I Fucked A Thicc 15 Year Old’s Fat Ass In Leggings In The Trampoline Park. PART ONE

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13 Year Old Pounds Sexy 15 Year Old Juicy Ass Girl In Her Tight Leggings In The Trampoline Park

My Name Is Sam. I am 13 Year Old. My Sister Jessica Is Turning 11 Today. She decided to have her party at our local trampoline park. She invited all her friends. Since it was only girls and I was the only guy, it was hard to have fun at the park. But something changed that. As I was walking away from the trampolines I took a seat on the bench. I noticed my sister about 10 – 20 Feet away from me. She was talking to this girl who was definetly older then her. The girl Jessica was talking to had silky brown hair, Juicy boobs nestled in a black sexy sport bras, and she had the fattest ass I’ve ever seen. It was literally so wide and juicy. Her tight sexy leggings made her ass look so fuckable. I wanted to play with her fat leggings ass as soon as I saw her. But then I noticed a boner coming. I tried to hide it with my hoodie. It worked. The girl then walked away from my sister and gave me a look. She smiled at me and walked over to the trampolines.

“Who was that? She looks older then you” I said

“That was Emma. My friend Mac’s older sister. She’s 15” My sister responds

“Oh ok” I say. Jessica walks away. I’m still sitting on the bench. I noticed Emma jumping up and down in her leggings. Her ass jiggling with ever second of jumping. She notices me staring, but then she looks away and keeps jumping. Her wide plump ass is jumping up and down, up and down, So juicy. I decide to get on the trampolines. I’m jumping on the other side of the trampolines trying to get closer to Emma.

The closer I get, The more I get a perfect view of her plump juicy ass. The soft butt jiggling every jump. Up and down in her delicate leggings. She turns around and jumps towards me too.

“Hey. Are you Sam, Jessica’s Sister” Emma asks me.

“Yeah. Are you Mac’s Sister?” I respond back, even though I damn well know she is.

“Yeah” She responds back. I am getting hypontised by her soft voice, her sexy giant boobs, and her juicy thighs swaying around

“What are you looking at mister?” She jokingly says.

“You like my body?” Emma says. I am turning red. She is turning a little red too.

“Yeah your really thicc. In a good way” I say back. Then I turn even more red realizing how much of a stupid comment that was. Emma is even more red then me now.

“Where am I the most thicc?” Emma says. She turns around to give me a view of her giant ass up close.

“Your butt” I respond. Fuck, this is the biggest ass I have ever seen. The juicy leggings ass is hypnotising me and now I’m saying stupid shit because of it.

“You want to grab it?” Emma says. Jiggling her butt for me a little.

I don’t even hesitate, I just put both my hands on her fat butt. It feels like heaven, grabbing her juicy leggings ass that is softer then jello, and playing with it like I control it.

“You like it daddy sam?” She says in a horny voice.

“Yeah. you got a fat juicy booty emma” I say.

I have my right hand on one of her giant buttcheeks and I move my left hand to her pussy, which is already a little wet. She starts moaning.

“Emma, i think you need to sit down” I say; as I lather my hands all over her fat leggings butt.

“Daddy, where should i sit?” emma asks innocently as i slap her plump round sexy juicy leggings butt.

“On my face” I say as I lay down.

She then bends down in front of the whole trampoline park and puts her perky fat leggings butt on my face. I adjust a bit and sniff the fuck out of her big ass. Oh my fucking god. It smells so good. I put my hands on her giant boobs and squeeze them. She lets out some moans. I get my tounge ready and start to lick her butt and vagina.

“Oh, auhh, daddy you really like my body in my tight leggings right?” emma says while moaning

“Yes my thicc booty queen” i muffle.

After some sitting, we exit that section of the park. we walk together, with my hand on her fat ass. We walk to the bathroom, where we decided to continue because we were getting weird stares from people. We enter a stall.


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    Achte auf die Fehler aber ja bring teil zwei von ihrem fetten arsch der feleckt gekenetet und gefickt werden muss

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    Lol love the fact that you are Jessica’s sister 🤣

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    Pathetic and unreadable to many mistakes .

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    trash whay make

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    Omd my dream, part 2 I beg