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Biology 101 The next day

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Formula 201 works, but how well. Let’s find out.

After inputting my notes from last night. I get dressed and head out to the kitchen. As I approach from my hallway I hear mom and dad talking.

Dan, what are we going to do? I really don’t feel right about last night. What happened to me, and to you Dan, why did you not stop any of it from happening?

Mary, I dont know either, why we watched our son masterbate. Why you watched with such lust in your eyes or why I could not do anything about it. I do know this Mary, when I got you back to our bedroom, and laid you in bed. You had the most amazing glow about you that I have ever seen. And to tell the truth,
I acked off twice remembering what John did to you and how much of a cuck slut you were. I mean I have never seen anyone take a dick that big and go down that far into a mouth before.

Dan, I will admit I did love the taste of our sons cum and his dick stretching my mouth. I did not know I could even do that. And when he told me to turn around I could not stop myself from obaying his commands. When John statted sliding his hugh cuck into me, I about passed out. I have never had anything close his size before. How in the hell did it fit. I’am scared Dan, what’s is going to happen now.

Well Mary, for now let’s pretend it did not happen. If John brings it up, we convince him it must have been a dream.

But I would really love for him to fuck me again Dan. That cuck of his, it just magic. My pussy is wet just thinking about it. I hope I can Dan.

Mary we can do this, we must do this, for now, until we understand what happened to us last night.

I head back to my room to up date my notes. This time when I leave my room I close my door a bit louder so my parents know I am awake and coming their way.

Good morning mom, dad. I had the most weirdest dream. I tell you what, I slept like a baby. What’s for breakfast?

Good morning son, your mom just finished making bacon and eggs.

Mom, you might want to close your robe. Not that I mind seeing a beautiful pussy first thing, but you are my mother. Dad looks and see her robe is open and she is very wet.

Sorry son, I did not mean to expose myself to you like that. Let’s eat.

It’s OK mom loved the view..

Mom sitting down closing her robe and started eating with her head down. Dad’s doing the same, but shaking his head back and forth as he could not belive what his wife just did and again what she did last night to John.

I finish up quickly and excuse myself fron the table. Heading back to my room with a hard on. I don’t bother covering my hard dick infront of my parents, why should I. I take a quick shower before heading over to Jacks. My parents still in the kitchen, I head out to letting my parents know where I was going.

Two minutes later I enter the back door to Jack’s house and into the kitchen where Ms J and Mr. M were sitting, eating breakfast. They greeted me like normal, but just a little off, like they just got cought doing something bad. I head back to Jack’s room after greeting them a good morning.

As I enter Jack’s room without knocking as usual. I see him jerking off, holding his phone.

Bro, your mom is fucking hot sucking your cuck like that last night. What in the fuck happened. Why did you mom do that and your dad, standing there without stopping anything and filming it all.

I don’t really know. I was just stroking my dick, watching the video you sent me and the next thing I know is mom sucking me off. Jack I will say this, my mother can suck dick, for sure. Dude she made me cum so fast. The moment her lips hit my dick I came in her mouth. Just thinking about last night has my dick hard.

John, you think my mother could suck dick just as good? Man I wish we could move quicker with our plan. I just want to fuck my mom hard, you know?

Jack is not awhere that I have a small vile of my latest potion in my pocket. With a quick thought I tell him to wait here I will be right back.

I go out the room, closing the door, heading down stairs. When I get to the bottom steps I pull out the vile and with a small drop I put it on my wrist. Jack’s parents are still in the kitchen as I catch some words.

Mike he is like a son to us and last night was just roll playing, right?

Good morning again, I said as I head to the refrigerator to get a couple of bottles of water. Retrieving them I watch as their eyes glase over some and start to smile towards me.

Ms. J. Did you do something with your hair, it looks great and Mr. M have you been working out, you looking good to. They both respond with thanks. Looking at Mr. M. I say Mr. M could you go get Jack and have him come down stairs.

