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Wife Was Raped Part Two

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Part 1 My wife was raped by an old white man after I posted naked photo of my wife on a rape fantasy porn site, this old man used these photos to rape

This is part 2 Wife Was Raped. My Story continues, I have been married to my beautiful 60-year-old brunette wife for 30 years. My wife looks many years younger and is very attractive and she is the clean church type of woman, who attends church and bible studies on a regular basis. I wanted to watch my beautiful wife have sex with another man but my wife being the church type, I knew that this was never going to let this happen.

One night after a party drinking my wife and I went home to have sex and before we started, I ask my wife to let me take some naked photos of her and she was pretty drunk and let me do so. I took many of her in provocative poses, her smiling at the camera. The next morning my wife asked me did I delete the naked photos, because she wouldn’t want anyone to see them. I told my wife that they were deleted but I kept them.

While my wife was at church, I posted her naked photos with her face blurred out on a few adult porn sites. I also posed a few of my wife on a fantasy rape porn site. It was this rape site that I met up with an old white man who was a true rapist. He and I struck up a few conversations about my beautiful brunette wife, he picked me for personal information about my wife. This old man smooth talked me into sending him about 30 photos that I had taken of my wife naked smiling for the camera. As he kept up with his persistent questions about my wife, he found out what town we lived in, and he found out what church my wife attended and also where we lived.

This old man now could use the naked photos of my wife to rape her, and I was now at his mercy to let him do it to her whether I liked it or not. The old man threatened to send the naked photos of my wife to my wife’s church members, unless I set it up for him to rape her, and that is what I was forced to do.

My wife was raped at gun point by this old man in our home and our marital bed. This was the first time in my wife’s life that she had ever had sex with someone other than me, and I was forced to watch and participate. My wife had no idea that I was the reason for this old man raping her and thought that her rape by this old man was just a random rape, and she just happened to be his victim. This old man took many photos and video taped her rape to use against us even more.

This is where part 2 of this story continues. It had been two weeks since my wife was raped by this old man, who we didn’t even know his name. My wife was still very upset about what had happened. My wife was not talking to me very much because she was ashamed of herself for having me watch her suck another man’s cock, be force fucked up her asshole for the first time in her life, and have her pussy eaten, and raped by another man.

My wife never knew that I was the reason that she was raped. She had no idea that I that I had sent this old man the naked photos of her that he now was using as blackmail for me to let him rape her. What had started out as just a fantasy of mine was now really happing, and I couldn’t get out of this trap we were in. We couldn’t report this because of the photos this old man had taken himself and the ones that I sent him of my wife naked. The old man threatened both of us, that if we reported this to the authorities, that he would send these photos to my wife’s church members.

It was two weeks later on a Saturday morning, when my wife opened her Email. My wife crying said oh no not again, I asked her what was wrong, and she said the old man that raped me two weeks ago wants me to meet him tonight in a town two hours away from here. This old man said he wants me to be dressed in my good Sunday church clothes, and to meet with him by myself, and to not let you know about it. My wife crying said I can’t do this again. The old man said that if I wasn’t at this address, tonight at 7:00PM. by myself, he would send the naked photos he took of me fucking him and you to my church members.

My wife cut her computer off, crying and ran in the back bedroom. My wife was very upset, and I wasn’t keen on letting her meet up with him by herself, and in a town that was two hours away from us. I didn’t know how safe she would be or if this man would hurt or kill my wife. I was at a point again of not knowing how to handle this. It was now 3:00 PM. on this Saturday afternoon, my wife still in our bedroom, and I walked in and asked her what she was going to do because I knew it would take a few hours for her to drive to this old man’s town. I also knew that we had no other options, but for her to go and meet this old man. I told her to go do it, that I loved her no matter what she had to do with this old man.

My wife very upset finally agreed, got off the bed, and went in the shower, she came out fixed her hair and put on her bra, white silk panties, her pantyhose, a very pretty dress. My beautiful brunette wife really did look dressed like she was going to church and not to a town 2 hours away from us to meet up with this old man who had raped her two weeks before. My wife gave me the address that this rapist, old man wanted to meet her at, and she kissed me goodby, telling me that she loved me before driving away.

