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(True Story) My Uncle Groomed and Molested Me When I Was Younger (Pt 1)

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True story of how my uncle groomed, molested, and abused me when I was younger after my father and I moved in with Uncle Lennon. Email me to hear more

Hello. I’m Maddie, and I was groomed and molested by my Uncle Lennon when I was younger. It all began when my father and mother got divorced after my mom had been cheating on my father at work for several years. My father found out, and immediately filed for divorce. I was only 10 at that time, and don’t remember much but being confused. My parents went to court over custody, and my father won custody over me after my mom didn’t want anything to do with my father or me anymore. My father lost his job shortly after the divorce as he had been drinking most nights and not going to work at all. The divorce really bummed him out. After losing his job, my father couldn’t afford to pay for our apartment anymore, and we got evicted. Having nowhere to go, my father called his older brother, Uncle Lennon, to help us. I didn’t know Uncle Lennon well till that point. I saw him a few times at family reunions when I was younger, but I didn’t interact with him much. All I remembered was that Uncle Lennon had never gotten married, and he worked as a school teacher in Mississippi for a couple of years before getting fired a year before my parents divorced for reasons I didn’t know at that time. Uncle Lennon told my father that he would be glad to help us and we could stay at his place in Mississippi. My father was very relieved and was grateful to my uncle, as we packed up the next day and headed down to Mississpi to live with my Uncle. What I didn’t know was that my life was about to change forever.
Uncle Lennon lived in the suburbs of Clinton, Mississippi. Uncle Lennon greeted us as we parked in his driveway. I forgot how old Uncle Lennon was, and realized that he looked much older than the last time I saw him. Even though he was 53, he had already grown white hair and a beard, and was, for the lack of better words, fat and chubby. My dad was only 38 at that time, and he wasn’t in as bad shape as my Uncle was. My dad hugged him and told him how grateful he was to him and how much of a “lifesaver” he was as we went inside. Uncle Lennon showed us around his house. He had only 2 bedrooms, and he insisted on giving his room to my father and the other unoccupied room to me. Uncle Lennon was very kind and said that my father could sleep in the living room couch, or up in the attic, which was pretty big and he had set up a makeshift bedroom. My dad looked like he was about to break down and cry as he thanked my Uncle Lennon again and told him that he would be looking for a job tomorrow to pay rent and help my Uncle. Uncle Lennon laughed it off and said that he didn’t have to worry about paying rent just yet. My Uncle then turned to me and smiled and asked “Hi, Maddie! Haven’t seen you in so long. How old are you now?” I said 11. “Wow, you certainly are turning into a big girl. Are you going to 6th grade in the fall?” I shook my head and whispered “I’m going to 7th.” He turned to my dad and said “Maddie sure is turning into a beautiful little girl, isn’t she?” and squeezed my cheeks as he laughed. My father just grinned and said “Yes, she certainly is”.
We had dinner tonight later that night, and my father and Uncle Lennon caught up and talked about the divorce, father losing his job, and all the adult stuff. Uncle Lennon had turned on the TV for me so I could watch as we ate. I heard bits and pieces of the conversation, as Uncle Lennon told Dad that he worked from home now and was an online customer service agent for AT&T after he got fired from his teaching job. He also fixed and repaired computers and phones for his neighbors, and got extra money from that on the side. My dad was distraught, and said he didn’t know where to find any jobs around here, and my Uncle gave him a list of construction jobs to apply for around Clinton (my father was a construction worker before he got fired), and my Dad said that he would go first thing in the morning and hand in his resume and go interview. Uncle Lennon said not to worry and that he would look after me while he left. After dinner, my father tucked me in my bed and said Goodnight and to listen to Uncle Lennon tomorrow in the morning and not to make him mad or upset and reminded me how much of a big favor he was doing for us as he turned off the lights and went to his room to sleep. I heard Uncle Lennon go up the attic ladder to sleep, and I fell asleep shortly after.
When I woke up the next morning, I noticed that my face and hair was rather sticky and there were wet stains on my pillow. I didn’t know what it was and I didn’t think much of it, probably thinking it was my drool or something else. I went into the living room to see my father nowhere to be found, and Uncle Lennon on the sofa, watching T.V. and eating breakfast. I asked Uncle Lennon where my father was, and he said that he went to apply for some jobs earlier in the morning. He told me to go shower so I could have breakfast. “But before you do, why don’t you give your Uncle Lennon a good morning kiss?” and he smiled at me. I blushed shyly, as I went up to him and gave him a kiss on the cheeks. He held my face to him, and he kissed me on the cheek as well, for what felt like a long time. He rubbed my face, where it was sticky and just grinned. I took a shower, and after I came out and got dressed, I went to the living room and Uncle Lennon gave me some breakfast. I sat on the couch beside him, as he turned the T.V. channel so I could watch some cartoons. My uncle sat beside me and kept staring at me as I ate, and was touching his pants. I was too occupied by breakfast and T.V to notice or say anything. After a couple of minutes, Uncle Lennon smiled at me and said “Why don’t you sit on my lap as you eat?” and motioned toward his lap. I looked at him and was confused as to why he was asking this. He then laughed and said “C’mon! Just like the good old days when I would come babysit you when you were younger and you used to sit on my lap while you would eat lunch and watch T.V.” I blushed shyly and remembered my dad telling me to listen to Uncle Lenon, so I didn’t think much of it as I took my plate of scrambled eggs and bacon and sat on Uncle Lennon’s lap. I was preoccupied as I was watching the cartoon and finishing my scrambled eggs when I felt my Uncle Lennon running his hands through my blonde hair and rubbing my back. He began smelling my hair and asked me “You smell amazing, Maddie. What shampoo did you use?” and I blushed and said “Lavender. The one my mom bought for me back home”. My Uncle smiled and said “You know if you didn’t tell me that you were 12, I would’ve thought you were much older and that you were in high school, with how much bigger you’ve gotten and how beautiful you’ve turned out to be” as he kept on stroking my hair and running his hands down my back and towards my skirt. I blushed again heavily and said “Thank you, Uncle Lennon” and finished my breakfast. He put my plate down on the table and said “Remember how much fun you had when I would bounce you on my lap when you were little? You loved it so much. Want me to bounce you again, Maddie?” he said, smiling while winking at me. I was too focused on the cartoon, and I absent-mindedly complied and said “Sure.” I felt Uncle Maddie hold my hips and started bouncing me up and down on his lap. It felt weird, as I felt something from his pants poking my butt as he kept on bouncing me up and down. Uncle Lennon started tickling me in the meanwhile, and I started laughing and giggling as it became hard to focus on the cartoon now. “Stop, Uncle Lennon!” I said, laughing and clutching my stomach where he kept trying to tickle me. Uncle Lennon just laughed and said “But you can’t stop laughing, Maddie! I know you like getting tickled” as he held onto my hips and bounced me up and down, as the thing in his pants kept on poking my butt. I felt Uncle Lennon start to breathe heavier as he kept on bouncing me on his lap harder. He started hugging me and wrapped his arms around my stomach and continued tickling me as I kept on laughing and squirming on his lap, begging him to stop. Suddenly, I felt Uncle Lennon let out a loud grunt and he moaned in my ear “Maddie” as I felt some sort of wet sticky liquid on my skirt and my undies as he stopped bouncing me on his lap. I finally stopped laughing as he stopped tickling me. I was finally able to breathe again as my stomach hurt from Uncle Lennon tickling me. Uncle Lennon let out a deep sigh and smiled at me. “See, I told you you would have fun. You wouldn’t stop laughing when I was tickling you.” he said, as he leaned in and gave me a kiss on the cheek. I blushed and said “Yea, but you were tickling me a lot. My stomach hurts from laughing too much.” He rubbed my stomach and said “Don’t worry. You’ll be fine. I have to go change” he said, as he got up and I noticed a big sticky stain in the front of his pants. He winked at me when he saw that I noticed it, and went to his room to go change, leaving me to watch T.V. and feeling confused about what had just happened.