Sure John, anything for you. Knowing that the potion is working. As Mr. M gets up I tell Ms. J to come to me as I lean back on the counter. She follows my instructions. Mr. M still in the kitchen watching for a moment to see what is going on.

I reach out and open Ms. J’s robe, I slid my hand up her body to her good looking tits and give them a hard squeeze. As she moaning softly Mr. M still there watching his wife get groped by his sons friend.

While looking at Mr. M in the eye I tell Ms. J to get on her knees and pull my dick out and start sucking my cuck like the good slut you want to be.

Mr. M while watching his wife lower herself down to her knees, infront of his sons friend. She begins pulling my sweat pants down along the way. She grabs ahold of my dick and start her magic. Right away she inhails my dick as if she was starving for food. Bobby her head back and forth. I quickly grab ahold of her head to slow her down letting her know, that we have all day to use her body. Moaning loudly she begins to slow down.

Mr. M why are you still standing there, go get Jack now. He turns and heads upstairs to get Jack. By the time Mr. M and Jack arrive down stair I have Ms. J on the table naked with her legs raped around my head and me eating her pussy as if I was starving. I look up seeing them enter the kitchen. Jack’s eyes go out just like his parents did, just a few minutes ago.

Removing my lips from Ms. J pussy I tell Jack get your dick out and put it into your mom mouth. She is just being a cuck whore this morning and can’t get enough, right Ms. J?

Yes sir, I need you boys to fuck me like a cheap whore. Use me as you will, I can be your fuck toy anytime you wish.

I go back to eating pussy while Jack pulls his mom’s head over to the edge of the table,sliding his dick into his mother wet lips.

Mr. M stands there watching his son and friend fuck his wife. Not wanting to stop it or object in anyway.

I stand up grabbing my cuck and slapping Ms. J’s pussy a few times making her moan while she has Jacks cuck in her mouth. Jack’s watching as I push my dick into his mother very tight pussy for the first time.

Dame bro, I was not sure it would fit. Looking down at his mother sucking his dick. Jack says, what a slut you are mom for our cucks. You going to be our little fuck toy from now on? Moaning, Ms. J confirms she is down to being our slut.

Oh fuck Jack, your mom is cumming hard on my dick. I can feel her crushing my dick inside her pussy and look she is a squirter. Holy fuck Jack’s she is squirtering better then those slut in porn we watch last week. “All moms Squirt” . Your mom is going to be a good fuck toy Jack.

Bro, you ready to switch places? Sure let’s switch.

Jack looking at his mom’s pussy as is was a steak dinner perfectly cook. He slids his dick straight in all the way. As I start to slide my dick back into her mouth.

I look over to Mr. M standing there watching us fuck his wife. As I slide my dick slowly in and out of Ms. J’s mouth and ask. Mr. M have you ever seen our slut mommy here fuck two dicks before? He shakes his head no, but watching now I wished we had done this long ago. I must say your wife’s cucksucking skills are dame good. You really trained her good. You want to see me cum on Ms. J’s face? He nods his head slow as if in a trance. So I speed things up a little, I grab our little fuck toys head and hold it steady while slamming my dick down her throat over and over again. Looking over I can tell Jack is about to cum too. I pull out stroking my dick in Ms. J face exploding hard acrossed her pretty face. One, two, three ropes of cum shoot out across her face looking like stripes on a tiger. Her eyes closed humming as if she is in a dream state of mined. Jack pulling out having just finish cumming in his mother pussy for the first time. Looking up at me he has this shit eating grin on his face.

I look over at Mr. M and tell him to get his wife cleaned up and put her bed. After that I want you to go to the adult store in town and buy everything you think we may want to use on your wife. Also make sure to buy lots of anul lube.

Mr. M puts his wife to bed after cleaning her up and heads out. I take Jack back to his room to rest, as I go take a quick shower in Jacks bathroom thinking of what’s next.

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    Mr. M should have licked his wife clean.

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    Awesome story keep it going, I am ready for part, maybe a neighbor and there young daughter