My wife had more than enough time to get from our town to his, 2 hours away. I went on my computer and found out the directions to this place that he wanted my wife to meet him at, and it was an older motel, on the main old highway that ran through his town. It was then that my phone rang, it was the old rapist who was meeting up with my wife. He didn’t say much about what he was going to do to my wife tonight but told me to drive to the same address that my wife gave me, and he gave me the name of the motel. This old man told me to take a different route to this motel that was much faster than the one my wife was taking.

The old man told me to park my car behind a business next door to this motel, and to meet him in the motel office. I immediately got in my car drove as fast as I could and got to the motel in an hour and a half. I parked my car behind the business beside the motel and went in the office. When I walked in the office the motel manager put the closed no vacancy sign up, he took me to the back room of office, and it had a big grey panel on the wall with two big cameras on tripods aimed at it. This manager was an older dark skinned Gypsy looking man looking man. He told me to sit down and then the old man who raped my wife walked in the room. He didn’t speak with me, as he and the old Gypsy rolled up the grey curtain on the wall of the office. It was then that I knew what the cameras were on the tripods aimed at, and it was the motel room adjacent to this office.

This motel room had a see-through one-way mirror. You could see right in this motel room, but whoever was in the motel room couldn’t see you in the back room of the office. The Gypsy turned on both of the cameras, and him and the rapist old man told me to not make any noise in this room, or he would unleash the naked photos of my wife to her church members. The old rapist and the Gypsy turned off the light in this room, locked the door and left me alone in this back-office room, I got up and tried to open the door, but it was locked, and I couldn’t open it.

A few minutes later my wife, the old rapist, along with the old Gypsy walked in this room that the cameras were aimed in. The back-office room that I was in had speakers in it, and I could hear these man as they told my wife how pretty she was dressed like she was going to church. My wife started to cry, and the old rapist told her to stop it, and he wanted her to do what he said tonight, or he would hurt her. The old rapist told my wife to sit on the bed and he wanted her to suck the old Gypsie’s cock because that was how he was going to pay him for the room tonight.

My wife said please don’t make me do that and he walked over to my wife, and he smacked her hard in her face. As he did this the old Gypsy walked over to my upset wife taking his pants and under pants off, he pulled out a very long dark brown uncut cock and he told her to suck it good for him. My upset wife put his long dark brown uncut in her mouth and started to suck it for him. My wife was now sucking another man’s cock, who she had never met before, and I was in the other room watching her satisfy this old Gypsy, who was about 75 years old.

This old Gypsy was very hard and his old uncut was so big now, that my wife was having a hard time putting much off it in her mouth. The old Gypsy, smiled as he looked at the mirror on his side of the room, knowing that I was watching him mouth fuck my wife, with his dark brown uncut cock. He grabbed my wife by the back of her head, and he grunted and groaned and shot his load in my wife’s mouth, her choking, coughing, as much of his load ran down her chin. The old Gypsy was now satisfied, and he got dressed and he thanked the old white man who set this up for him, and he left the room.

This old rapist told my wife to go in the bathroom and wipe the old Gypsie’s cum off of her face, and to fix her hair back up. As my wife was in the bathroom fixing her hair and wiping the Gypsie’s cum off of her face the old Gypsy waked back over to his office, unlocked the door to the back-office room that I was in, knowing that I had just seen my wife suck his big brown uncut cock, and take much of his load in her mouth. The old Gypsy said your pretty wife sure can suck a cock good and that he enjoyed having a prim and proper Christian woman like my wife suck his old dick and swallow his cum.

The old Gypsy sat in a chair beside me telling me that he hoped that I wasn’t mad at him, but he really did need to get his nuts off tonight. My wife now cleaned up again was told by the old white rapist to get on the bed on her back, I thought, here we go again he is now going to rape my wife again. The old white rapist took out four ropes and he tied my wife’s arms and her legs tightly to the bed. My beautiful 60-year-old brunette wife was now tied fully clothed in her church clothes. The old white rapist looked down at my tied wife. He told my wife, you sure are a pretty woman, as he said this my wife started to cry asking him to not hurt her. The old rapist left the room not answering my wife crying wife.