If you want to read more about what my Uncle did to me when I was younger and how he groomed me and eventually fucked me, email me at [email protected] and I’d love to chat and tell you more and share more stories. I love chatting with other men and women who share perverted incest experiences or fantasies and telling my story. If you’d like a Part 2, let me know and I’ll write another part explaining how Uncle Lennon took advantage of me for the first time and took pictures of me. Seeya!

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  • Reply Marina P. ID:8bvvucf2hj

    Very similar story as you. Except my uncle didn’t bounce me. I was 12 when I had my first orgasm and it was a little scary because it felt like it kind of hurt in a way like cramps or something but felt like heaven at the same time. What happened was, like your uncle, he got me to sit on his lap and we were watching TV and he started rubbing my stomach. I thought that was a little weird but it was no big deal. Next thing I knew he slid his hand down the front of my shorts and was slowly rubbing my vagina. He was saying “That’s a good girl, that’s a good girl” while he did it. I was so shocked I couldn’t think of what to do or say. I was kind of frozen. It’s easy now to see I should have just jumped up but I was so confused I couldn’t think of what to do, so I froze, like I said. Of course, he mistook me not jumping up for giving him permission to go ahead and do it. At one point, he took his hand out of my shorts and panties, licked his fingers, and stuck it right back in. He was rubbing my clit and after a few minutes I felt this weird feeling like I needed to pee really bad or something but I could tell it wasn’t exactly that. I also noticed that I was kind of hoping he wouldn’t stop. Not right then, anyway. That’s when the orgasm really hit me and my butt and vagina kind of spasmed several times and it was kind of great and kind of scary at the same time. I was involuntarily grinding my vagina into his hand, too, which was embarrassing. I hadn’t meant to do that. Then he chuckled and said “That’s my good girl” again and took his hand out. I ran to the bathroom. He did that a few more times until I was about 16 and he never tried it again for whatever reason.. I blame myself for not stopping him because I knew he wasn’t supposed to be doing that but it felt so good though. He never tried to fuck me or anything, he always just masturbated me.

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    I had to read this again. Uncle Lennon was a pervert alright. When did you figure out what the sticky stuff was on your face, honey? And the wet spot on his pants? Did you learn to enjoy tasting his cum and sucking his hard dick? When did he begin fucking you? So many questions!! Did he pleasure your young pussy? Did he like doing 69 with you? I’m checking for part 2. I hope it’s there, sweetie. If not, please email it to me. Thanks, Maddie.
    Love, sucks and fucks,

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