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Twisted thoughts

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This is alittle story of a fantasy of mine let me know if u want to hear more of what I’ve actually done

My fantasy family

One cold afternoon the sun was just going down so I packed up what tools I was using to fix my car and slowly make my way inside to my wife and kids me I’m 5ft 8inch tall, 58kgs with abs and a big 8inch cock, my wife is a blonde 5ft 2inch nice c cup bra with a fat ass and skinny waist, my kids are 10 and 12 and 13, my girl at 10 is blonde 4ft 5inch tall 40kg skinny and a fat ass just starting to develop nice little boobs exactly a splitting image of her mum and my 2 boys are 12 and 13 they are both 5ft3 and fit with abs my older boy has started puberty he started getting hair around his cock and balls his voice getting deeper unlike his brother that’s starting to get jealous I should probably mention we are nudists and as my little boy is jealous of always seeing my big cock and his bros growing cock and is always angry that his isn’t growing,

So as I put tools away and started walking inside I could hear 2 of my kids laughing and making weird noises my wife didn’t take notice my oldest son was at the table watching his mum cook well more like looking at her ass as he was always hard because he kept staring, I made my way down the hall to my girls room I open the door slowly to see them naked and her on top of him trying to get his little cock in her pussy I quietly snuck in and shut the door behind me making them jump they started saying they are sorry and didn’t mean to be naughty like that but I just shhhed them and took there hands and walked them to the bed I asked what’s going on, my daughter said she feels bad her brother isn’t as big as there big brother and me with her saying that made my cock rise and my son started staring at it my daughter got crafty and tried to grab it I moved her hand away grabbed her and put her on her back I slowly shoved my cock inside her little pussy stretching her out wiping her tears away I slowly started to trust faster instructing my son to put his cock in her mouth as I fuxked her It was about 5 mins later I blew my load into her I grabbed my sons face and put his lips to my cock and he started sucking me telling me I was yummy I made him eat her out and make out with her with my cum in his mouth before kissing them goodnight and sending them to bed together I soon asked my wife and told her what’s happening and then she said something i never heard before I think it’s time to breed her and make a big family my other sons eyes lit up I looked at him and said yes u breed mommy I breed my daughter then u boys will have a turn with her after she’s given me my kid . The end

I know it’s all over the place my first story ever that’s my fantasy

Pm to hear more of my actual real stories or my fantasy future family story’s

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    More please.

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    Please continue

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    That’s hot I want to help build your family using your daughter and wife pls send her number

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    I would love to read more