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Orphan Alyssa(11) – 5th grade 4

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Alyssa starts to enjoy sex when she gets a new deal.

It was early Monday morning on the week of Halloween, it was 4AM and Grant was coming by to restock some stuff. I let him in and he’s leering at me as usual but he gets to restocking. I needed to go to Riley’s before school so I decided to shower, as I remove my shorts and shirt I start to feel weird as it sounds oddly quiet. I drop my panties to the floor and start to shower as I notice the door is slightly open even though I swore I closed it. After a quick glance I see Grant peeping on me! I continue to shower, rubbing soap on my C breasts, when I see Grant stroking his cock. I can’t get a look at the size but it starts to turn me on so begin to rub myself more until I’m fingering my pussy as I stand there in the shower. I finger myself faster and faster while my other hand pinched my nipple until I was lying down with my ass up in the shower when I hear the door close, he must’ve finished. I step out of the shower and into the hall in a towel when I see him about to leave.

“done already?” I ask as he hurriedly fix his pants.
“yeah. have a good day” he says as he runs out of the room. Once again I had to stop before cumming and I would’ve sucked him off if he wanted to, but oh well.

I arrive at Riley’s(10) when I see a boy from the other building thats only juvenile kids. His name was Dylan (11) and he looked pissed, I remember last week he was in our building trying to get my friend to fuck him so I pushed him against the wall and left a black eye on him which he still has.

“so you hurt my friend here?” Riley says as I walk over.
“I didn’t know he was your frien-”
“shut up! My dad has plans for me so Dylan will have you today!” he says as my eyes widen. This kid was known for being mean and aggressive.
“start walking bitch! we’re gonna take a secret route to the juvie building!” Dylan snaps at me. Riley heads in as we begin to walk.

We reach a path that leads to the back of the building for juvies, its pretty secluded but people could still come by when I’m told to stop.
“alright, it’s time” he says with an evil grin. “strip naked slut, you’re gonna walk from here nude!”
“no way! I’ll be seen for sure, are you cra-”
“shut up! its time for my revenge, now strip!”
I grit my teeth and remove my jacket, shirt and bra exposing my tits to the cold air. I slowly pull my pants down before removing my panties. Dylan puts my stuff into his bag then pulls out some rope.
“turn around!” he shouts as he grabs my arm. I turn and he ties my hands behind my back. I can’t cover myself like this, but for some reason I start to feel horny as I begin walking.

After a few minutes I follow Dylan into the back of the school, idk if anyone saw us and I ask to be untied before he angrily grips my hair and forces me to my knees. He pulls out his hard cock “suck it!” he says as he shoves it into my mouth. It was thicker than Riley’s but just as long, I try to suck it until he begins fucking my mouth while yanking my hair.

With my hands tied I can’t do anything but take his fat cock. I’m struggling to breath as guttural sounds come out of my mouth until he pulls his wet cock out, finally letting me breathe. As I catch my breath he yanks me up and pushes me over a box while pushing his cock against my wet pussy,
“I wanted your friend but I’ll fuck your brown ass in revenge instead!” as he slams his cock into my pussy.
“Aaaaaaahhhhhhh~!” I yell out. With one hand pulling my hair and the other gripping my ass he starts fucking my pussy. I’ve been so horny lately and his cock felt so good, I couldn’t stop myself from moaning.
“yeah take it slut! take it!” he shouts as he ravages my pussy. He starts thrusting deep and hard, grunting and yanking my hair with every thrust until finally cumming deep in my pussy, making me cum as well.

I start to suck his cock clean as the school bell rings. “crap! I can’t be late!” he says as he pulls his pants up and runs out of the back room, taking my clothes with him! What do I do now? I’m in my shoes and choker with my hands tied, the only thing I can think is to try and get home. I leave the school, Dylan’s cum leaking from my pussy, and hope I don’t get caught going home.

I managed to get home no problem and after a while get myself untied. I call into school that day figuring it wasn’t worth going in.

School goes normally until Thursday, it was Riley’s Birthday and 1 day before Halloween so he was having a Halloween party where I was “invited”. He gave me a costume and told me to wear it along with some lines to say when I get there, the party was at 8pm.

I open the package to see a bra and panties with a maid theme. I sigh and put it on before sneaking to his house. He opens the door and I say “hello master, I am here to serve you!”

He lets me in and I see 4 of his friends(10) there too, all looking at me with devilish smiles. As the 5 boys surround me and grope my ass and tits I say the final line. “I am here to serve, take my however you want” with that they drag me to Riley’s room, ready to take revenge for all the beatings I’ve given them.

I give in and moan as each boy takes turn fucking me. First was Riley who fucked me for almost an hour, cumming in my pussy before he let his friends do the same. They had good stamina and I did nothing but moan as the boys made me their bitch, I rode one boy when Riley spread my ass cheeks and took my anal virginity. I screamed out in pleasure as he tore my ass apart with his still hard cock before another friend began to fuck my face. I jack off both his other friends as all 5 boys came to a climax, filling my mouth, pussy and ass as the other 2 sprayed me with their seed.

The 4 boys had left by 1AM as I head to leave when Riley stops me.
“give me your panties slut”
I don’t argue and remove my maid panties before leaving and walking home butt naked, secretly hoping they had fucked me a little longer.

Friday goes normally, Riley isn’t at school which is weird when I get called to the new principles office.
I sneak over to the juvie building and enter the office, to my surprise the new principal is Riley’s dad!
After a few minutes of writing the 30 year old man tells me about the boys he took in for government money are too restless and won’t attend school. He needs them to for money before informing me that he and that building’s teachers want one girl to be an outlet for the boys.

“do this until New Year’s and I can have you transferred to a new city, you won’t be my son’s anymore.”
I agree and he asks me to strip, I oblige and after getting completely nude he stand up and opens the zipper on his pants to let his soft cock out!
“first, let me test you” he says as he walks right in front of me. His cock is huge! I begin licking it as it hardens and becomes even bigger, maybe 8 or 9 inches.

After sucking his cock as much as I can I lie down on the table and he push as much as his massive rod into me as he can. I moan loudly as he fucks me with my legs up against his large body. An adult’s cock felt amazing and I squealed in pleasure as he tried to force more and more of his cock into my tiny cunt. he lifts me up and holds my ass with both hands as he bounces me up and down on his cock as I lean against his chest. Maybe half a hour passes until he finally fills me with his hot seed before letting me down. I lick and suck his cock clean as he he tells me I pass the test.

I swallow a load of his cum before getting dressed and heading home, I couldn’t wait until next week!

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