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Boogeyman doll

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I wasn’t going to write anymore I was going to take Tara’s advice and just write comments but I remembered I made a promise to all of you to write another Boogeyman within a couple of days. This is for all the boogeyman loyal pants who want to keep the boogeyman’s memory alive and going. This is for the people mentioned in this alone now crack slippery bad ass Billy g Britney lace thank you and I have all your backs to as the advice I was giving yes we all need to stick together. Thank you for the nice comment to a dude I am trying to ignore the idiots bro crack sniffer.

Top of the Ledger reads is it right for little boys to get excited about the boogeyman? I turned my TV on, the local news reports little girls are pissing all over town and in school wondering if they are next. I grab my I turn on my base scanner. I grabbed my headphones and turn on my radio the local news is reporting the boogeyman is doing great at the box office first weekend in the race not that that pink doll also knocked out that retired black CIA agent more money is coming in for the Boogeyman and those two movies put together, is the pink lady in the dress the next victim of the boogie man.

International film critic and Joe Kermadop wrote this is certainly the most pornographic mainstream movie I have ever seen in years. The rapes have been filmed to be a tantalizing and sexy rousing as possible. This is a brave challenging film making and deserves a successful five stars!!!!! It is being accused of being insensitive to the victims.

The Mitchell Brothers released a statement, we are in the business of making movies as it comes down to the victims we are sorry but we make movies we’re not there to help people so if we’re being accused being sensitive we probably are. This is right as pure entertainment the victims are not our concern.

I take my headphones off entertainment news is coming on this is Rita Monday, and the Oscars have been released today apparently the new boogeyman is taking the sweep the Mitchell Brothers are up for Best picture best director best documentary feature original screenplay, visual effects, makeup, sound mixing, sound editing, story and screenplay, dramatic pictures direction, and best title writing. Best original song AC/DC TNT. The remake by Angus Young. Best story by crack sniffer, best dance traction for the boogie dance. And last but not least the Oscar for fans favorite.

Wow without being said, and makes me want to go out and find the next one, I put my headphones down turn off my radio, turn off the base scanner, turn off the TV. Grab my local scanner put it on the side of my belt grab my knife put it on the other side of my bed. Turn on my mobile scanner, grab my hoody put it on grab my keys and go out the door.

I get into my truck I turned the mobile scanner off turn my truck scanner on and I leave in search of victim 15 as I’m driving down the street, I’m having a hard time finding anybody it seems like the fear of the boogie man might have finally suck in I look around and there’s a bunch of little girls with your parents I can’t find one that is alone so I head over to where the toy story is.

OMG! She is too damn perfect, pink dress, with the cutest little black high heels on, long blonde hair as I’m watching her I nearly wrecked my truck I hear a horn honking. I think to myself self I have got to have her. I find a place out of the way to park down an.old alley. I get out of my truck I look around, perfect she is perfect and she’s in the open all I have to do is take her. I walk towards her and grab her

I put my hand over her mouth and use my other hand to put my knife to her throat I tell her don’t scream. I feel enough room for her tonight her head yes mean she understands.

I take my purple bandana out I’m tired around her eyes and blindfold her. I put my knife back in the sheet and I walk her back to my truck, I open the passenger side door and I help her in. The look on her face is she is very very afraid.

I walk around to get in my truck I forgot to turn off my truck scanner luckily there’s no traffic going on with it and turn it off start the truck up and had for the mountain. I get to the bottom of the mountain. Unbelievable, there is a old homeless guy, who just picked up Brenda’s preteen panties and sniffed them, I look in my side rear mirror, it’s got a smile on his face and he puts him in his pocket I think to myself I tell myself good for you LOL. I ask her what her name is she says Georgann. How old are you I Im 10 year old you could tell she was afraid by the way she talks.

I head up the mountain, I was thinking to myself, I told myself, this one is different I’m keeping trophies this time. I tell her, to take off her clothes and hand them to me. She starts to cry, as hands it’s her dress and ties it and slowly slides it down and off and hands it to me. Just my luck she’s got them pink lady panties on. I look at her if she’s crying. Please Mister, let me keep these on, and that’s supposed to take my clothes off in front of a boy or a man, I’m also going to get in so much trouble because I wasn’t even supposed to be alone I went to be a big girl I was supposed to be the toy store with my friend, I left her in the toy store alone. I was thinking, to myself I couldn’t get this lucky, Mom and Dad don’t know where she’s at. I told her, give me your panties now or I will hurt you! Looking scared, and kind really really bad, she slipped them down and off and hands them to me. Have I take the dress on her panties and throw them out real meat on the side of the truck seat, like I said I’m keeping this for trophies. I reach into my head and find the lube that put in there earlier. I think to myself, I tell myself this one is now mine.

