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Ex has been an dad rapes ex-wife and daughter

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Mom and daughter are talking in Mom’s bedroom. When suddenly the door burst open. A man holding a 9 mm is standing there.

Mom what do you want? The Man says shut up Bitch! Mom recognizes The voice, so does the daughter. Victor, daddy, Victor says that’s right and he pulls off his ski mask.

What are you doing here you know you’re not allowed here? Bitch, you took everything from me in the divorce. My daughter, my home, my car, and all my money.

Mom said I’m not the one that cheated you cheated on me, I didn’t cheat on you. The daughter says mom wow don’t piss Dad off he does have a gun and you are unbelievable.

Victor said you two are going to do everything what I want you to do. In mom says tell us what’s going on so we can understand?

Victor says just sit there and wait for me to tell you what you need to do. Daddy, what do you want I’m getting tired of waiting?

Dad says show me your ass to his daughter, his daughter gives him a strange look explanation point the daughter lives her ass up, dad says higher.
I’m fixing to rape both.of.your in pussies.

Ok daughter of mine drop your ass down. Wow, my daughter has a massive ass!! Whoa watch out she loses her balance and nearly falls into me.

Okay, baby keep it coming down. Holy shit, what an ass, keep it coming down.

Okay enough foreplay, both of you take off your clothes. Mom says what no! No Daddy what’s wrong with you?

Dad takes the nine and shoots it into the ceiling, now! Mom slowly takes her night gown off, looking in disgust, she throws it on the floor. there daughter looking at her dad in discuss. And takes her nightgown off and threw it on the floor. Mom takes down and off her panties and throws them on the floor.

Dad gets hard and just watching them take off their clothes. Okay princess now you’re panties. There daughter takes down and off her panties. Now Mom and daughter are both naked.in front of him.

He tells them to get in doggy positions on the bed they are both still on the bed sitting there from when he burst in the door.

And they do get into doggy position he tells them both to back their bear asses to the foot of the bed.

And they both do back there bars asses up to foot of the bed. He takes his 7 inch cock out of his shorts
Mom looks at it and says to her daughter, it alot bigger than I remember.

He puts his cock into his ex-wife’s pussy and rapes her pussy doggy style. He nails her with his boner.
The powder, watches, she tells her mom I’ve never seen a man fuck like that before like he is in a fuckin frenzy, Daughter WOW daddy is so big.

Dad says, okay baby your next as Dad keeps fucking mom. Dad tells his daughter wow look at that, baby watch Daddy rape your mom. Daughter screams out shit dad do you have been raping mom a long time Dad says baby I think you’re enjoying watching rape your mom.. daughter said no I m not.. dad know better and says don’t worry Princess you will have your turn.

Dad yells incoming as he switches from Mom to their daughters pussy. Daughter said NO! DADDY!.IM YOUR! DAUGHTER!

Mom tries to talk him out of it you can’t she’s your daughter, are you really going to and willing to rape your own daughter?

Again his daughter begs And pleads with him, no Daddy please, don’t.

She feels him trying to force his cock into her time 17-year-old pussy, as she and her mom start to cry. Dad starts to rape his only daughter 17-year-old pussy. For 17-year-old, I figured, she had been fucked before like by a BBC. Her pussy is so big, stretched and gapping.

As dad rape her he yells out.ok girls it’s time to cum Soon! His daughter yells out no Daddy please don’t cum in my pussy please!
Mom screams out no you can’t she your daughter! Dad said it will be okay..

Dad yells out shit, I am having a very hard time keeping it in her worn out pussy, but raping my daughter is so fucking incredible!

Oh shit, this is it, I’m cumming and my daughter’s 17-year-old pussy! He yells out I think we have a winner! Daughter says, daddy ever not be pregnant? Mom says she’s right you know Victor.she better not be pregnant!

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  • Reply BayratPirate ID:1ck7xz6j5kj0

    It reads like the product of standard inner city public school education … unreadable not just grammatically, but syntactically as well…
    Ouch, my brain hurts…

  • Reply Dan Storm ID:2px1mhuf4hu

    I didn’t write it for you and no.thetr won’t be no re.wrrtr

  • Reply Ren ID:41ery97d1

    You must be 8? Oh wait no maybe 5, even my nephew who is about 6 could tell a better story with more punctuation, this story didn’t turn me on even the slightest….redo it, give better punctuation nd hell maye don’t tell it at all

  • Reply Becky Townsend ID:pjbpvg5wlyx

    What did I just read??? This story makes no sense. More like a word salad.

  • Reply Jackyboy ID:45xxwbtx499

    Study a bit of grammar, this story is a shit