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Game of pirates buried treasure

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Somewhere in this story is a pirate’s very treasure or a secret. It’s up to you you have to read it and reread it to find it. There’s going to be only one clue if you get it right I will tell you, if not I will tell you, good luck.

My sister’s name is Patricia, but she goes by Patty, she is 10, I am 15 with hormones that are getting way out of control. She keeps walking by me. I wish she would stop!
I think to myself no! No! That is my sister, I shouldn’t even have these feelings for her.
She’s so, sweet and innocent cute blonde hair and blue eyes. She’s got this style to her self, she likes wearing cute little dresses and little heels.
I think to myself Patty, can you please stop walking by me now.
Now. I have to go wake of, I go to my room to wake of, I wake of and cum in my hand and blow my load everywhere. Dam it this is not working.
Some how I have and get Patty. Even, if mean forcing or raping her, but how.

Next day we come home and Mom and Dad are not there, I get the mail oh shit, report cards.ate.in. mine.perfect I am pretty sure I am keeping my freak streak alive. As for Patty’s card I know what her is all As,. Teacher’s pet, honor roll.

I go to my bedroom, open mine up , yep my streak is still intact all Fs and undefeated and alive, I shove it under my mattress Mom, and Dad are not getting this. I don’t feel up to Mom’s 2-hour lecture.

I open Patty’s what the fuck! I yell out, Patty come in my room now! Patty, come in yeah what do you want?
I tell her to sit on my bed next to me.. I said what’s this?
She sees her report card, she says um and that all she can get out.what.happened to you most of are a C,.,4Ds, and 6.Fs, these are my grades not yours,. you are taking my streak.
I tell her, well I m waiting? She says I don’t know lately I have been able to concentrate. I said Patty, what do you think Mom, and Dad, are going to say? Patty, this is not like you,. your grades are sliping.
She has tears in her eyes please, please brother, don’t tell them on me.

I push her down on her back on top of my bed. she, says what are you doing? Looking concern and afraid. at this time I have one hell of a hard on and I just can’t take it anymore! I start pulling up her dress. I asked her do you want me to tell Mom, and Dad? She says no but, I don’t want raped rather.

I pull her cute little panties off. I see her pussy, she says I m telling Mom, I said you do.and I will give her your report card.

She yells at me NO! I pull her legs apart and bury my face in her pussy.. and start to lick her bald pussy slit up and down..I look up at her and see her hands are balled up in to fists. I keep licking her pussy hoping it will open up.
I lick her for a good 10 minutes and her little pussy finally gives in.s.little,.I can see her hole.

As I keep on licking her finally got her hole opened up. I keep liking her pussy lubing her up for me to fuck. She sprays me in the face with her cum. It tastes so sweet. Her pussy opens up.

I take my jeans and underwear down and she sees my cock and, says to me you expect to get your thing in me? I’m to small and you are to big.

I go over to my nightstand and get Patty’s bottle of baby oil. She says why is my bottle a baby oil in your room? I take the bottle of baby oil and, squirt It on to my hand and, rub start to rub it into Patty’s pussy, oh my what are you doing to me? I take some more baby oil and, rub it on my cock to get it ready for Patty’s pussy.
I get my cock and her pussy good and oil up.

I grab her and she starts to cry before I even get my cock in her. She says please don’t rape me, I’m your sister, I take my in.my hand and, run my hard cock up and.down her slit and around her pussy hole.

Then I left her legs up and put them up on top of my shoulders. I took her cute little black heels off and, threw them on the floor.

Then I forced my cock into her pussy and, she screaming and, crying as I start to rape her, I was thinking to myself oh man her pussy was so, tight but, it felt so. Dam great, I have been waiting a long time for,. her. I rape her good as she cries and screens I come to her cherry.

I pull my cock back out and, force it into her pussy with all my might! She screaming. She asked me what was that? I tell her the truth, I just pop your cherry. She asked me what’s that mean? Again I tell her the truth your not a virgin anymore.

My bad that just made her crying alot worse as I keep on raping her. Pretty soon she says I got to pee I know what it is I just don’t say.nothing to her.after about 10 minutes I feel her orgasm, I guess she couldn’t hold it any longer.

I keep raping her I get ready to cum. I cum in her pussy she asked, what was that it feels good and warm,? I tell her the truth again, I cam in your.pussy.

She says NO, NO,. I’m not having my brother’s baby. Now that you raped me can I have my report card? I tell her no, I think I will keep it a little bit longer she gives me a disappointed look on her face.

I asked her once again do you want Mom and, Dad,. to see it? She said, no you told me if you rape me you wouldn’t show them.