My pretty wife was now alone tied to the bed in the motel room next door to me. The Gypsy opened the office door, and he walked the old white rapist man, to the back room that I was in. The old white rapist didn’t say a word to me as he pulled up a chair to the one-way mirror that looked into the motel room that my wife was in. He said this is a good view of the bed and my wife looked very nice tied like she was to the bed. I thought that he was going to go back to the room and rape my wife, but he sat back, and said nothing.

About 20 minutes later the motel room door opened that my wife was in, and an old black man walked in the room. My wife said please help me, please, the old black man locked the door behind him, putting the safety chain on the door jam. My wife was scared out of her mind now, as this old black man looked down at my wife tied to the bed, smiling in a sinister way. I looked at the old white rapist sitting next to me, and I said you bastard, what are you going to let him do to her.

He looked at me and told me to shut the fuck up and be quiet. He told me that this black man was a very violent rapist, that he had raped and probably killed a few women before and had just gotten out of prison, and he wouldn’t hesitate to cut my wife’s fucking throat if she didn’t do what he wanted. He said that this black man and your pretty wife don’t know that we are over here watching the show tonight through this one-way mirror and to keep my mouth shut.

This old black rapist looked like the kind of man that your mother warned you about. He was dressed in dirty clothes, he was not clean shaven, he had long grey dreadlocks, he was about 70 years old, and he was very skinny, about 6ft. tall. He was standing at the end of the bed, starring at my helpless crying wife, when he pulled out a very long switchblade knife, clicking it open, he climbed on the bed, and he put the knife to my wife’s face. He said you look at me you miserable fucking cunt, tonight you are all mine, and I am taking every hole you have you fucking miserable white whore.

He then got off the bed and quickly removed his dirty clothes, my wife was crying very hard now, this was going to be the first time in her life that she had ever seen a black man naked. This old black man had a very long black uncut cock, his body was scared, and he had a few tattoos on his arms. He had yellow rotten teeth, and a few were missing. My pretty wife was still dressed in her church clothes, and this old black man pulled my wife’s heels off, he then took the sharp switchblade knife and he cut my wife’s dress off, he the cut her bra off, my wife screaming for him to stop. He then put the knife to her pantyhose, cutting the crotch out of them and my wife’s silk white panties, my wife’s hairy pussy was now exposed to him. His 12-inch uncut cock was very hard, as he cussed my wife out calling her every dirty name that he could think of. My wife was crying, and he smacked her face so hard that she blacked out.

This old black rapist really was a terrible person who didn’t care about someone’s life, and he was a very dangerous man. This old black man now had my unconscious wife tied naked to the bed. My wife only had her torn open pantyhose and the torn open white silk panties on her body now and was exposed to this monster.

As my wife was coming to, this old black man was standing at the foot of the bed, admiring my wife’s hairy pussy. He got back on the bed, and he spread his legs, and on his knees, he put his big black cock in my wife’s mouth. My wife was barely conscious, but she did open her mouth for him. This old black man told my wife to suck his big black dick and make him cum. My wife was very dizzy, but she started to suck this black uncut, doing it better as she was coming to. My wife sucked his dick for 15 minutes and we heard him grunt and groan, we noticed his asshole winking, and he shot his load down my wife’s throat.

This old black man then still on the same hard got between my wife’s tied stretched open legs, and he shoved his 12-inch, uncut cock balls deep through her torn pantyhose and torn open panties into my wife’s hairy pussy. My beautiful brunette wife now had a big black cock deep in her pussy for the first time in her life, she was screaming and begging for him to stop. The old black rapist put the switchblade knife to my wife’s throat, as he started nibbling and biting my wife’s small b-cup tits, whirling his pink tongue around her stiff nipples.

We could see his old big black nuts slapping her asshole with every stroke he made, his big black cock was very shiny hammering away in my wife’s pussy hole. Every time this black rapist pulled his big black cock back, it looked like it was pulling the pink inner lining out of my wife’s hairy pussy. My wife’s pussy lips were wrapped tightly around this monster sized black cock as he violently invaded her body. This black rapist fucked my wife for 30 to 40 minutes very hard, by now my helpless wife was, exhausted and didn’t put up any fight. It was a short time later that he grunted and groaned, we notice his asshole winking and he shot his filthy load of cum deep in my wife’s hairy pussy hole.

