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How I tricked my bro and friends to fuck me

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How a few months ago, I tricked my brother and his friends to have their way with me so I could taste real dick

To break it down, im 13 year old right now, but was 12 when this happened. My brother na dhis friends are all 14 years old. Last school year a kid in my class had a sleepover since we were still young i guess the parents thought it woud be ok for girls and boys to both be there, and he showed everyone pron. Ive been wanting to see some real penis and did what i saw for so long, and after a few weeks got my chance.

So it all started a few weeks after tha sleepover where i began to notice some things about my ro after doing some sex resaerch. I sniffed all his trash tissues he had by his desk and they were all stained and smelled all salty so i figured it was cum so i got the idea to trick him into fucking me.

Basically what i did was look up a bundh of inest porn on his computer and phone whenever i got the chance so he got the idea of it while also dressing up super sex or barely at all. Like only walking around in panties around him or not even holding a towle tight on me after a shower and visiting him and also masturbating, which is super fun btw, super loud because we have rooms next to eachother. I know ir works cause he always tries to look away but when he thinks i cant see him he peaks at me all the time lol. A few times i even asked him what a penis was so it would seem like i was more innovent than i was

When he had friends over one night when our parents were fone they asked him to watch over me with his 2 friends and they of course agreed but obviously just did whatever they wanted. I made sure that night to only dress up with a tight and kinda see through shirt and no pants, only my panties that were a old pair of mine so they were super tight and showed ff my pussy really good lol. I have a pretty developed body for my age i think.

Eventualky it got pretty late and my bro and his friends went to his room, and i made sure to snoop on them. I heard them talk alot about sex and what girls they would fuck and got super excited when one of my bros friends said he would totally “rail me hard” he said lol. All of them agreed even my brother, i was getting super excited hearing them, you know the feelin of butterflies in your stomach lol. They were even talking abut how hard they got seeing me bend over and looking at my ass and pussy in my panties it was super hot. Eventually they started to talk about a plan to fuck me, i didnt think they actually meant it until later but my brother was the one who started talking about HOW they would fuck me, not ust they want to.

Basically he convinced them i was super innocent and didnt know anything about sex or porn other than masturbating because of how i ocnvinced him, even though i was kind of a slut lol. He said tey could convince me easily to suck thier penises, which of course i would lol. To sum up their plan, what they wanted to do was get me to play a game with them, the kind of game where you guess a flavor. I bet you see where this is going, right? Lol, yeah they were gonna put some sauces and stuff on their penises after blindfolding me, after doing it to themselves with a spoon to show me first, so that i coud suck all their penises and taste their cum, because one of the big things theyy really wanted to see was me swallowing their cum idk why but i was happy with it. I had tasted my bros fresh cum tissues once or twice and i really like how bitter and salty cum tastes like idk why lol i just do deal with it.

One of their backup plans if i tasted their penis and didnt like it though was to just rape my face with their cocks they were super horny lol. Im gonna sad they didnt just rape me i would have liked to be held down and used like a toy like some porn i seen it looks super hot, i know it sounds weird but whatever lol.