I know but,. the game has changed and. I have changed my mind. I asked her again do you want Mom, and Dad, to have it? NO!. You know I that.

Then here what you are going to do tomorrow after school you will come into my room. Hand me the panties you are wearing and, sit on top of me and put my thing into your butt and, go up and, down on it.

She says, I don’t know how? I said, I will show you. She said, will it hurt? I said, I m not going to lie to you yes. When I was raping you today did the pain go away? She said, some.i.cant believe my own brother raped me over my report card. Can I have my panties back? I said, no I m keeping them as a trophy.

She goes to pick her cute little black heels up..I said.leave them. She goes to leave,.I asked,. do you understand about tomorrow? She said yes and,. leaves.

The next day I got home, Patty’s bottle of baby oil was.stil sitting on my nightstand, I took my jeans and underwear off,. I was already hard again waiting for Patty.

She comes in . I tell her to close my door she does she walks over to me and, hands me her panties that she has been wearing all day.

I tell her to take her bottle of baby oil of my nightstand, and get my thing good and, oil up, she takes her bottle of baby oil of my nightstand squirt it on my cock and, rubs my hard cock with it.

She says, now what? I tell her to take the bottle of baby oil and, get her butt oil up.after.about.5 minutes, she says, now what?

I said.take my oil up thingy and,sit on it and, force it into your butt.

She does and, says ow she gets about half my cock up into her ass. She says, it hurts I said I told you it would, massive further down and, get the rest of my cock up into your butt she does as she is told.

Once it’s all the way in her ass, she says ouch! She says now what do I do? I said bounce up and down on it like a ball . She starts to bounce on it and says I can’t believe you are making me rape my own butt
As she starts crying and, screaming.

She keeps bouncing she says can I stop it it’s really starting to hurt my butt? I said, NO not unless you want mom and, dad to know? She yells out NO! Yes he’s bouncing on my cock,, crying, and, screaming.

I tell her no stopping until you make my wife’s stuff come out and, into your butt. After 15 minutes riding my cock in her butt, she still crying and, screaming she said I think you’re thingy is about to explode in my butt. She gets all excited, it did, it did fat white stuff is in my butt. Now she pops off, are you now done raping me? Now can I have my report card? I said in a second sister.

I tell her now go to your into.your room and, come back naked in your shoes.she asked me why? I said just because I want to see you naked . She does as I said. As I pull her report card from under my mattress.

She comes back in my room naked in her heels. She says my report card. I said your heels pointing to them she says you can’t be seriously expect me to give you my heels
I smile at her, and points to my bed. She sits on my bed and takes her heels off and, hands them to me and hand her the report card.
I know what you’re all are thinking no she’s not going to tell Mom or Dad because Mom can get a duplicate report card from school.

Okay now it’s up to you all find the pirates treasure there’s only one clue and, you have till The story goes to page 2 to guess it once it gets there I won’t give you the answer good luck

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  • Reply DONALD J TRUMP ID:2c3w1pct0d

    You must be sime sort of retard spic

  • Reply Funky soul ID:fx7qp0d9a

    C4 D6 on a chess board or grid from a map

  • Reply Singing ID:3tlp9yw88rb

    A c 4ds and 6 fs, what 10yearold has 11 classees

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  • Reply Brother rape sister ID:2px1mhuf4hu

    Apparently nobody got the secret so now just like a pirate’s buried treasure the secret was remained buried game over

  • Reply Brother rape sister ID:2px1mhuf4hu

    Apparently you don’t understand the whole game concept

  • Reply A. ID:11wfijf20a

    While a nice story, it’s filled with lots of errors. But give a nice present, a collar! Make her start wearing it and don’t let her wear clothes unless parents are home. You need to make her understand that you now own her

  • Reply uncle dick ID:1d0dlrwqk7xc

    the report card you gave her was acuatly yours

    • uncle dick ID:1d0dlrwqk7xc

      because you put yours under matteras and never stated what you did with hers

    • Brother rape sister ID:2px1mhuf4hu

      Survey says at wrong

  • Reply T ID:3tx3gfs66ia

    What’s the clue?

    • Brother rape sister ID:2px1mhuf4hu

      I.cant tell you that you.have to tell me what you think it is

    • NorskSpirit ID:c6hjayswl7d

      Those sexy high heels aren’t going to fit you; Why did you want them? Maybe they’ll lift your cheeks up when SHE returns the rape too you!👅🍆👏

  • Reply Tod ID:3nlb6qgyxib

    Report card, or baby oil or her shoes or panties. Or her virginity.

    • Brother rape sister ID:2px1mhuf4hu

      The price is wrong Bob but thank you for playing