and Karma got admission in alocal private school run by all females. The 40 yrs. Childless Head mistress is the wife of owner of this school and this man being pervert in nature always absorb teacher with some deficiency, mainly widow, divorced, no one to look after, husband working outside etc. and always test them not only their education but also measure their cunt hole by his cock and breast with his hand.In addition to this take nude picture of each of them to make sex profile and keeps in his computer which his wife knows only.The man is too much wealthy and the poor teachers are to work under him.This school up to class-XII for both boys & girls .
Since this school gets huge donation from Karan’s Company so Karma has got no problem in admission and later on for promotion to next class.Karma as other normal child study for a good time and failing in class when reached XII he has attended 21 yrs. Age.but main problem is that he can not keep in his memory and little he keeps in his memory with that he is passing the exam getting around 40% while his elder brothers are securing 95% marks and both Mou and Honey extremely happy with their child, but in comparison to behavior of Karma,who is a micky type and speak very less are loveble by both teachers and students in-spite of his less marks on the contrary his two elder brothers were decided to study abroad after finishing XII and they have already gone to USA for higher study.
Before class XII final exam there is a pre-test so head mistress called Karma before one week of the exam. When Karma reached Head mistress was not there. The widow attendance Sulekha of 24 yrs., who is B.Sc. but working as class IV staff is no. one spy of Head mistress and she remains in the outer house inside the school and also gives private tuition to the students.She told Karma about the tuition and Karma told you speak to my mom.
Now Karma told he has to go to bathroom for urinating and your bloodier will be filled with urine your sex will be in full swing. Sulekha notice bulged in Karma’s trouser and out of curiosity told Karma to use Head mistress bathroom as there is a peep hole used for many function from taking nude picture of teachers to video also.Now when Sulekha looked through the peep hole then by seeing 10 inch cock of Karma got nearly fainted and when Karan came out she is itching her cunt but Karan could not undrestood all these , then Sulekha told Karma you come to my house after class in after noon and you will study at my house upto 9’o clock in the night. I will give you coaching freely and also question paper of the pre test exam so that you get good marks.Karma told to Rupa and She Agreed in this proposal of son education.
Now Sulekha closed her coaching class in the evening and except Karma no student.Who knew that the student will be Sex guru and all teachers will be his submissive sex slave.Now let us come to the point, Sulekha did two works. She taught Karma playfully and another you will see soon.Karma my dear let us play with maths.You open your exercise book and I will give you sum and if you can do the sum then I will undress one cloth and If you can not do the sum then you have to shed one cloth. Are you agree to play the game? Karma nodded yes.
First sum Karma did so Sulekha shed dowm her skirt now a bit tougher sum again Karma did the sum then Sulekha shed down her churidher,she is only in panty, blouse and bra. Next sum harder and Karma could not do, so he shed his shirt, next sum could not do shed down his trouser, next sum could not do shed down his ganjee and he is only in his short bulging in the front.
Next sum also hard but Karma did it and Sulekha also astonished how he has done it because many a good student will not be able to do this so sulekha shed her blouse, next one again harder and Sulekha has got no way out except showing her boobs by shedding her bra. Next sum was also very hard but the sex in him given intelligence to do the sum and Sulekha now shed her panty and the gateway of hell opened before Karma . Now Karma asked what is the next sum. Sulekha answered will you fuck me if you give correct answer?
Karma: what is fucking? Sulekha:open your shorts and Karma did the same.Now Sulekha took her cock in her hand and pointed that towards her cunt and told when this cock goes inside the cunt both the male and female gets too much pleasure. Now come forward and then Sulekha applied oil inside her cunt and messaged his 10 inch cock, now placed the bulbous head of the penis at the entrance of the cunt and told Karma to enter slowly. The humongous cock separated the labia, entered in to the cunt and with at most help from Sulekha Karma became a man from a boy.
After one hour cunt destruction by Karma in which Sulekha came three times in his cock and then Karma released first load inside her cunt and then Sulekha kneel down before Karma drank all the cock jism and also cleaned her cock with her mouth and in addition to this 32B breast of Sulekha became 36DD by the kind sucking of nipples and pumping of breasts.Do not tell any one about this sex adventure otherwise you will not get any fruitful result and you can challenge any one now with your maths. Here is the question of pre test maths exam. Since Sulekha managed vthe whole system so everything is in her hand. Now for her hole system to fulfill with Karma.
Now in the home being holiday for pretest, Karma first showed the question paper to Honey and told what marks I can get in this paper. Honey knew him and told only 40 to 50. Karma told if I get more than that .what you will give me. Honey: Anything you want and Karma scored 73 and asked Honey to spread her legs and Honey became surprised but did not tell anyone and the super fucker Karma with his virile cock gave her a life time fucking and Honey became extremely happy with him.
Next in the evening Karma went to Mou and did the same thing as he scored 88 marks. In the night around 9’o clock Karma told similar thing to Rupa and Rupa laughed and said if you get 100 you can fuck everyone of this family. But 100 in test and for now if you get 100 then you can fuck me and atlast Karma ended up with fucking Rupa by scoring 100 marks.So the ladies in the home and Sulekha knew sex gives Karma intelligence and he needs proper guidence but how.Next day Karma came to sulekha and got another subject with fucking of Sulekha in school and fucking Rupa, mou and Honey in the home.Karma does not understand taboo,incest but only cunt and cock .But all the three ladies are fearing that there are 12 yrs. Young cunt, daughter of Mou and Honey must be kept at a distance.
By the next stage Karma got 76% in pre test and Sulekha persuaded the teacher to teach Karma and in return they will get their nude photo and the lady teachers agreed to teach Karma for the final test.Sulekha took her life risk for Karma and told to Head mistress I will show you one thing then she called Karma and Karma get aroused by seeing Sulekha, He went to bathroom and Head mistress saw Karma’s 10 inch dick and Sulekha arranged fucking of Head mistress in that room by Karma and took video of the sex show and even Karma discharged in her womb and after 10 months childless head mistress became mother of a female child.
In the meantime Head mistress was forced to give the nude picture of the teachers and all the teachers taught Karma sincerely and Sulekha assisted Karma all these time and even Karma fucked both the teacher and Sulekha during his coaching.Karma slowly and slowly getting addicted to sex of Sulekha and when Karma told Sulekha about sex in his home then Sulekha forbade him to do the sex in home.
All the family members learned about Sulekha and became extremely happy to give her a prize.In test exam Karma got highest marks in the school and became topper with97% marks.Now sulekha was called in Honey’s home and in presence of all the members Honey asked what do you want. Sulekha answered I have no one. I am already pregnant with your son’s sperm. Now it is all your decision. All accepted Sulekha as the wife of Karma.

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