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She didn’t expect me

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Olivia-a 14 year old with tight pussy and a great figure- doesn’t expect what Justin- a 25 year old with a 13″ sick and muscular- does to her #rape

Olivia was walking home from school that just got out. Her parents were on a 10 day cruise. They left Olivia home alone but their friend Justin. He was obsessed with Olivia. Olivia went to her friend Shelias house after school. She got back at her house at 9 pm so she made herself dinner and we to bed. Justin memorized Olivias schedule so he was in position in the closet. Every day he waited in her closet every night to watch the peep show. At 11 pm every night he would come out of her closet. She would be asleep by then. He would take his 13″ dick out and jerk off to her body. The only way he got away with this was that he drugged her drink. She wouldn’t wake up.

One night Justin got an idea. While she was asleep he turned her over and felt of her breasts. Then he fingered her clit. He shoved the tip of his dick in her mouth and came. She swallowed it all up.

On the eighth day that her parents were gone, Olivia went on her normal schedule. Justin had enough of this tease. He got in position behind her bedroom door. When she got home, she went to her bedroom. She closed the door, locked it and went to change. Justin went un-noticed. Olivia had a great figure for a 14 year old. She was 110 pounds, DD breasts, a great ass, and a tight pussy. Justin waited until she was undressed and pounced. He shoved her on the bed and turned her to the point she was on her back. She was frozen in shock when she saw Justin. Justin went to touching her boobs. When Olivia snapped back to reality she shoved Justin’s hands off of her tits. Justin determined though. He held her hands down and wrapped them with rope. Then he tied them to her head rest. Justin said ” I’ve been waiting for this moment forever. You are mine for the next 2 days!” “PLEASE DON’T DO THIS!!” Olivia cried. Justin left the room, went to his car and got a box from his car.

This story switches perspective. Now to Olivias perspective.

I was tied to my bed completely naked. Justin went to his car and came back with a me sized box. He put a rag with chloroform on it to my mouth. I woke up strapped to a chair like from planned parenthood. It was modified with a pillow and coushions. I was in a room that looks like it’s from 50 shades of grey. Justin came in the room a little while later. He put my legs on the stirrups and started talking to me. “We’re gonna have some fun. I’ve been watching you for a while. Believe it or not I’ve been cumingin your mouth for 8 days.” I am shocked that he did next. He brought in a box of pleasure toys. There were vibrators and butt plugs in the box. He just started rubbing my clit.

Justin’s perspective:
Has I spread her legs my dick got eager. Finally I had to take it out of my pants. Olivia begged me not to put it in her. I followed her orders kinda. Instead I put my dick in her mouth. She sucked like vacume. I came in her and made her swallow. I unstrapped her from the chair, got her up,and put her in the sex swing. I blindfolded her. I took my dick out and started swinging her. I swung her right on my 13″ dick. It went in her pussy. She screamed out of pain. Clearly she is a virgin well was. I started pounding her tight pussy hard. I turned into an animal. I fucked her hard and fast. I started feeling her pussy gym around my dick. Her body submitted and she had an orgasm. I shot my thick fat load deep in her. After I was done I got her out of the swing and played her down on the mattress. I covered her with a blanket and left. A few hours later I came back and bent her over a woodenbench. I strapped her arms to the shackles on the ground. Then I fucked her ass really hard.

After I came I brought a surprise. A horse. The horse mounted Olivia as I taught him. As the horse got his 24″ dick out, Olivia realised what was about to happen. “PLEASE DON’T PLEASE I’M BEGGING! THIS CAN’T BE HAPPENING!!” Olivia screamed out but it was too late. David,my horse, put his dick in her tight ass. “AHHHHHH!!” He started pumping in and out. In and out. In and out. This happened for 5 minites. I got David out of her and brought in another surprise. Tyrone. My black uncle that loves raping little petite girls like Olivia. He unstrapped her from the block and placed her on a block of cement. It made her on her back.

Tyrone perspective:
I love putting my big black dick in petite girls. When my nephew told me about a 14 year old girl I took the opportunity. I spread her legs wide open and pit my dick in her tight pussy. She didn’t enjoy it but I did. I pounded her so hard that she was forced to gym and have a violent orgasm. She shook around my dick so much she passed out from exhaustion. I did t care I kept fucking her. I fucked her hard and fast.

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    Fucking idiotic shit from the mind of a dullard…

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    this is just fucking stupid

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    and on the 8th day–god created Justin’s penis

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    I couldn’t make any sense of it. It was ridiculous.

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    The story was good until you left it incomplete

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      There is a part 2