The old black rapist then got up off the bed, he stood at the end of the bed, looking down at her tied to the bed, her open hairy pussy oozing his cum load, and he said, you are miserable white fucking whore and a I bet you have always hated black people. He then told my wife that he was going to cut her fucking throat with the knife he had. He walked back to the side of the bed, and he put the knife to my screaming crying wife’s neck, and he bent over her and started kissing her with his pink tongue, opening her mouth he spit in her mouth, telling her if she wanted to live, to let him fuck her in her asshole. My wife must have been scared out of her mine because she said OK, I will let you do that, and the black rapist said what will you let me do bitch, and my wife said you can fuck me in my asshole.

The old black rapist untied my wife’s legs, and he bent her legs back to my wife’s shoulders. My wife was squirming as this black rapist positioned his black cock at the entrance of her asshole, and he pushed his un-lubed big black uncut cock balls deep in her. He humped my wife’s asshole very hard and rough for 30 minutes the whole time he wanted her to tell him that she loved black cock, and didn’t want white cock anymore, my wife said that many times as he violated her asshole with his black cock. It was now that he grunted and groaned, his asshole started winking and he shot his big black balls full of cum in my wife’s asshole.

This old black rapist got off my wife and said do you like black cock and my wife said yes, he looked at my wife and said you are one miserable white whore. He got dressed and left the room.

After the black rapist left the room, the old Gypsy and the old white rapist went back over to the room, that my wife was in, they both untied her. They told her to jump in the shower and clean herself up, my wife did so. When my wife got out of the shower, they told my wife to sit in the chair, and that they wanted her to suck their cocks.

My wife sucked the old white rapist cock first and then the Gypsie’s old dark brown cock swallowing each man’s load of cum. The old white man gave my wife an old white night gown and he told her to go home to her sorry ass husband.

The old white rapist said that he was through with my wife tonight and for me to go on home, I was mad at him but couldn’t do anything about it and he knew it. He said again how do you think your wife’s church members would think about seeing her take black cock like she did tonight, he said I now can use this against her if I want, you or she had better keep this to yourselves, and not report this to the police. I left and drove back home beating my wife back.

My wife walked in the house, and went back to our bedroom visibly shaken, she took the old dirty bathrobe off and threw it in the trash, got in the bed and wouldn’t talk to me about what had happened to her. The next day I asked my wife what the old white rapist did to her last night, and she said that he didn’t have sex with her, and that he only wanted her to pose for naked photos for him. I ask her what happened to her church clothes, she said that he kept them, and made her wear the old white robe that she threw in the trash. I knew now that my wife was lying to me. My beautiful brunette wife didn’t know that I was in adjacent room next door watching her being raped by a black man. My wife didn’t know that I had seen her suck a Gypsie’s old cock and swallow his cum two times, or that I had seen her suck and swallow the old white rapist cum load.

My wife and I didn’t hear from this old rapist anymore, for about two years, my wife went to church regular, and one day she came home, very upset, she said that when she walked in church everyone in the church gave her a very bad look, the preacher asked for her to go outside, he told her that someone had sent a dirty photo file to him and the other church members showing her naked photos and of her having sex with a black man and other men. He told her that she was not welcome in his church anymore and it was best that she leaves now. My wife came home crying and said that the dirty old white rapist had sent those photos and videos of her to the church members.

While my wife was at church, I opened an email, from this old white rapist and he said that he would be dead from cancer, by the time I opened this photo and video file, he told me and my wife to watch it, because he had nothing to lose now that he was dying. He said that he sent this same photo and video file, to my wife’s church members, so that they would know that I was married to a total whore, and that she now was going to be known as such for the rest of her life.

My wife watched some of the video, and looked at some of her naked photos that were sent to us and her church members and was very ashamed of herself. My wife was now known all over our small town as a filthy whore. My wife and I got a divorce after this, we both moved on with our lives in a different town. She or I never reported this to the police. I did find out a few years later that my wife married an older black man.



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