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Cumslut schoolgirl pt 1

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I´m a teacher in Sweden and english isn´t my first language so I hope you`ll forgive me for any strange turn of phrase or misspellings

This happened last week and I´m still processing the whole thing. It might turn into a work in progress if things play out the way I hope.
I work att a school with students from 10 years up to 16. I teach swedish and history and I mostly work with the kids that are between 13 and 16. The town I live in is kinda small and so is the school. That means that as a teacher you often get to know the younger kids who aren´t your pupils yet. I always try to be friendly with them and talk to them and joke around.

The thing is (and my coworkers don´t know this) that I´m a keen admirer of the young female form.
I love to watch girls 10-12 years old. I think they´re so sexy and beutiful and I would fuck one in an instant if I knew I’d get away with it.
But since I´m a teacher and have been for almost 20 years I know kids and I know most of them can´t keep a secret for more than a day. The juicy stuff always gets out out and soon everybody knows.
Call me a coward but I have never touched a student sexually. I have dreamed of it but I haven´t found either the courage nor the right student.
All this just might change though

This all started like a week ago when I was walking to my car. I spotted something on the ground and when i looked closer I saw it was a USB-stick
Yes. I KNOW that dropping USBs is a classic method of distributing malware but I figured it probably belonged to some student and not a CIA agent och a hacker.
I put it in my pocket and plain forgot about it until the day after.
I was sitting in my tiny office between classes reviewing the lesson plan for my next period when I remembered the USB.
I plugged it into my laptop and opened it. There was just one folder on it and it contained something like a dozen video files. They all had random names and no pictures as thumbnails.
I clicked on one and the videoplayer started up.
At first the video was of of some kind of greenery. Maybe somewhere in the woods? A park? I could here boys voices talking and laughing and the the mobile phone camera panned around and down and I saw a girls face with a big cock in her mouth. She was blonde and looked young but it wasn´t until the camera zoomed out I could see who it was.
It was Norah. A cute 11-year old I often talked to in school and who was one of my favourites to fantazsize about.
My dick went instantly hard as my heart jumped up in my throat and I could feel a slight panic setting in.
I yanked the USB from my laptop and quickly shut down all the windows.
This was NOT something to examine on school grounds during working hours.

The whole day I tried to keep the short scenes I’d seen from my mind but I kept flashing back to them. I could hardly wait until I was home and able to see exactly what those videos were.
My students remarked that I seemed absent minded and I tried to joke it off.
During late recess I was the teacher assigned to the schoolyard and I could feel my stomach drop when I saw Norah with her classmates on the other side of the swingset.
I tried to study her surreptitiously so I kept her in the corner of my eye.
She was around. 4’ 5” and had dark blond hair to her shoulders. Today she was wearing a tight light blue t-shirt which revealed that she breast had started growing but it didn’t look like she was using a bra yet. She was wearing those grey sweatpants that were so popular among the younger girls and I could just about make out a cute little ass. Im not sure but I think I could see the top of a pair of purple panties peeking up underneath the sweatpants.
I had to force myself to look away from her.

Finally the day was over. I jumped in my car as fast as I could and drove home. My wife had texted me to say she was helping her mother in her garden that afternoon so I knew I’d have a couple of hours to myself.
When I got home I got out my old laptop which I mainly used for porn and reading dirty stories about kids being fucked.
I plugged in the USB and started looking through the videos. They where all fairly short and all showed little Norah sucking cock.
I soon learned that the cocks belonged to a group of boys in the 9th grade of our school. They where all 15-16 years old and took turns having the petite 11 year old swallowing their hard dicks.
The videos seemed to been made in several places, all outdoors, and in all I counted 7 different boys. Sometimes Norah was dressed and other times they stripped her before taking turns in her mouth. I saw no signs of threats or violence. It seemed the girl was happy doing what they wanted and she smiled and laughed. The boys seemed strangely affectionate with the younger girl.
Several of the videos showed boys cumming. They came in her mouth and she swallowed with a smile. Sometimes a boy would miss her mouth and cum on her face and then she would just scrape it off with her finger and put it in her mouth with a smile.
The only time I saw her annoyed was when a boy named Niclas squirted a big glob of sperm on her yellow blouse. Leaving stains seemed like a no no.
The little orgies where mostly silent but sometimes they talked.
They said she was their cumslut and their whore and that made her smile a big cum soiled smile.
I watched all the videos on repeat and I must’ve cum four times when I heard my wife come home and I hid the laptop.

The last few days I’ve not been able to think about anything else than little cocksucker Norah. I haven’t told the principal or her parents and I didn’t think I will.
My heart beats faster every time I see her in school and I think I’ll have to talk with her in private.
I’ll be sure to tell what happens then

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  • Reply Heh ID:8afuvtv2

    Send a link to the vid

  • Reply Anonymous ID:1ewobr0fyupf

    I hear Institutions can track people what are viewing on devices Even though The devices are not owned by the institution kids have gotten in trouble looking up stuff on their phones.

    • Someone ID:gipi4fue8

      The short answer is “it depends”. For the most part, nobody can see what you look up on your computer/phone. However, there are many exceptions to this rule, such as the case where you install a device management app from your school/workplace, or when they set up the machine for you.
      Also, law enforcement and courts. They can get information from your ISP, after all. They will rarely be able to see the actual content of pages you see and/or what you type in them (because of HTTPS), but just seeing the domain names themselves is often enough.

    • TARA ID:49kap65h5qr


  • Reply [email protected] ID:1qkwnvpb0j

    Can not wait to see where this goes

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    I will be trying to find out where she is going and watch her with these boys and then catcher in the act and fuck that little pussy and find out who else is actually doing this type of stuff at the school

  • Reply TARA ID:49kap65h5qr

    Me and my girlfriend just got out of school and went into my house when to my horror my stepdad is home from work and he’s drunk and pissed off ! He sees us and gets up and grabs the both of us ! He takes us to his bedroom as we struggle with him , he gives me a slap across the face and forces me to kneel over his bed and as my girlfriend is crying and begging him to let her go! he forces her on top of me and he proceeds to lift up our school uniform dresses.Then he pulls down our pantyhose and lace panties,he takes out his cock and fucked my girlfriend who’s on top of me first, banging and thrust fucking her so hard she’s squealing and making that OHHH ! sound ! then he fucks my pussy the same way and the both of us are moaning and squealing until my dad cums into the both of our pussies that are now swollen from his intense fucking !! He pulls out and slaps both of our ass cheeks and called us sluts as he left !! My girlfriend is worried that she might be pregnant from my dad !!

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    Ask her if she has lost anything really important

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    Oh yeah, give the little bitch what she wants!!

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    Låter fantastiskt! Har haft liknande upplevelser
    Skriv gärna på w i r e till creamcheese1 så kan vi byta erfarenheter

  • Reply Randy Stephens ID:1ctsh4y5vh0o

    Please continue with your storynI for 1 would love to read the next chapter