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Submitting Granddaughter

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incest, fucking, blow job, forced sex, dominance

I sat at the kitchen table with a cold beer in my hand thinking about what had just happened. I had just raped my granddaughter and deflowered her, fucking her bare and cumming deep inside her tight little virgin cunt. Fuck that had felt so fucking good but it was so fucking wrong. I was worried to say the least about her telling her parents and maybe the cops. I had yelled at her calling her names and told her she was my little slut to use whenever I wanted not letting up for a second just to keep her cowered and scared. Give me some time to think. One thing I was sure of if I didn’t take complete control of the situation right now I was screwed. The more I thought about what had happened the more horny I got and the harder my old cock got.
Fuck it! I thought and stood up my hard cock sticking straight out on front of me. I hadn’t bothered to put my pants back on after I had raped my granddaughter and now I was glad I hadn’t. I looked down at my hard old cock and thought it looked pretty good for an old guy of 73, hell it looked good for a 20 year old, it was thick and long about 8 1/2 inches last time I measured. I wrapped my hand around it starting to stroke it as I thought about the girl upstairs and I made my decision. I walked to the stairs and took them 2 at a time then marched down the hall and into my granddaughters bedroom . She looked up her face covered in tears an her eyes all puffy from crying. I walked over to the bed as she scurried back from the edge. Grabbing her by the hair I pulled her back towards me as I said “Grandpa needs his cock sucked you little slut’. Then I rubbed my swollen cock head over her lips. “OPEN UP YOU LITTLE BIUTCH AND SUCK GRANDPAS COCK” I yelled at her. She opened her mouth and sucked my cockhead inside then began sucking on it as I reached down between her legs and started to rub her little abused pussy.
Damn I thought she could get good at this with some practice and I planned on giving her lots of that. I let her suck my cock for a few minutes then I pushed her back on the bed and grabbed her legs spreading the wide apart exposing her little cunt. I lay down between her legs and licked from her tight asshole to her tiny exposed clit. She whimpered as I began eating her asshole tasting a little shit on my tongue that must have been fucked out of her when I raped her. I had never tasted shit before and there wasn’t much just the hint of a taste and I sort of liked it. I spread her ass cheeks pressing my tongue deep into her anus tasting more and making my cock jerk. After about 3 or 4 minutes of that I licked up into her cunt. I could taste my cum and some blood and a little pussy juice, what a delightful combination.
I ate that sweet little girl cunt like I was obsessed which I was lol. I took a while but soon she started to wiggle her hips under my face and low moans escaped her mouth. Her pussy was begining to grind against my mouth as the sweet nectar of a newly broken in pussy flowed over my tongue. My little slut was cumming in my mouth the fucking little whore. suddenly her legs clamped around my head squeezing it as she cried out and I tasted more of her juices flood out of her. I sucked and licked and swallowed until she released the hold on my head.
I moved up between her long legs until I was over her body, then took my cock in my hand and rubbed it up and down between her wet puffy pussy lips until I found her small little cunt hole. I positioned myself and shoved hard into her young cunt pushing in about half of my length as she screamed in my ear almost deafening me. Then I started pumping my cock in her pushing a little deeper with each thrust, fuck she was tight. I felt like she was squeezing my cock in her fist instead of her cunt. I continued to move in and out of her smashing my cock head against her cervix until she quit crying and yelling and began moaning and pushing back up against me. It wasn’t long after she squeezed me so tight inside her I couldn’t move then she covered my cock with a warm gush of pussy juices shuddering under me. After a few seconds I began to fuck her again only harder making her cry, moan, squeal and gasp her pussy orgasming over and over on my hard old cock until finally my balls erupted and I filled her with my second load of grandpa cum. I could feel the blast of it as it rushed up out of my cock and splatter into her. Fuck I thought I had never felt anything so good.
We lay like that, me overtop of her leaning on my elbows so I wouldn’t be to heavy on her. My cock buried in her holding all my cum from running out of her. I thought to myself if I had just gotten my granddaughter pregnant and then I smiled hoping I had.

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  • Reply PO469 ID:1dohkr01a3z5

    Little girls will not tell on you if you put the effort in to make sure you make her come hard at least twice. She’ll want more.

  • Reply Cracksniffer ID:16oigapfxid

    Getting rough and violent with the little bitch will keep her from telling!

  • Reply Their Pleasure Doll ID:kybvirucj0h

    Mmmm I miss fucking my Papa. He used to take me in the pool during parties. He’d pull my bottoms to the side and force his cock into my tiny slit and make me bounce. I’d be splashing my cousins and playing games with them while fucking my Papa and no one ever knew.

  • Reply mary Juwana ID:bkbonbbkqi

    I love being my grandpa’s slut and suck his cock every chance I get…great story use that little bitch like a good grandpa should

  • Reply Grandpa force granddaughter ID:2px1mhuf4hu

    Great keep it coming remember real number one never ever lose control because that gives them the upper hand

    • Brian ID:1eoyu676ccj7

      I started with my gd when she was about 11, she stayed with us every summer but the last summer things changed. She was a beautiful girl and well developed for 11. Nothing crazy but a really nice body. She took to it well and our secret always stayed that way..had a pregnancy scare once but luckily she wasn’t. There was nothing more beautiful than watching her blow me.

  • Reply Young slutt ID:n4ndamn5h

    I wish my grandpa would treat me like that I would love it

  • Reply Gonzo ID:7ylrjplqrj

    That was pretty fucking hot! All little girls deserve a hard throbbing cock between their legs. It is their right to do so .