I get to the top of the mountain and I see something moving I tell her not a word do you understand me stay quiet? She says real low I understand.

My feeling isn’t right I get out of the truck I go to the front of the my truck I go back to my truck and kill the lights. I go back to the front of the truck and look towards the woods, I see headlights, turn my mobile scanner on real low, in almost a whisper I hear you think thats him, probably s poacher. I walk real slow back to my truck my heart is beating fast I get in and make my way down the mountain I hear the whisper again I guess it was a poacher. I reach over and turn it off. I get to the bottom of the mountain I think to myself I say self now what do I do

I have a raging hard on looking at her, I have a naked little 10-year-old girl in my truck what do I do with her her back out on the street and take her somewhere else. I look back at her, hell no I’ fucking that pussy but where at. I think to myself I say self where? Then it comes to me take me 10 minutes to think of it it’s night time it’s dark, the lake I’ll drive her to the lake. It’s about a 15 minute drive. I get to the lake and there none around.

I find a place to park at and I pull over and park.I go to get out of my truck and she is the smartest one of them all she feels me grab her by her ankles and pull her into me. She asked me are you the Boogeyman? I think to myself I say self what do I tell her? I said, now I couldn’t tell you even I wanted to now could I? As I reached in and grab my bottle of lube.

She says, if you’re not the Boogyman, then you are.just some average guy, I going to get raped rather way.. she opens her legs up and say please be gentle. I take the lube and lube up her 10 year old pussy after about 15 minutes her pussy starts to open up.

I take my cock out of my shorts and boxers like I said before I already have a raging hard on. I lube my cock up and after some hard fighting and her crying after about 25 minutes of fighting to get it into her pussy I get it in
She cries and screens.

She crying and screaming as I rape her 10 year old pussy. I grab her legs and put them up on my shoulders as I keep raping her deep I can feel my balls slap against her ass.

After about 10 minutes of raping her hard and her crying and screaming I come to her hymen I pulled my peter out and slam it into her tight virgin little girl pussy as hard as I could she screamed so loud I thought she broken my ear drum. As I keep on raping her as she keeps on crying and screaming. Pretty soon her crying switches over to moans of enjoyment. Hey Mr. I need to pee I keep on raping her. She hits me with a little 10, year old girl, orgasm from hell, I didn’t think she would never ever stop.

I keep raping her for another 30 minutes and I cam in her tight little sweet 10.year old pussy.

I pull my cock out of her pussy and I took her cute little black high heels off and sit them on top of the dress..of she had socks would have took them to.

I took my lube and lube my cock back up and took her legs and put them back up on my shoulders and put some lube around her ass and force my rock hard cock into her tight virgin little girl ass from front as she scream I don’t last long her 10 year old ass was just that tight.dam it to hell.in 15 minutes I was busting a nut in her.10 year old virgin tight little sweet ass.

I got of her and put my cock back in to my shorts went around the other side and open the passenger side door and help her out I walk her towards the lake about a good 10 feet told her to count to 100 I took my.purple bandana and left her naked ass at. The lake. I went got in my truck and went home with my new trophy’s

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  • Reply Lo ID:2veeocbov3

    Daddy ass your stories are about ppl being forced was u forced if u was your next story should be about it and if u still fantastic over that person

  • Reply Appalled Reader ID:1evjxkf5fpye

    This was not a good read, most things did not make sense. You should study english more if you want to write legible stories in english.

    • Cracksniffer ID:2dd0wlevm2

      If you’re so appalled, why not try and write a decent story of your own?

  • Reply Mr. L ID:5u0zqyy6ia

    Stories are nice but I think the next victim should have a dog 😉

  • Reply Cracksniffer ID:2dd0wlevm2

    Lovely new nasty story, Daddy ass! And the Boogeyman has some nice pink girl panties to sniff when he jerks off thinking about his latest rape! Love all the Oscar nominations. BTW, remember Ella, who runs the sluts fan club, it’s emerged that her full name is Ella Vershag! Possibly just a nickname!! Love you and my hero, Boogeyman, bro!!

  • Reply Tg ID:h9alcer8m

    Your English is horrible. A lot of this didn’t make sense

    • Badass Billy G ID:2px1mhuf4hu

      Why you even on here, this is nothing but pure cyberbully. Daddy ass I don’t care about the English. I love the stories, keep it up. Long live the boogeyman I don’t let him don’t let them bully you. Remember all your plans on here.

  • Reply TARA ID:49kap65h5qr

    That’s so sweet of you Daddy.ass to mention me ! I always check out all the posted stories and comment section seeing if i recognize any of the jerks then i give them the same treatment !!

    • Daddy ass ID:2px1mhuf4hu

      Your welcome you deserve it I’ve seen how they picked on you times