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A new awaking

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I went to a bar one friday night to have have some fun, I m twenty five with 32 d tits and a fit body, I was dressed in a short black dress thigh highs and panties,while I was having a drink a couple of ladies came in and sat next to me and soon we were laughing and having a nice time,they asked me if I wanted to go back to there place and have fun so I said ok and soon we were at there place and we had a couple drinks and then one of them kissed me as she caressed my thigh it felt nice but I was soon to be surprised and turned on by both of them, they took turns kissing me and soon they were taking my dress off and then they smiled as one of them said I was in for a surprise as they took off there dresses I noticed they had nice tits and then one of them smiled as she asked me to get on my kness so I did an she walked over and she had me take off her panties as I helped out of them I looked up after and there was the biggest cock I d ever seen it must have been 10″And there was some full balls under it , I looked up and smiled and went to sucking it and soon it was hard and the other had joined in and I sucked there 9: dick soon they took turns eating my pussy and then the one with 10″ had me slide down on it until it was all inside of me and then the other slid there cock into my ass and they fucked me until we all cum they filled my pussy and ass full of hot cum,soon after I laid there resting and then they took turns fucking me I stayed the weekend,it was a new awaking for me and I still have sx with them I love it and will continue to

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