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My parents need my help

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Parents ask there son to help with something

I would say everyone’s parents are just like any others and that would be they are normal. Well mine are the exact opposite I would say mine are crazy. And not just any crazy, they are sex drive crazy. For as long as I remember my parents are not shy about having sex and I mean not a care in the world. They even let people join in and have sex with them and like I said as long as I can remember I have always watched them have sex. And I am not the only who has watched them have sex. Two of my uncles have watched them have sex and jack off while watching, a few of my cousins, some of my parents friends, our neighbors and even one time my best friend and I watched them and we jacked off as well while doing it. My parents love sex and are crazy about it and don’t care where they do it. They do it from the car, bathrooms, bedrooms, garage, kitchen, living room, public parks, beaches, woods, you name it they have done it. Almost every night I hear the have sex and as always they leave their door wide open and I will admit there are times where I stand by their door and jack off while watching them and they smile big when I do it.

But a few weeks ago they had an argument about something and they have not had sex. I tried to ask them if they are okay but they always say “they’re fine” but I do not buy it. Then a few nights later one of my uncles came over and I heard them having sex and when I went to look I saw my uncle fucking my mom and I saw my dad jacking off with a big smile watching them. I stood by the door and pulled down my pants and jacked off as well watching them and I thought they were back to normal and made up. But I was wrong. Two weeks later they fought again and they stopped having have sex again. I figured they were going through a crisis and tryin to work things out and then another three days later another uncle comes over and they have sex. I go their room again and watch them and I see my dad again with a big smile and he is jacking off and I again pull down my shorts and jack off again watching them.

And once again I think they are back to normal. But once again I was wrong. Another two weeks go by and they fought again and at this point I just gave up with trying to figure out what their problem is. Then one night we are sitting at the dinner table and they whispering about something and then my dad said

Dad: Hey Oliver can we ask you something

Me: Yeah sure, ask away

Dad: Well it is kind of personal

Me: I don’t mind dad

Dad: Well we need your help with something

Me: Okay what is it

Dad: Um, can you help your mom get pregnant

Me: Say again

Dad: Oliver will you help your mom get pregnant

Me: You can’t be serious

Mom: We are Oliver

Me: WAIT! Is this why you have been fighting

Mom: Yes it is

Dad: Oliver we do want another baby, and we have been trying but the doctors say I can not produce enough sperm to help your mom get pregnant again. And we have been trying other options but they have not worked

Me: Wait. Do you mean when uncle Mark and Chase came over that was them trying to help

Mom: Yes Oliver. They are the only two we trust to ask and when they agreed to help we were over joyed but neither of them came through and these past few days we have been thinking about you

Me: Really!

Dad: Yes Oliver we have. So will you please help us

Me: I don’t know

Dad: Please Oliver, you are last option please

Mom: Please baby

Me: Okay, I’ll do it

Mom: Thank You Oliver!

Me: So when do we do it

Dad: Right now, lets go to our room

We all get up and go to my parents room and they are over joyed. My mom quickly gets undressed and sits at the end of the bed and she spreads her legs wide open. I then get naked as well and when I look over I see my dad sitting in a chair naked and hard as well. I get on my knees and go to my moms pussy. I lick my lips and then I start to eat out my mom.

Mom: Oh yes baby just like that

Dad: Yeah, eat that pussy out

I still can’t believe I am eating my moms pussy out and the fact I am about to fuck her and to see if I can get her pregnant

Mom: Okay baby fuck me

I stand up and put my dick on top of her pussy and rub it up and down

Me: Are you sure you want me to do this

Mom: Yes baby

I then thrust my dick all the way in my moms nice pussy and I start fucking her nice and hard

Mom: Oh my gosh, oh fuck yeah baby

Dad: Yeah Oliver get that pussy

Me: Fuck yeah mom, your pussy feels so good

My moms pussy feels so good and I still can’t believe I am trying to help my mom get pregnant. I am fucking my mom nice and hard and when I look over to my dad he is smiling big and jacking off which makes me go even faster

Me: Oh fuck, I am going to cum oh fuck

Mom: Yes Oliver, please give me that baby

Dad: Yeah cum deep

I go even faster and harder and then I yell out

Me: Oh fuck here I cum oh fuck yeah

I push my dick all the way in and I cum deep in my moms pussy making sure I fill her pussy up with my cum

Mom: Oh yeah baby

Dad: Fuck yeah bud that was so fucking amazing

Me: I still can’t believe I did this

Dad: I know, but we really do appreciate it

Mom: Yes we do

Me: So when do we know if it worked

Mom: Hmmm I’ll take a test in about two weeks

Me: Okay

I then get up and gather my clothes and go to my room and lay on my bed with a big smile knowing I just fucked my mom and even trying to help her get pregnant.

Pt. 2 Soon

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  • Reply Cappy ID:1a4kzeo38i

    What a wonderful story. Please continue.

  • Reply PO469 ID:305cn3i6ik

    I had one girlfriend that wanted to do it in different places. Her husband would only fuck her in bed at night. She had never been fucked in a car, so that was our first place. We also fucked on a public beach when we could see other people down the way, on the roof of her apartment building, in a hot tub at a motel we stayed at, and she gave me a blowjob at a G-rated movie. I miss her.

    • Cappy ID:1a4kzeo38i

      PO469, I have also met a few wives married to a boring but faithful hubby. They all loved having the sexual adventures that hubby will not give them. I believe from talking to other wives and their friends, that they are also hoping for, looking for, someone to go play with. This happens.

  • Reply Todd ID:1ejivmges3e1

    What boy doesn’t dream of mounting his beautiful mom and making her belly swell.

    • Cappy ID:1a4kzeo38i

      Todd, Yes it is a common hope, dream, fantasy. Few actually get lucky though.

  • Reply Lewd ID:1dt831h98xyk

    Such a beautiful and hot story. I’d really love to hear more

    Kik & Snap @ lewd1976

  • Reply [email protected] ID:1db4n0gtlbll

    Jake, i so enjoyed this story…hope to read more from you!

  • Reply Jay ID:bjotki4v9b

    If he really wanted her pregnant that’s such an easy fix

  • Reply Keith ID:2px1ognsbhz

    Wear part 2