Soon enough they came out of their rooms, because i left a few minutes before hand because all they were doing was hypng themselves up to do this, like making promises and saying how good it was gonna feel lol, but i was excited, so i waited downstairs on the couch for them. Soon enough they came down after a few minutes and tild me they anted to play a game to guess flavors cause they were bored. I agreed and they took me to the kitchen and pulled out a bunch of stuff like chocolate sauce and cherry jars, i helped them get things ready. Soon enough they blindfolded one o the friends and actually played the game, ti was actually kinda fun lol. Then they told me it was my turn and i got all excited, i think they chalked it up to just wanteing to play instead of me wanting to suck their cocks lol. Either way i put the blindfold on and sat down. One think i kinda did before this was practice an ahegao face lol dont question it, but i knew how sexy i looked with my mouth opeb. So i said i was ready and turned on my open mouth tongue out slutty face, i could tell they were happy with it. They said they were getting stuff ready and were being really not smart about it, ieven heard one of them pull their zipper down lol. But after a few minutes i felt one of my bros friends crawl onto the table in front of me and could feel their penis inf ront of my face it was pretty warm actually. He told me get ready before putting his cock into my mouuth, maybe the tip and an inch. It was super hot, i licked off all the chocolate sauce i think he had on his penis tip before bobbing my head on his cock ead and sucking him off and mumbling aournd his dick how i think it was chocolate. He groaned a little and pulled out before saying that i was right. Another friend came over and the same thing happened except it was cherry sauce i think lol. Then my brothers turn and then they said i had a surprise flavor coming, something they made themselves and then told me to guess what they out in it lol. They told me to just make my open face tongue out face again and wait, and i could hear them all stroking their penises super fast over me lol it was super hot. Soon enough they started to come all over my face and mouth and i flinched before trying to lick it all up with my tonguem, cum was much better hot and frsh than on a cold tissue i can say lol.

After they said i could take off my blindfold after i guessed something salty.they said good joba nd it was some frosting they mixed with salt lol, good try. But then they said they were bored and went back to their rooms for the rest of the night. Later i walked by before going to bed and overheard them still talking about how hot i looked with my mouth open like tat and covered n their spunk lol. I loved it.

So yeah, thats that. Afterwards i went to my room and masturbated befor eoging to bed. Its been a few months since then and even turned 13. I have done ALOT ALOT more since then with sex lol and i love it. Ive turned into a super young slut. If you want you can contact me and i can answer somequestions, even trade some nudes if you want? Hit me up, ill post some more stories of what ive done in the future! My email is: [email protected]

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    I carried my girlfriend’s younger sister up to bed one night, as I layed her down her night dress came up around her waist, I tried to cover her up with the duvet, but she pushed it away and opened her legs showing her little pussy slit to me, she definitely wanted me to touch her

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    Wow so nice

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    [email protected] and yes I am interested in that chat room as well

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    The d should be an s

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    Email should be like [email protected]

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    Cruxxx how do U like anal an how much can U take in that little ass? U ever ben airtight?

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      I rly like the thought of anal but its hard an anus isnt as stretchy sa a vagina so i cant keep up asmuch which is disapointing cause i like it deep and hard

    • FukU ID:on8so7lk0ap

      Lube and practice babe.

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    Damn oh well at least email didn’t last long just stay safe online

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    decided to turn off the email, to many people were messaging about weird or unrelated stuff and i dont wanna bother going through it all sorry evryone

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      I enjoyed email and chatting with you. Email me you got my email here is part. [email protected] If you remember the first part. Told you wrote real good

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      Shame I’d have loved to see you naked who knows maby another time sexy

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      I don’t blame you for deleting your email.

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    That was hot should have toke the blindfold off while you sucked

    • Cruxxx ID:21c6ti14v35

      i rly wanted to lol but im not sure they would have actually gone through with it if i did

    • M4 ID:vuf0ihr98

      What other stuff have you done since then

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    i emailed you

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    Hot story. Love it. Incest sex is just plain fucking hot. Especially dad/daughter with pregnancy.

    • Lauren ID:5u1d7cf20c1

      Hey Cruxxx bareback is the only way to go, just thinking about the risks of being knocked up makes me cum over and over, especially with my dad.

    • Cruxxx ID:21c6ti14v35

      I love the thought of creampies but i dont wanna get pregnant lol i take birth control medicine tho and have got plenty of cum in me i love it

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      Hey Cruxxx. I’d love to chat with you about bareback

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      Hey cruxxx email not working

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      Tf shes 13 pendejo

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    Love your story. Are going to let your brother and his friends fuck you bareback and impregnated you. Here my email is [email protected] I hope we can talk. I have pics to.

    • Cruxxx ID:21c6ti14v35

      done pleny of bareback but last thing i want to is to get pregnat ive been careful about that